Real Money Streams Review – Will It Help You Make $7K Per Month?

Chris claims you can make $7K every single month by signing up for his crash course within Real Money Streams. Is it true, or is it a scam? Will you be able to quit your job TODAY and make $100 bucks?

Well, in this Real Money Streams review, I will be going over what the program is and what you’ll learn, so you can make an informed decision on whether the course is worth it. I know you work hard for your money and I don’t want to see you lose it, if this turns out to be a scam.

At A Glance

Name: Real Money Streams


Owner: Chris

Purpose: Help you make money online via different venues

Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended?: Let’s see.. 🙂

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What is Real Money Streams?

Chris starts out by telling you that you could make $100 by the end of the day today, and maybe even $500 by next week, by completing a variety of fun tasks. He explains that you will be making honest money for honest work but not to expect that money will be falling from the sky and into your lap.

Prepare to be your own boss with these different avenues that he mentions within the program. The more complex the work, the more you get paid. And you can work when you want, where you want. No need to commute to the office or do work that’s boring to you.

He gives examples, such as data entry and even labeling photos in exchange for pay. And he claims that he can give you exclusive access to some companies that are looking for people RIGHT NOW to start the jobs, that will require very minimum training.

Not to mention that he has uncovered other secrets to making money online that he will be sharing with you within, like tips on what work to avoid, which ones are too time-consuming, which ones offer too little pay and so on.

So, is what he says true?

What Exactly Will You Be Doing?

It all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? The easy work, the “honest work for honest pay” bit, minimum training, and the fact that you can work on as simple or as complex a task based on your time and your mood. But is Chris painting a fantasy picture, or it it reality?

Unfortunately, what he says is not true! The work that you will be doing is mostly going to be data entry and the ones that are legit, are only going to pay a few cents, very rarely upto a dollar, for every hour of work.


If finding work were as easy online, then we could all complete a few surveys a day, do a little data entry, earn $100 bucks a day and live the good life. But that’s not how it works. If you read my review of 2Captcha, it is a legit data entry website where they pay you for data entry, but you won’t make enough to pay the bills.

Watch out for other like Captcha Club, that claim to pay you $3 for every 1000 captchas solved, which is MORE than the industry average $1 per 1000 captchas solved. They lure you with the $3 and then ask you to pay THEM to withdraw your earnings.

Mystery Shopping

Aside from data entry, you also have other options like mystery shopping, where you will have to take pictures of items within a store, the tag for pricing and sizes, etc… But this uses your phone’s data, so if you don’t have it, this is not going to work for you.

Mystery shopping is also best if you live in a very big city, where it is easy to get around on foot because the assignments will be in different shops and different areas. If you live too far or need to take the transit to go anywhere, this will eat into your earnings, which are already low to begin with.


Another way to make money online that is mentioned is via Amazon Mechanical Turk, where you get paid for accomplishing small tasks, like sharing a video, sending an email, liking a page on Facebook and so on. These start at VERY LOW pay per task (try a few cents) and will only get GRADUALLY better over time, but nothing that will make you full-time income.

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One last method that I will be talking about here, that Chris listed, is Freelancing. Now, Freelancing is great to make some real money online. However, there is one catch that Chris fails to mention and that’s Content Writing for SEO.

You see, the online world is growing so fast that businesses are eager to expand online just as rapidly. And in order to be ahead of the competition, they will hire writers to write articles for them. But within the online world, you NEED to know how to RANK these articles within Google and how to MONETIZE them.

Without these skills, nobody will want to hire you to write for them. And as such, no newbie will be successful this.

Don’t Fall For The Upsells

You are bombarded – literally! – with upsells that will decrease and decrease in price until you accept to sign up. For example, they will want to charge you $47 one-time and $17 monthly for extra training. if you try to by-pass that, they will ask for $17 one-time and then $17 monthly. By-pass that, and you get $0 upfront and $17 monthly.

They will do ANYTHING to get to your hard-earned money. If the system is as WORTHLESS as their upsells/downsells, why not offer them for free?

Well, actually, you don’t have to pay for the information that he has given you. You can find ALL the companies that he has mentioned, just by doing some research on Google. Paying $37 AND the upsells, are just a rip-off, in my opinion.

Crash Course

I didn’t forget about the crash course that Chris was talking about within his video. Yes, they are included, in the form of reading material and some videos. The reading materials are mostly PLRs (Private Label Rights) ebooks, that are found for FREE online.

The big problem with PLR material, is that they are almost NEVER updated and thus, get outdated pretty quickly, as is the case with this program. It is just a waste of your money to be paying for something that will be updated, when you can go anywhere else online, FOR FREE, and get the most updated information.

Is Real Money Streams a Scam?

If you want my honest opinion, in some ways it is and in others, it isn’t. I will categorize it as a low-quality program.

The way that it is a scam, is that the amount of money that Chris says you can make within one day with these different income streams, is VERY unrealistic and NEAR impossible. The reason that I say that it is NEAR impossible, is that mostly, these gigs will pay you a few cents to a dollar per hour, and you will not make $100 within one day.

Making $100 is possible within one day, if you KNOW the online world or are willing to learn about writing quality contents, revolving around SEO and what it takes to monetize an article. This is where most of the money is made and where most people find their freedom, working from home.

The ways in which it is not a scam, is that the system does show you a few ways that you can make some pocket money from home, during your free time. Some of the links don’t work, but at least you don’t have to go out to research these companies and you have them all compiled within one place.

Is it worth the $37 though? In my opinion, it’s not! And therefore, the bottom line is that I don’t recommend Real Money Streams.

Here’s How I Make Residual Income from Home

Yes, it is possible and you can make a full-time, residual income from home too! But let me tell you, that it requires some learning, effort and patience on your part, to become successful. Real money online is NOT earned easily and like I mentioned earlier, if it were as easy as Chris mentioned, then we would all be at home, typing away on our keyboards.

The REAL online business take just as long as a physical business to take off and to flourish. But you have WAY less expenses and MORE profits owning an online business. How would you like to make money not just once from your hard work, but over and over again, years from now?

Learn everything that you need to know from my FREE GUIDE to making money online, where I reveal the exact steps that I took to become successful. I know what it takes now and I want to share it with you because I know what it feels like to be scammed into thinking that money could be made very easily.

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