Pure Profit Pro Review – Is Pure Profit Pro A Scam?

Welcome to this honest Pure Profit Pro Review!

As always, I was browing my emails when I saw an email inviting me to this program. I was really curious as I’d never heard about it before and as I started looking deeper into it, I came to realize that I just couldn’t let it go. I had to tell you guys about what I found out.

Is Pure profit Pro a scam or is it a legitimate system that will make you soar to financial freedom? How does it work? Do they really pay? How much money could you make?

If you have all these questions about the program, then know that I’ll be answering them all within this review, so you can make an informed decision about whether to join this program or not.

Pure Profit Pro At A Glance

Website: PureProfitPro.com

Owner: John Bane

Purpose: Make money online through networking

Price: $250+

Do I Recommend?: No, because I think it works likes a pyramid…

What Is Pure Profit Pro?

Pure Profit Pro was founded by John Bane, who is also the creator of a (extremely) high-ticket program called, Tidom Inc. Pure Profit Pro works the exact same way as Tidom Inc. but has a lower investment for people who cannot afford the investments required by Tidom Inc.

But anyways, Pure Profit Pro is said to be a direct sales program that will teach you how to write your own paychecks, and to show others how to do it too. Apparently, you can grow a 6-Figure income IMMEDIATELY with the program if you decide to join now.

Really, any business will at some point, allow you to write your own paycheck. In some business models, you’ll come to a point where you don’t even have to WRITE anything and you still get paid. But to go as far as saying that you can grow a 6-figure online income IMMEDIATELY?

That’s ridiculous! Have you ever MET anybody who said they were able to make a 6-figure income immediately after joining a program? I know I’ve never heard anything like this, unless they’ve been promoted to being CEO of a company or something.

Many programs, including Pure Profits Pro, will advertise their company as being so good and that you’ll be able to earn so easily using what’s taught. They’re not being upfront with you! BE CAREFUL!

Moving on, we come to know that the products of this program will be around TEACHING others, which they refer to as “e-Learning”. They’re supposed to teach internet marketers the basics, list building, social media marketing, mindset and so on.

That all sounds good, but is there anything that they’re hiding?

How Does Pure Profit Pro Work?

The first thing that I have noticed, is that you cannot purchase ANY of their products through their website. You HAVE to go through a representative. In some ways, that’s good because it shows that the company is very concerned about their members and want the money to go to them.

But the strangest thing is that, though the sales page talks about the e-learning courses that they provide to internet marketers and business owners, nobody else on the internet really talks about these courses. Everywhere you look, it’s always just about the compensation plan or the business opportunity.

What’s really weird as well, is that whether you’re looking to join the opportunity or to only make use of the e-courses, you have to go through the SAME packages, meaning that you have to become a RECRUIT in order to be able to benefit from the courses provided.

That makes the program RECRUITMENT-based, which means that you have to build a downline in order to make any significant amount of money. You really won’t make any money advertising the packages as tools for business owners.

There are three packages that you can join at:

1) $250 level (+ $95 admin fee)

2) $500 level (+$125 admin fee)

3) $1000 level (+$145 admin fee

Just to compare, Tidom Inc. has packages that will cost you between $2000 and $22,000!

The Compensation Plan – 4 Ways To Earn

Although I’m not a fan of recruiting, I think that the compensation plan is very interesting and you do have the potential to make quite some money with the business model.

I will be giving more details about this within each of the different ways to earn. But before making any money with the program, you have to QUALIFY to make money at the different levels.

For example, if you are at the $500 level, you have to make ONE sale at each level in order to become qualified to receive your full commissions.

If you make your first $250 sale, the commission goes up to your sponsor, and you become qualified to make commissions of $250 going forward. When you make your first $500 sale, you become qualified to also make $500 commissions going forward.

There are 4 ways that you can earn with the program;

1) Direct Sales

These are your direct recruits that pay to become part of your downline. If you’re at the $500-level and somebody else joins at that level too, you’ll be making 100% in commissions, meaning $500. You also get full commissions if somebody joins at the $250 level.

2) Pass-ups

Your first sale (or first few sales) are your qualifying sales, meaning that they will get passed up to your sponsor. Similarly, once you recruit others and they made their first sale (or sales) depending on the level they’re at, these sales will get passed-up to you.

At the same time, your recruits will become qualified to make commissions on the level that they’re at.

3) Roll-ups 

Roll-ups are made when your recruits make sales on levels that they are NOT personally. They’ll still make money at THEIR own level, while the rest gets rolled up to you.

For example, let’s say your recruit is at the $250 level and somebody joins them at the $500 level. Your recruit makes $250 (because that’s the level that they’re at) while you make the difference, which is the remaining $250 (if you’re at the $500 level yourself).

Another example, is where your recruit is at the $250 level, but makes a $1000 sale. Your recruit still gets to make $250 and the remainder of $750 gets rolled up to you.

4) Upgrades

You can also make money when your recruits or any of your other downlines upgrade to higher levels.

Say you’re at the $500 level, and our recruit is currently at the $250. They decide to upgrade to the $500 level. They need to pay you a difference of $250 in order to become eligible to make sales at the $500 level. There is no need for your new recruit to re-qualify.

My Impressions of The Program

I just want to point out that MANY other reviews will refer to this program, as being an AFFILIATE program. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing does not work that way.

Affiliate marketing is where you advertise a product on behalf of the creator or vendor, and use an affiliate link to promote it. When sales are made through the link, you get compensated in the form of commissions. There is NO COST whatsoever to join an affiliate program.

But did you notice that in order to promote this program, you have to PAY to become qualified to promote it? You’ll then be given RESELL rights, which is not affiliate marketing. This is more like an MLM.

With MLMs (multi-level marketing programs), there are two ways to make money; either by selling VALUED products to customers (who do not need to become part of your downline) and getting a cut off the sales, or by building your downline, where commissions are rolled up to you.

But with this program, I’m led to seeing it as some kind of pyramid because the focus is so heavily put on recruiting. Additionally, the packages that are sold to recruits, or to those interested in the business opportunity, are the same that are used as products to sell to business owners and internet marketers.

This really puts doubts into my head as to the legitimacy of the program. To me, it just looks like the program is disguised as selling legitimate products, when really the TOOLS provided for internet marketers or business owners, can really only benefit people who join the scheme.

Additionally, having researched what others have been saying about the program, I found out that you will actually get phone calls to supposedly train you and to help you improve your business. Apparently, the only way for them to HELP you improve, is to get you to UPGRADE to the next level for potential to make more money.

Don’t expect these calls to give you value in terms of coaching and training. All they want to do, is get more money out of you.

Is Pure Profit Pro A Scam? – Final Thoughts

I can’t say that Pure Profits Pro is a scam, because I have not joined the program and have no real interest to join, to be honest with you. I have serious doubts about their business model and I have to say that a business that is so heavily focused on recruiting, is bound to collapse at some point.

If I don’t feel comfortable joining a program or utilizing it to make money myself, there is no way that I would be okay recommending it to others. Like I said, it is entirely possible to make money with this system, but it could eventually be shut down.

I know of a similar program that got shut down by the FTC, called MOBE (My Online Business Empire) and it was a high-ticket program that promised big returns on your investment, that focused on recruiting and promoting the program itself. It got shut down and many of the top-earners lost a lot of money.

Why take the risk of joining a program with a similar business model, when there are SO many other 100% LEGIT ways for you to make money online?

My final conclusion is that I do not recommend Pure Profit Pro.

Here’s A 100% Legit Way of Making Money Online That WORKS!

I know you probably get a lot of programs pitched up to you, but let me tell you that I’m not going to promote ANY BS program to you, like those others, and neither am I going to try and entice you with useless bonuses. This is a program that I have personally joined and I have personally been making a passive income from it.

I have discussed this way of making money earlier on within this review, called affiliate marketing.

What I literally do everyday, is write articles, make sure my keywords are included, make sure my affiliate link is included and voila! This takes me around 2 – 3 hours of my time everyday and I get to work when I want.

Of course, as a newbie, you’ll need to learn some basic things about how it works and how to set it up properly, but once that’s done (and with a little practice), you’ll also be able to make passive income by rinsing and repeating what you learn.

You see, the program that I am a part of has a FREE membership, where you can try it out to see whether this is the way that you want to go. So even afterwards, if you decide that it’s not for you, you get to walk away WITHOUT losing a single penny.

I also don’t make any money when you join as a free member, so I want you to know that I’m not promoting the free program to you because of any financial incentive.


Additionally, if you join me, I’ll become your mentor and guide, and I’ll be sharing tips and tricks with you, things that I’ve learned over the course of my online journey. You’ll have personal access to me and I’ll hold your hand until you find the success that you are looking for.

I really hope to see you on the inside. Until then, stay safe!

Your Friend,



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