Rainmoney.co Review – Yet Another Get-Paid-To Scam?

Rainmoney.coWelcome to my honest Rainmoney.co review.

You’ve probably seen the invites and links on social media or maybe even in an email and were wondering whether it is a legit way to make money online, right? It does sound pretty good after all and it’s free to get started.

But are the risks any lower because it is free and there’s no investment needed? Not all the time and this review will expose Rainmoney.co for the scam that it really is, even if it is free. You’ve got way more important things to lose than money here.

So read this review until the end to discover the scammy secrets of this program. You NEED to know what I’m about to reveal if you’re thinking of joining the program.

Rainmoney.co At A Glance

Website: Rainmoney.co

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others and  completing small tasks

Price: Free

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a data harvesting scam!

What Is Rainmoney?

Rainmoney is said to be the #1 Influencer Network that will help you make tons of money online by using your social media accounts. You can actually make a full time income online starting today, at $150 per day.

And how nice that they are offering a $25 sign up bonus for a limited time. All you have to do is refer others by using a special link they’ll give you and for each click you get, they’ll pay you $2 and for each sign up, you’ll receive $10.

If you’re not a fan of referring others, then you can also complete small tasks that will pay you upto $30 per task. These could be joining a group, testing out an app or website, or even a survey.

But let me tell you that I already found those to be red flags right off the bat. That’s because legit places like SwagBucks, Survey Junkie and so on, do NOT pay so much per task. So where is Rainmoney getting all this money from to pay its members?

We’ll have to dig deep into understanding how Rainmoney actually makes their money and that will give us an idea of whether they are able to actually pay their members as much as they claim.

However, I do doubt that further research is going to change my suspicions of the program because it looks similar to a lot of the other programs that I’ve reviewed before, such as Referral Pay, CloutPay and Notion Cash.

But since I don’t like judging a book by its cover, I will write out this review in full and still do my full homework.


How Does Rainmoney’s Compensation Plan Work?

To understand whether Rainmoney is really able to pay its members that high amounts they claim to pay, we need to see how they earn money. So digging deeper, they claim to be earning their money through ad-spent revenue.

That’s fair since many websites, including this one, makes money through ads. But because I have experience with the amount of money that ads actually make me, I am in a better position to argue the fact that they just won’t pay.

You see, what they say is happening is that the more people you refer to their website, the more people are getting exposed to the ads within the platform and the more money they’re making as a result. But ads don’t pay that much.

If somebody is simply exposed to an ad, I could make only a few cents per view (talk about less than 10 cents!) and if somebody happens to click on an ad on my website, I could make anywhere between 50 cents and $2 per click.

But what if you refer me and I never take action on actually clicking on ads within the website? Where would the company have gotten the money to pay you in advance?

That’s where the business model does not make any sense.

Additionally, there is such a thing as pay-per-lead; getting paid for each lead or referral that you bring to the company. But I’ve never seen a company pay $10 for a single lead before, especially not a FREE lead.

Again, it comes back to the argument that the company would be paying you without making money first. This kind of business model would drive the business to bankruptcy!

It does not make any sense! That’s one of the reasons that I think the program is a scam. It might just be luring you to sign up for FREE with promises of big pay.

Red Flags That Set Off Alarm Bells In My Head

The high pay and the business model aren’t the only red flags that I’ve found. There are actually more of them and those don’t make the program look good.

There are a few that are just red flags but some others are plain scammy! There are a lot of lies that I uncovered and that you should pay special attention to.

1) Unknown creator

That’s a red flag that I always point out. If the program is as legit as they claim, then why don’t we know more about the creator of the program?

Don’t you want to know that you’re joining a program created by somebody who is knowledgeable and who is a pro in the area? Don’t you want to know that he KNOWS what he’s doing?

The reason I pointed this out is because many scam artists will remain anonymous or create fake names to hide their real identities. That’s because they don’t want to be discovered, they don’t want to be fined, they don’t want to be sued.

That’s how scammers are never caught; nobody knows their real name and they just keep creating scam after scam, conning people as they go.

2) A Testimonial references Referral Pay 

And that’s the worse mistake that the creator of Rainmoney can make because nobody ever got paid with Referral Pay. We now know that the creator of Referral Pay is also the creator of Rainmoney.

So if he never paid anybody before, what makes you think that you’re gonna get paid now? Just take a look at the below:

Additionally, the video testimonials on the Rainmoney.co website actually just all talk about how great the website is but fail to confirm if they’ve actually gotten paid. Nobody shows you a Paypal account or a cheque from Rainmoney.

I don’t just want people telling me about how much money can be made, I want PROOF! Don’t you?

Well, if it isn’t true, then why are people doing these testimonials? Good questions and I’m glad you asked. You see, there is a reward of $50 to do a video review of Rainmoney after you sign up and that’s why people are making these videos.

They’re not making it because they have actually gotten paid. They’re making the video TO GET PAID, which is never gonna happen by the way. Total waste of time!


3) Been around since 2013? 

That’s all lies and I have proof!

I actually went to Whois.com and typed in the website, for it to show me when it was registered and I was not shocked when it actually showed me the website was created earlier this year, in August 2019.

Why I wasn’t shocked was because that’s the exact same thing with Referral Pay! And that brings me to the next LIE.

4) Fake Proofs 

Now that we know the website was created in August 2019, we would only expect payment proofs from them onwards, right? But that’s not what’s happening.

In an effort to show you that Rainmoney is legit and really has been around for a while, the scammer wants to show you payment proofs from 2018 until now.

But if the website was created in August 2019, then it’s impossible to have any proof from 2018, right? The only conclusion to draw from this is that the proofs are completely fake!

What’s The Purpose Of Rainmoney.co Then?

That’s a fair question seeing as it is free to join and you’re “seemingly” not losing anything, not even money.

But since Rainmoney is connected to Notion Cash and Kids Earn Cash, then you should know this: the BBB has actually warned people NOT to sign up with these websites because they appear to be mass data harvesting websites.

That means that these websites aren’t after your money but after your data.

In the wrong hands, your data could potentially help scammers hack into your online banking accounts, your Paypal accounts or even worse, use your information for identity theft where your credit score could be at risk.

By also having your email address, they could send you emails regularly, telling you that your bank account has been suspended, forcing you to give up your banking details or credit card information. Those emails look so real you wouldn’t be able to tell the real from the fake.

So like I said, losing money isn’t the only thing to look out for, but you should also protect your data.


Is Rainmoney.co A Scam?

Yes, in my opinion, I do believe that Rainmoney.co is a complete scam and you now have all the proof that you need to make an informed and intelligent decision, though it’s really up to you what you want to do.

From experience with other Get-Paid-To websites, I can tell you that the high payout that Rainmoney promises is just a lure to get you to sign up and to refer others to do the same so that they can steal your information.

They never really have the intention of paying anybody. And we can also tell that’s the case from Rainmoney being associated with Referral Pay, that has a history of not paying anybody either.

Another way to tell this is a scam is that there are a lot of red flags, including the unsustainable business model and the fact they lie to you about when the website was actually created. The testimonials and payment proofs are also fake.

Then, you have the warning from the BBB that confirms you shouldn’t have anything to do with those websites because they are just here for mass data harvesting. You’re going to get spammed with scammy emails and could become at risk of identity theft.

Again, Rainmoney.co is a complete scam that you should avoid. Nothing good will come our of signing up.

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Lots of Love,



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