Profitorial Review – [Major Flaw] Not Newbie-Friendly!

Profitorial review

While there are many Profitorial reviews already, I just want to say that doing my research, I found most of them to be from affiliates who want to make a quick buck off the sale. In other words, they’re not honest.

However, my Profitorial review will really open your eyes to the lies and to the misleading information that is on the sales page because I will be taking an unbiased look at the software. You can trust me for telling you the truth.

That’s because I’m not an affiliate of Profitorial and I’m not looking to make money from you here. I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m simply a fellow marketer who has been through all the traps and hoops in order to find the one product that works.

So I know what works and what doesn’t and I will be sharing a piece of that knowledge with you today. Profitorial has only 1 good thing, but too many flaws. Here they are.

Profitorial At A Glance


Creator: Jason Fulton/Seun Ogundele

Purpose: Create advertorials to increase conversions

Price: $19+

Do I Recommend It?: Not for beginners! It’s a big lie when they say it’s made for beginners because there are a ton of things that are missing that are vital for the success of newbies.

What Is Profitorial?

Profitorial is a product created by Jason Fulton, who is an affiliate marketer and a vendor on the WarriorPlus platform. However, you can say that he makes most of his money by selling his own products.

The way that Profitorial is built, he says, is for newbies. You don’t have to spend a ton of time setting it up. You have DFY stuff that’s automated, no need to spam social media and you’ll get your traffic to convert into sales.

When you take this kind of look at it, it makes sense. All you need is a sales page or campaign, traffic sent to it and it results in sales from people that are interested. But is it really all that easy?

I mean, Jason is featuring 3-4 figure paydays, which is WAY MORE than what the average american makes. If any american could make that kind of money within these 3 steps that only costs $19, don’t you think there would be less people working the traditional job?

Yet, you find that americans are the people who are always working, with limited holidays, always stressing about money and paying the bills. It’s not different in Canada, I can tell you that!

They’re the ones that can easily afford a product like this, and yet, I don’t see very many people boasting making hundreds to thousands of dollars online from using these systems.

There has to be a catch, especially since there isn’t much explained on the sales page about what exactly you’ll be getting inside Profitorial, right? Believe me, I’ve reviewed some of his previous launches before and they weren’t really any good.

1) uProfito

2) You Gen Bots

How Profitorial Works – Inside The Members Area

I want to let you know that these sellers will try to take as much money from you as possible and that’s why they’ll have the upsells before you even get to the member’s area. But my advice; don’t buy them yet!

There are two reasons; the first is that you haven’t even gotten to know the front end program yet and the second is that it isn’t covered under the money back guarantee. So if you give them your money now and are not happy, you can’t get your money back.

But anyways, this software is supposed to help you create websites in any niche that are going to be attractive to the audience you direct to them. You’ll get to choose a template and even customize them by changing the headings, images and other texts.

You’ll also be able to add your own affiliate link in order to point people to your offer. Each time a sale is made when people go through this link, you’ll make commissions. This is what’s called affiliate marketing.

With Profitorial, it seems like you won’t have to worry about getting your own domain name and hosting as it will be hosted on the domain itself.

The advertorials that you create are supposed to be catchy and really get people interested in the offer. They’ll look like news broadcasts of people from different niches that have has success.

It could be somebody who’s lost 100lbs with a certain diet or product or somebody who’s been making tons of money online and from home. When your audience reads those articles, it adds like a pre-sell for the offer you direct them to.

Those advertorials will increase the chances of somebody clicking through and actually buying the product you’re promoting.

Included with the front end, you’ll receive 5 DFY campaigns that you will be able to point to whatever product that you like. You won’t have to write the text for them or find the images or the headings.

And for the traffic part, it looks like you’ll pretty much just need to share on social media and you’re done. Then, you’ll get floods of traffic, people will read the advertorials, click on your affiliate link and purchase the product. Dollars will then pour into your bank account.

It sounds pretty easy, but allow me to burst your bubble and bring you to reality; things won’t work out this way! There are too many things that don’t add up and that are missing for it to work.

The Missing Links – Major Flaws!

It’s good to have a great looking website and a compelling news story, but with nobody to see it and your offers, you’re not gonna make any money.

The truth is that there is NO traffic source or training that is included within this system. And that’s something that they promised WOULD BE within the program.

Now, you might say that sharing on social media could be it and if that’s it, then it’s nothing new! You’re gonna have to spam social media in order to try and get traffic to your advertorials, something that they promised would NOT happen.

If you don’t know why this would be a bad thing, then let me tell you if you start sharing your link everywhere, your accounts will start getting banned and shut down one by one. The social media platforms HATE spam!

You might say now that because those are texts and articles that they could get ranked on Google and bring you free traffic that way, and in an ideal world, it would happen this way. But there are several problems preventing this from happening.

You see, the DFY campaigns are all written the same. Everybody buying Profitorial gets access to the exact same thing. And Google hates duplicate content. So do you think that they’ll rank? There’s no way in HELL that’ll happen.

Moreover, you don’t own the domain name. It might be on a subdomain but those don’t rank at all! Think of all the websites that are already there before yours, that all have their own domains. Who do you think Google will favor more and rank better?

Additionally, it does not look like there is a ton of text on those advertorials. They look like 700 – 1000 words, which right now, is not enough to compete with the best websites on the search engines.

Understand this; getting traffic to an offer is the hardest part of an online business, not creating or making a website. Sure, those require work, but at least they are doable and you can learn pretty fast.

But not knowing how to drive traffic to those advertorials is the biggest challenge that you are going to face as a newbie and the training won’t show you how it’s done. It’s too shallow in my opinion, which is why they have upsells.

They are so expensive too! They’re there in order for you to get tempted to buy more and more from them, so they can make more money. But in the end, they’ll never really help you make money with the program.


1) Advertorials are attractive

2) 5 DFY advertorials that you can readily use (and profit from if you know how to drive traffic)

3) ??


1) Lying and misleading sales page

2) NOT newbie-friendly

3) Shallow training

4) Promises traffic training/source is nowhere to be found

5) You’ll need to spam social media, exactly the opposite of what they claim on their sales page

6) Not gonna get ranked to get free traffic from Google and the search engines

7) Though there is a money back guarantee, you’ll have a hard time getting your money refunded if you ask them, because those vendors just never reply to their emails

8) No support! Jason releases product after product and he has so many that he does not have the time to manage support for them all.

Is Profitorial A Scam?

That depends on what a scam means to you. To a lot of people, a scam may mean that you’re paying but getting nothing in return. However a lot of other people might call Profitorial a scam for many other reasons.

Such as the lying and misleading sales page, such as the mind manipulation to make you wanna buy the product that does not work, such as telling it’s newbie-friendly when it really isn’t and such as not needing to spam social media to make sales when you’ll have to do just that.

Moreover, you’ll have to fight so much for you to get your money back. Either Jason will not respond to your email and if you take it up with, say, Paypal, they’ll face the dispute.

You’ll have the hardest time to get your money back.

That’s why I don’t think that investing in any of Jason’s programs is wise. They just don’t work as advertised. Like I mentioned, all Jason wants to do is have you buy the program. He is interested to make money, not to help you.

I know you shouldn’t judge people from their past, but if there was at least a bit of a change, I would have been honest. But the truth is that Jason has been releasing and re-releasing products that are low-quality and even useless.

Why would he change anything right now, right?

I mean, he is being successful conning other people and manipulating their minds to get them to take out their credit cards, so why would he change this method now?

I don’t recommend Profitorial or any of his products. That’s my honest and unbiased answer. He doesn’t have any merits.

What’s Next? A Free Guide And A System That Makes Monthly Income! (WITH PROOF!)

Now, I don’t want you to think that affiliate marketing is a scam or that it does not work. It does work, but you have to have the right training, the right tools and strong support at your back to earn significant of money online.

And that’s exactly what I want to help you find today. The truth is that I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 3 years now and this is the kind of paychecks that I get.

And here’s another one!


So as you can see, affiliate marketing works but you gotta focus on trying to get people to see the offers. Creating sales pages and websites are both the easy parts of online business.

Let me show you how you can get free traffic and how it will grow and grow from month to month, without working any harder than you do in your first month. Believe me, this traffic method is so much sought after, but there aren’t a lot of good training out there to teach it to you.

That’s why within my free guide, I explain the steps to you and you’ll even receive my free 6-day email course to get kick started. What do you say? Are you ready to ditch those fake gurus yet?

Thanks for reading my Profitorial review. As always, I would appreciate a few comments from you because I really want to help as many people as possible. If you share your experiences down below, we can all learn from it.

Lots of Love,


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