Purx Review – [Major Flaw!] It Won’t Work As Advertised!

Purx review

You’re here obviously because you’re looking for an honest Purx review. And I understand you! I’ve jumped through this hoop many time, and I’m so ashamed of it, but that’s why I’m writing this review; so it doesn’t happen to you!

Oh that rhymes! But you can’t really hope for Purx to rhyme to the tune of your heart and desires of making money online because I’ve found some major flaws that makes Purx useless.

Yea, I know you might tell me that there have been so many positive reviews, will people recommending this product, but the truth is that they are affiliates. They’ll make money each tiem you purchase from their links.

But that’s not me! I’m not an affiliate of Purx, so rest assured that this is going to be a REAL review, where I give you the good, the bad and the ugly truth! How about that?

Purx At A Glance

Website: Purx.io/vip

Creators: Anirudh, Prahbat and Amit

Purpose: Create niche websites and earn from adsense

Price: $18.95+

Do I Recommend It?: No! You won’t get free traffic, nor will you make any money with this software. You’ll be copying content which means that your posts won’t get ranked by Google and morover, the Content Spinner is horrible!

What is Purx?

Pretty exciting and attractive heading they have there, don’t you think? The three creators claim to have made almost $130K in only 3 months using Google Adsense.

If you don’t know what Google Adsense is, it’s Google’s way of using your website or other content, in order to show your visitors/audience ads. Each time somebody sees it or clicks on the ad, you make some money.

This sounds pretty good, since you don’t have to make a sale in order to make any money, right? But oh my god! This just makes me want to pull my hair out! There are so many moving parts that they just don’t talk about.

Anirudh makes it sound like it’s so easy to make money; simply connect your website, turn on the content machine and the traffic will start coming in, translating into dollar bills for you.

Nuh-uh! I can tell you right now, that’s not how it’s gonna work. And I know this because I, too, have a website that feature Google Adsense ads and that’s now how it works at all.

There’s way more work than they are willing to admit here, and that’s one of the reasons that you might find it attractive. Yeah, I know! Nobody wants to do the work, but everybody wants to make money.

But the truth is that if there is no work, or very little work involved, you’re either gonna make no money at all, or so little money that it won’t be worth it.

Remember, these guys are here to SELL this program to you, including their affiliates. So do you think they’re gonna tell you the flaws in their programs? Hell no! They might even lie to you to get into your wallet.

That’s playing a pretty dirty game, right? There’s a ton of misleading information on the sales page that will have you form a conclusion about the program, which is NEVER going to be accurate. So let me tell you the truth.


What You Get Inside The Members’ Area

If you do decide to get Purx, this is what you can expect; you’re asked for more money before you even get to the members area. I strongly suggest NOT to buy them.

Sure, they might be giving you a steep discount, but believe me, it’s a sales tactic. You’ll get the same discount when you get into the members area. It won’t really be your last chance to get them.

Moreover, there is a money back guarantee that won’t include anything other than the front end cost of the program, meaning $18.95. So if you went and purchased a $100 upsell, you can kiss this money bye-bye ’cause you ain’t ever getting it back.

But anyways, this program will allow you to connect any website that you own to it, so that when you create categories and content within Purx, the change translates to your website.

Not that you’ll need your own domain and hosting in order for this work. That’s something that is NOT covered on the sales page.

Afterwards, you get to link up your social media pages, create your categories and then add websites to the “source list”. The source list is from where your Purx will pull content for them to appear on your own website.

You also have the option of integrating a content spinner with Purx so as to spin the pulled content, into new content.

Now, that is supposedly going to bring in traffic through Google because the content would have already been optimized by those websites you pull the content from. And that is what they mean by free traffic.

Then, there’s also the fact that you can put up your own banner ads or add your Adsense code into your website in order to make money from Google placing ads on your website.

People coming in from a Google search would enjoy the content, see the ads and click on them, ultimately making you boatloads of cash.

I know it’s not funny to get conned by this, but I laughed at how stupid this all sounds. There are so many lies and loopholes! And even if in theory this works, it won’t work in practice. You’ll understand in a minute.

It just reminds me so much of some of the other products I reviewed recently that worked out the same way; Print Monkey, You Gen Bots and Shotoku.

Why It Won’t Work! – Major Flaws Uncovered

I have not seen anybody tell you these flaws in their reviews so keep an open mind and really try to understand what I will try to explaiin to you about this method of earning money online.

The first, and biggest, flaw is that Purx is meant to copy other people’s content and place it on your website, as if it were your own. But if you were ever found out, trust me! It won’t end well.

And by that, I mean that you’ll either be asked to remove the content by the owner, which defeats the purpose of this software, or you’ll be sued for copyright issues.


Not only that, but you’ll also get penalized by Google for putting up duplicate content. Google has been evolving for years and years and can catch something like duplicate content.

There are bots that “read” content each time it is put out and if it finds that yours is matching 100% with somebody else’s, your copied content will never see the light of day. You won’t get ranked and thus, won’t get any visitors.

Now, you might use a content spinner to spin the copied content into fresh, new content, but let me be honest with you; it’s not gonna be as good as you think, or as good as what Google wants it. Heck, your readers won’t want it either.

That’s because the quality will be so bad that it won’t be comprehensible. Your visitors are primarily coming to your website because they want to read about a topic and if they find the content is badly written, they’ll just click off.

That will result in people not seeing any Ads on your website and you making ZERO dollars.

One more thing to keep in mind if you are a newbie; you won’t already have an Adsense account. You’ll need to apply for one. But you’ll only get accepted into the Adsense program after having them review your application and your website.

They will find it fishy that with a domain of only maybe a few hours or a few days old, that you already have so much content. Obviously, Google Adsense is part of Google, so their duplicate content checker will run and you’ll be penalized and get rejected.

Now can you see how much they lie to you? Nothing is as easy as what these guys claim. They just want to make sales, to manipulate your mind and make you want the product so much, so as to get you to buy it.

In the end, you’re not gonna make any money. THEY ARE!



1) Software works (it does pull content and places it on your website)

2) ??


1) Lies and misleading information on the sales page

2) NOT newbie-friendly

3) No traffic training

4) No SEO training

5) You’re copying content, which could end up in a lawsuit

6) Using a content spinner will NOT produce comprehensible content, causing your audience to click away and you not making money

7) If you’re a newbie, you’ll need to get approved to have Adsense ads shown on your website, which is not gonna happen with this website

8) Even if there is a money back guarantee, most vendors never reply to your refund request.

9) Limited to NO support because these vendors create so many different programs than they have time to provide support for

Is Purx A Scam?

That’s a question that can go both ways; some people will say that it is a scam, while others might argue that it isn’t a scam. Which group of people are you?

Some people might say that it not a scam because you are provided with something for your money. And there’s a money back guarantee, if you can get it, so you’re not really losing your money.

However, many others will call Purx a scam because of the lies and misleading information on the sales page. As a buyer, you often have no other option but to believe what the seller tells you.

If you want to buy a vacuum and the box says that it has a vacuum inside, but when you get home, you find that it’s a broom, then there’s definitely a big difference, right?

Althoug both will ultimately do the same thing, a broom wasn’t what you were looking for.

This is exactly what these guys are doing here; they are dressing up the program, making it look like it is the best program that you’ll ever buy, and making it sound that you’re gonna get the best results with it.

But practically, like I’ve already proved, that is definitely not gonna happen. There are too many moving parts to owning, maintaining and profiting from a website. Ask me, I know!

So that’s why I don’t believe that Purx is worth the money, whether you call it a scam or not. I don’t think that you should be getting this program because for $19, there are so many other programs that are much more worth it.

More value for money, you get what I mean?

Here’s Your Value For Money – Actually, It’s FREE!

That’s right! The method that I want to show you, I actually got started with for completely free and you can do the same thing too. No need to PAY before you try it out.

I actually do something that’s called affiliate marketing and if you don’t know what it is, it’s a method of earning online where you promote other people’s products and for each sale generated, you make commissions.

It’s a pretty easy concept, but needs a specific method for it to work. It won’t work with just any method. I want to show you how to get people to come YOU and not you running after them to buy the product. And it works!

Here’s a paycheck a received earlier this year;

And it’s been repeating!

There are many more where these came from and I know that one of those proofs can be yours one day. That’s why it’s time to ditch the lies and manipulation and get on board with me.


And not only will you receive the free guide, but also my free 6-day course that I put together just for you. It might not be free for long seeing as I’m thinking of charging for it, so get my free guide now, while it’s still free.

You’ll learn the steps needed to earn online and the method that these fake gurus have been hiding from you. But know that it will take some work, because every legit business needs it.

A get rich quick scheme never works out for the buyer, always for the seller. Remember that! They are preying on your weakness of wanting to make money fast, but the only one who makes money fast is the creator.

So, what do you think? Want a free shot at affiliate marketing? Meet me inside the guide now.

Thanks for reading my Purx review. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment below, especially if you’ve experienced Purx. How good was it? Did you make any money? Was the support good?

Lots of Love,


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