Prosperity Income Network Review – Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

Prosperity Income Network review

Were you looking for an honest Prosperity Income Network review? Well, you’ve found it right here!

The reason why I say that this is an honest review is because it is going to be completely unbiased. I’m not trying to recruit you in the scheme so that I can make money off of you, like those other “affiliates”.

I’m here to tell you facts and things about Prosperity Income Network so that you can make an informed buying decision. I’m not associated or affiliated with the program at all.

And the reason why I’m not is because there are some pretty shady things going on here that I’ve noticed with the business model and it does not look promising!

Let me uncover them for ya!

Prosperity Income Network At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Recruiting others

Price: $597 – $25,997!

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It operates like a pyramid/ponzi scheme!

What is Prosperity Income Network (PIN)?

PIN claims to be a passive, automated income system that will work completely hands-free, to bring you massive commissions up to $20K per SALE. They boast paying you between 70 – 80% on sales that are closed by their success coaches.

That does sound amazing, right? I mean, who’s gonna pay you $20K per sale? And making upto 80% per sale is also really nice. However, big claims like this are what really get me suspicious. But let’s keep watching the video.

The speaker in the video says that it has nothing to do with MLM, network marketing or cash-gifting schemes. But it is a “business-in-a-box” opportunity. Just plug in and the rest is handled by the success coaches.

You’re not only getting all the marketing materials and training, but you’re also gonna start getting leads as soon as you sign up to PIN. That’s because you’ll be placed in an advertising rotator, where people will get led to your website.

They are prompted to call and once a sale is made, you make commissions!

It sounds so easy, right? Just sign up, let the system bring you the leads and let the success coaches close the sales for you. But if it was THAT easy to make money online, why isn’t everybody doing it?

This is definitely a high-ticket program and I’m NOT a big fan of them to be honest with you. There really are programs that are worth a lot of money, but in my opinion, this program is WAY too overpriced, if they can pay you 80%.

So what’s the catch? Let’s find out.

How PIN Works – Or Does Not Work?

First of all, you gotta decide what tier you want to join at, and the most popular one, from my point of view, is going to be the Suite 1 tier, seeing as that’s the least expensive one of the bunch, at $500. The highest is at $25K!


I’ll discuss what’s included in those tiers as well as the compensation plan soon. Let’s just take a look at what you get in general for all levels.

So basically, what you get are capture pages, autoresponders, access to highly trained success coaches, your back-office, tracking of leads and sales, and you also get notified when a success coach is speaking to a lead of yours.

All that is exciting, but did you notice how the video does not talk about the PRODUCTS at all? Like, what are you supposed to be selling to others here? What’s the value here?

Sure, the presenter does talk a bit about the training to grow an online business and making the big bucks, but selling WORTHWHILE products is definitely not the aim of the program here.

The aim of the program offers you a membership option that gives you the right to SELL the same membership option to others. So in other words, it operates like a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme looks like a pyramid scheme, and the main aim is to make the people joining the scheme believe that they will get money back on their “investments”, when really, the only way they make money is through recruiting.

With PIN, the only way to make money is to RECRUIT others into the same scheme you joined and you get paid a percentage of what they pay.

They’re right when they say it’s not an MLM because a legit MLM has a useful product. Did they think that they were BETTER than an MLM by NOT having a legitimate product? This just made it worse in my honest opinion.

The Outrageous Costs And Compensation Plan

Well, the cost is also a barrier for most people and the people at PIN make it even harder to access and make money with the program. That’s because the more you are willing to invest, the more money you make.

But anyways, here are the membership options, “SUITES” as they call the different tiers. You have the membership fee and the admin fee.

1) Starter Suite – $500 + $97 = Make up to $400 per sale

2) Deluxe Suite – $2000 + $197 = Make up to $1,600 per sale

3) Premium Suite – $3,500 + $297 = Make up to $2,800 per sale

4) Master Suite – $6,000 + $497 = Make up to $4,800 per sale

5) Diamond Elite Suite – $12,000 + 697 = Make up to $9,600 per sale

6) Executive Elite Suite – $25,000 + $997 = Make up to $20,000 per sale

They say that you can make 70 – 80% of the sale price and the criteria for making 80% is for you to buy Suite 6. So yea, the amount of money you make with this really depends on how deep your pocket is.

And the presenter says it as if it’s so easy to afford Suite 6; just “SIMPLY enroll” at the highest tier. SIMPLY! Like the average person has $25K just lying around unused.

I guess one good thing is that you don’t have to pass up your sales if your referrals buy a Suite that is higher than yours. For example, if you’re at Suite 3, and your referral gets Suite 4, you still make your 70% of the level that YOU’RE at – $2,450.

The rest of the commissions gets rolled up to the person above you that is at LEAST at a Suite 4 level. You see where the “ponzi” scheme seems to come in?

The truth is that I have seen similar programs before like Earn Easy Commissions, Easy 1 Up and Desktop Commission System. They’re all like another program that was shut down by the FTC, MOBE.

You see, MOBE was also a high-ticket program and they advertised their business the same way as PIN. And if they got shut down, that should be enough of a reason for you to stay away. You could lose all your money here.

Crappy Business Model + The Rotator

Want another reason NOT to sign up with PIN? Here this out!

This business is all about recruiting, right? And each referral, no matter what their Suite level is, will get a chance, or chances, in turn to appear in the advertising rotator for free traffic and leads.

So what that means, is that the company will advertise on the members’ behalf and each person’s referral link/website will be showed in turn to those visitors/leads. When you get your chance in the rotator, the lead/sale comes to you.

Now, don’t you think that the business model, coupled with the rotator really does not make sense? You’re recruiting your own competitors!

You’re put in the rotator when you sign up. They advertise for you to get leads, those leads sign up and they are also put into the same rotator as you.

The more people that join, the more people are going to be in that rotator, and the more scarce your sales are gonna come from that rotator.

Sure, you get more turns as you upgrade, but at some point, it probably will get saturated with so may people being referred and it won’t work anymore.

What will be your strategy for traffic then?

As you can see, this will only work if you get in early enough. Afterwards, you’ll have to learn how to start driving traffic to your pages yourself. So much for a hands-free business-in-a-box!

Is Prosperity Income Network A Scam?

I talked a lot about the cons of PIN in this review, I know. It’s not because you can’t make money with the system, you definitely can! But it’s really not a business that is going to be sustainable.

The first is the actual cost of joining this program that is just outrageous! You’re not paying for the value you can get for the training here, you’re only paying for the privilege to EARN more.

Then, you have the business model that resembles a pyramid or a ponzi scheme, whatever you wanna call it. That’s because there isn’t a defined product. The only way to make money with this program is to recruit others.

And the fact that we’ve already seen what the FTC does to these kinds of program is scary! You don’t want to join a program that could eventually get shut down. You’d lose all your investments and your earnings.

The next thing is the fact that you’re conned into thinking that you’re gonna keep getting free traffic and leads in a rotator, so that you can earn money hands-free forever. But what’s really happening is that you’re recruiting your competitors.

The more people that get recruited, the more money can be made but the more competitive the spaces get for traffic. If you’re only 100 people in a rotator, it would get you fairly quickly. But let’s say each recruits 10 people; you’ve just added 1000 additional competitors to the rotator.

But anyways, if the training was worth the price, that would have been a different story, but these are the same training that you can get either for free online, on other websites, even on Youtube, or for very less on Udemy.

Nothing that would come close to $25K, believe me!

Now you know why I recommend that you don’t sign up with PIN. There are many risks involved financially, as well as with the FTC.

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Thanks for reading my Prosperity Income Network review. What are thoughts and experiences with the program? Did you sign up? Did you make any money? How much did you make? How good is the rotator? Let me know below!

Lots of Love,



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