Proximity Review – Will You Make A 3-Figure Passive Income Daily?

Welcome to this completely honest Proximity review.

Is it a scam? Does it work as advertised? Can you really make money using what’s taught? These questions are important, especially because there are too many programs on the internet that promise you the moon and what happens after you get them? They heavily under-deliver or are outright scams.

So I want to congratulate you on being careful and doing your research. You may have seen other reviews of Proximity already by other affiliates who are promoting the program, but it’s hard to know whether they are telling the truth right? I mean, they make it sound like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Are they lying to you or telling you the truth?

Well, this review is going to tell you EVERYTHING that you need to know about the program and whether it’s going to be worth it for you to get it. Why should you believe me? I don’t promote it and I won’t be BRIBING you with bonuses. So be prepared for an honest and unbiased review. That’s how I roll.

Proximity At A Glance


Owners: Anthony Mancuso / Paul Nicholls

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend It?: No…

What Is Proximity?

Proximity is a training program that promises to reveal a proven method that you can use to make a 3-figure daily income. All you’ll supposedly need would be 15 minutes out of your day to make this work. Anthony and Paul say that this program is newbie-friendly and that even a newbie can start making money within 24 hours.

You’ll be able to do so with completely free traffic which is NOT from social media nor creating videos, and they tell you to “forget about technical SEO mumbo jumbo” (which is getting your content ranked on Google) and no backlinks, and no content creation required.

Now, can you see any problems with these promises? Because I can! I have been an online marketer for about 15 months at the time of writing this review and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the way that they’re describing how it’s going to work out, is FAR from being accurate.

The life source of making money online is through traffic and if you’re getting PAID traffic, then sure, it’s possible to see results within 24 hours. BUT… they’re saying that you can get results within 24 hours with completely FREE traffic. Things don’t work out that way.

Because you either need MONEY to make money fast, or you need WORK to make money EVENTUALLY. You have to choose. It can’t go both ways. And to work on free traffic, you’re gonna need WAY more than 15 minutes out of your day to make it work.

At this point, they only wanna sell you the system so they don’t care what they say, as long as they can make money from you. If things worked as seamlessly and as easily as they claim, then why aren’t more people making money online? 15 minutes is not much to take out of your day and yet, why aren’t more people quitting their jobs?

How Proximity Works

It’s such a bummer that almost NONE of the make-money-online programs come with a FREE trial so you can make an informed decision after trying, because almost NONE will tell you what they will actually be teaching you, right? And Proximity is no different.

Well, don’t take out your credit card yet, because here’s the part where I reveal what’s inside.

What Anthony and Paul want to teach you, is to create your very own website and to turn it into a blog. They have great training on choosing a niche, on where to go to get your website, some hosting providers and how to install WordPress (which is a platform for creating websites, like Wix).

They also teach you how to optimize your website so it gets ranked by Google, they tell you about important pages such as the About Me page and the Privacy Policy Page. They teach you how and where to outsource content from and how to monetize it with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

I must say that I was truly impressed. It’s great information for $12.95. It’s almost in-line with what my #1 Recommendation teaches and it’s almost how I run my affiliate marketing business myself, so I can tell you that this method works.

But even I can see that it does not work as advertised. They promised to only needing 15 minutes a day and to being able to make money in as little as 24 hours when that’s IMPOSSIBLE for a newbie. It takes a few hours to go through the training alone.

It takes DAYS to find a reliable freelancer to whom you can outsource content to, and it takes MONTHS, yes MONTHS, for Google to initially start indexing and ranking your posts because your website is a new one.

So how the heck are you supposed to make money within 24 hours with FREE traffic, without spamming social media, without posting on forums and without creating videos? As you can see, it does NOT work as they advertise. It’s NOT a program that you can just “set-and-forget”.

The Case Studies

Inside the training, there are two case studies and looking at them, it felt like the income in those case studies were SO low compared to what they were depicting on their sales page.

On the sales page, they were boasting 3-figure days, so even if you were only making $100 per day, you would expect $3000 at the end of the month and $36K by the end of the year, which is a decent full-time income if you’re in Canada, the USA or anywhere in Europe.

But one of these studies shows you how they were able to get make $35K in 48 months – 4 years – and $21K in 12 months. For the first case study, it works out to be around $730 per month and the second one $1750 per month.

It’s great that their showing you these case studies because it sets the expectation of how much you are expected to make if you work on it consistently, but it does not match the sales page, does it?

In the first case study, they showcase making $24.30 a day and in the second, $58.30. That’s NOT a full-time income and it’s NOT 3 figures a day.

The SetBacks of Proximity

While going through the training, I found that there are a few missing links. Although you get some great information and training from the program, these missing links can significantly and negatively impact your online business.

1) Website and Hosting

Yes, I know you need a website and hosting to create a blog post but what most newbies might not know, is that this costs money! And guess what? That’s not advertised on the sales page and I think that this is a pretty important fact to disclose. It’s not cheap either!

If you want a website that runs smoothly, you’re probably gonna have to pay between $14 – $16 a year for your domain name and between $200 -$300 per year for the hosting. That’s because you need to pay for an SSL certificate for your website, security, the actual hosting and maybe even for 24/7 support. It can be a BIG barrier.

Now, there are hosting companies that CAN provide you with a free domain name with purchase of hosting and maybe even give you discounts for the first year, but what about the second year? Third year? They TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE the cost to make even more money from you. It’s not worth it right?

You want to build a LONG-TERM business here, so you have to look at what’s going to be better for the long-term, and getting trapped with a hosting provider that wants such an exaggerated amount of money to renew in a year, is going to be the reason many people give up

I mean, they worked hard on it for a year and all that is going to go down the drain because of the renewal price. And who wants to start all over again?

2) Keyword Research Training

Another factor that you need to take into consideration is keyword research and I don’t think there is enough training on that within the program. You need to know about keyword research in order to know WHAT keyword you want your freelancer to use in the post.

A knowledgeable freelancer will be able to find a good keyword for you as well as write the post for you, but a new website takes about 3 – 6 months to start getting indexed and ranked by the search engines and within that time period, you have to keep publishing content.

Let’s say you want to publish 2 posts a week that are around 1000 words each and it costs $30 for one post. For 3 months worth of posts, while waiting for your posts to start getting indexed and ranked, that’s $720 that you have to invest BEFORE even knowing whether your freelancer is doing a good job or not.

And being a newbie, you won’t know whether they are even giving relevant and trustworthy information. And what about duplicate content? Some freelancers just care about getting the money and if you don’t know how to verify duplicate content, then your website is going to be NEGATIVELY impacted.

Google and the other search engines HATE duplicate content and your website will be put in the sandbox for even longer, or taken off the rankings completely.

So as you can see, it’s not so easy to outsource content for a newbie. It’s best to learn the art of SEO yourself, writing your own content, at least to begin with, until you get the hang of it AND THEN outsource content when you become more experienced.

So no training on SEO could mean failure.

3) Backlinks

What are backlinks in the first place? Well, these are simple links, linking back to your website that tell the search engines that you are becoming an authority. Backlinks used to hold a lot of weight when it came to the search engines’ ranking of websites and posts. But not anymore!

In the past, the more backlinks you had, the higher you were ranked. But what happened was that people found a loophole and were PAYING for these backlinks, thereby tricking Google’s algorithms into ranking them higher than other websites that were providing genuinely good information.

So in a Google update, those websites that had gained backlinks in an unusually short time were eradicated from the top of the search results, making place for those websites that were genuine and giving helpful and important information. Though backlinks are still important to indicate a website’s authority, it does not hold that much weight anymore.

It will be natural for your website to gain more backlinks as it grows, but that’s not something that NEEDS to be addressed to newbies. So, in my opinion, having training that addresses this is outdated as there isn’t much stress put on backlinks anymore.

The Upsells – Are They Worth It?

Like so many of the make-money-online programs, there are upsells. These upsells are supposed to supplement more tools and more advanced training than provided by the main area. But in my opinion, they are overpriced! And once again, these extra costs were never disclosed on the sales page.

They make you think that you’re gonna get access to EVERYTHING with the $12.95 initial investment when in reality, you have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars more in order to get the whole thing.

Upsell 1 – Done for you funnels – $37

These are affiliate offer pages that have already been created for you. All you have to do is just plug in your affiliate link.

Upsell 2 – Advanced training – $47

More training on website building and on getting free traffic.

Upsell 3 -Proximity license rights – $97

Get this upsell to OWN Proximity and make 100% commissions on the whole program when you promote it to others.

Upsell 4 – Super affiliate training – $397

Aggressive training on becoming a top earner/affiliate within the affiliate networks.

So the total cost of ONLY these upsells, if you were to get them, would bring you to $578 + the initial fee of $12.95. So that’s close to $600 and don’t forget the amount of money for your website and hosting and to outsource your content.

To make this whole system work, you would need to invest between $1500 – $1700.

Is Proximity A Scam?

After careful deliberation, my opinion is that Proximity is not a scam.

Yes, it is VERY misleading, saying that it’s newbie-friendly and that you could start making money within 24 hours and they even lie about the amount of time and money that you would need to make this system work, but at the end of the day, you’re getting a product that does work.

However, this program not being a scam does not mean that I recommend it. In fact, I’m NOT recommending Proximity because I think that there is a better alternative on the internet RIGHT NOW that is going to be better suited for you, especially if you want to go the blogging route.

I’m not recommending it because of the missing links in the training, the risks that come with outsourcing work when you’re a newbie and also, because of the amount that it will cost you to run this kind of business. The upsells are expensive, it’s not cheap to outsource content and it’s not cheap to host a website.

Additionally, I don’t like giving my money to people who are NOT transparent with me, so if I don’t do it, why would I recommend for you to do something like that? I don’t like supporting guys like that. They should really come clean with all this.

So now that we’re done with Proximity, let’s talk about this other alternative that’s making me passive online income, shall we?

Here’s A BETTER Alternative Where You Can Start For FREE!

Yes, you read that right! This alternative that I’m introducing you to, is one that you can start for completely free and that platform is even better than Proximity.

You get the training, ALL the tools and the support that you need within ONE platform to ensure that you’re successful in building your website, your blog and creating content the right way. Once you join for free, you’ll be introduced to the training that is THE BEST so far online.

You’ll also get access to 2 FREE websites while you’re testing out the waters, so you don’t have to pay for a domain or hosting. And you get the BEST support that there is! Experts are literally at your fingertips when you have questions or are stuck so you usually get help within a few minutes.

The platform will teach you to;

1) Pick a niche

2) Create a website (2 free websites – free hosting)

3) Get traffic (the right way)

4) Earn revenue!

This is the exact same platform that I used to create this website and that has enabled me to make a passive income on the internet. I urge you to try it FOR FREE!


And hey, even if you don’t like it, you can walk away from it without any headaches; you won’t be losing a dime! I GUARANTEE IT!

Anyways, if you have questions in the meantime about Proximity or about making money online in general, feel free to drop them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Your Friend,


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