Prosperity Marketing System Review – Pyramid In Disguise?

Prosperity Marketing System reviewWelcome to my Prosperity Marketing System review. This is going to be a completely honest review and I say honest because unlike other reviews of this program, I will tell you all the good, the bad and the ugly.

Other reviews are most likely written by affiliates of the program, who tend not to be too honest about it, especially if there is monetary compensation involved.

I’m also an affiliate of some programs but I don’t promote anything unless I have personal proof it works. And even if there are some bad things, I will always disclose it so you can make an informed decision.

There are too many scams and I’ve been scammed too, until I found a program that works! You can check out my #1 Recommendation here. It’s the program that helped me differentiate between scams and real programs.

And that’s why you can trust me with this review, since I’ve had experience reviewing these kinds of programs for over 2 years. Without further ado, let’s dig right in.

Prosperity Marketing System At A Glance


Creator: Darren Olander

Purpose: Make money promoting the system to others

Price: Free 7-Day trial, then $12/month + Upsell

Do I Recommend It?: No. This program resembles a pyramid to me.

What Is Prosperity Marketing System?

The first promotional video that I saw was less than a minute long. In my honest opinion, there wasn’t enough information to tell me what the program was about or how to make money with it.

You’re told that you have a chance to make money before spending money by using the ready-to-go $12 funnel system. You get the chance to test-ride it for a week before deciding whether to purchase the program or not.

I like the fact that they say you can try before you actually pay because my #1 Recommendation actually does the same thing. Why pay for something that you don’t know anything about, right?

But what started to get me suspicious was when the presenter said that the first sale will cover the cost of the system for you because you will make 100% commission. But there isn’t any information on what you’re actually selling.

They say that everything that you need to make money is inside, but what exactly is it that you need? What are they offering you that other programs aren’t? How does it all work?

In my honest opinion, the creator of this program, Darren, has been around online marketing for a while and would definitely know how to make money online. There definitely are a few things that we’ll be able to learn from him.

What I also like is that he is a real person and he does not hide behind a fake identity like a lot of similar programs tend to do, so that’s a plus. But it does not mean that what he’ll give you will be of value to you. It does not mean he is speaking the truth.

To be honest, if it took a free funnel to start making money online, many people would have been making millions online already and you would hear of more people quitting their traditional jobs. But that’s not what’s happening. So what’s the catch?

Inside Prosperity Marketing System

In order to do this review, I signed up with a free account. You will need to put in your name and a valid email address. The system will then ask you to create a password.

Once that’s done, you realize that the 7-day trial does not start until AFTER you give your credit card number. I knew something like that was coming!

So, if by the 7th day, you don’t cancel your membership, the first payment of $12 will get taken out. Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable about that. And neither do I!

I mean, what if you forget to cancel it?

But anyways, most of what you get with the program will help you promote the program itself to make money. In other words, you need to recruit others in order to make this work.

I have a bad feeling about recruiting to make money as the only way to earn because there isn’t an unlimited number of people on this earth and at some point, the “pyramid” will crash. I say pyramid here because this is how I see this.

And once you take a look at the compensation plan, you’ll understand.

The problem with such programs is that if you’re at the complete bottom of the pyramid, you’re the one losing your investments because there won’t be anybody left to recruit to make you money.

But what you get inside when you start your trial is some training, a list of different tools that you’ll need to run the business, built-in tracking of your referrals and your earnings, and access to the capture pages.

What I do like is that you can add up to 15 affiliate programs to the funnel and still make money from those other programs. You don’t have to stick to what’s inside the funnel.

I was actually really disappointed with the training section though. Yes, there are some golden nuggets but the traffic methods are nothing that you can’t learn for free or for a smaller fee on the internet.

And if you don’t want to work for the traffic, then Darren also shows you Solo Ads but it’s not free. Solo Ads are paying those with a big email list to send them an email on your behalf so those recipients sign up to you or buy from you.

Although it does work quite well with the right technique, you’ll have to dish out quite a lot of money with Solo Ads, especially if you’re a beginner. Darren does not have any training on how to email your list or use Udimi (a Solo Ads provider).

The Costs and Compensation Plan

There are three membership levels;

1) The Tour Taker – Free

All you get with this account is a tour of the back-office but it does not have any actual training. It also has very limited access and you’ll only get access to the page-builder.

2) Student – $12/month

When you give out your credit card information, this account is what you get free access to, for the first 7 days. But in order to maintain access to it afterwards, you need to pay!

What you get with this membership, you get access to most of what’s offered within the back-office; the training, ability to integrate an autoresponder, integrating a tracker, add or remove upto 15 affiliate programs, and promote Prosperity Marketing System and earn from it.

You will become eligible to earn 100% commissions through out the whole funnel, such as when people start paying their $12 or purchase memberships for any of the other recommended tools. Yup, there are other costs!

But keep in mind that you’ll need to have applied and become approved as an affiliate before you can actually start promoting those tools.

3) Owner – $97 One-Time Fee

With this membership, you are able to create your own training, you can change the primary business page to any other sponsor and you can add your own content.

But f you think that those are your only costs, think again. There is a reason that this is called the $12 “Funnel” System.

You pay $12 to get access to the funnel but in order to benefit from the funnel 100%, you’ll need to purchase all of the products within the funnel to earn commissions from them.

Remember, your goal is to get those referrals “through” the same steps you applied and to purchase as many products as possible from this funnel. Every time they make a payment, you make commissions.

Your monthly investments will not be $12/month. It looks like it will need to be at least $500.

Now, not every referral will be yours. You’ll need to pass up your 2nd and your 4th referral to your sponsor and each of your referrals will need to pass up their own 2nd and 4th referrals to you. With this method, you have the potential to triple the number of direct recruits, and make more money.

This reminds me of other programs that I’ve reviewed before, like Easy 1 Up and 25 Dollars 1 Up. All three work similarly to MOBE, a program that was shut down by the FTC in mid-2018 because they didn’t follow the set laws.

Why sign up with a program that could also potentially be shut down?

Is Prosperity Marketing System A Scam?

Each person will answer this question differently. Some people will say that a scam is a program where you cannot make money. In this case, Prosperity Marketing System is NOT a scam. You can definitely make money here.

Some others might say that a scam is where you pay for something and get nothing in return. Even in this case, the program is not a scam because you do get some tools and some training, no matter the price tag.

But some others might called it a scam for many reasons; the first being that the REAL investments into the system are not disclosed before you make your first payment.

If all that is advertised is $12/month and you say that you can afford that, and find out later on that there is way more money needed to run and maintain the business, then what’s the point of paying and not being able to actually maintain or run it?

The other reason people might call Prosperity Marketing System a scam is because of the pyramid-like structure of the business model. There is no real product in my honest opinion and the only way to make money is to recruit.

There is nothing within the program itself that is boast-worthy. You’ll really only use the funnel to promote the opportunity to others, unless you are an intermediate to advanced online marketer.

I can guarantee that 80-90% of people reading this review will be beginners.

And then, you have the fact that a similar program was shut down less than 2 years ago as of this writing. There is no telling when the FTC could open their eyes and investigate this program. I’m sure that there are aspects of the program that will prompt the FTC to shut it down.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your decision what you do, but I do not recommend Prosperity Marketing System as an effective and reliable way to make money online, especially not for the long term.

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Thanks for reading my Prosperity Marketing System review. If you have anything to share, whether it be negative or positive, be sure to do so within the section below. I would love to hear of your experience with this program and whether or not you’ve have success with it. 🙂

Lots of Love,



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