Real Profits Online Review – Scam Or Make $500 Per Day?

You’re probably on my Real Profits Online Review because you received an email about the program, right? They promise to help you make money from home and online, with Amazon.

It sounds amazing to be able to make over $500 every single day and be able to quit your day job, but is it all true or is Real Profits Online a scam that will suck your bank dry? I mean, there are so many programs nowadays that claim to be able to get you out of the dumps really quickly but that end up being a disappointment.

Pat yourself on the back because it’s great that you’re doing your research before falling for such a program. It’s always wise to know EVERYTHING about a program rather than just spend to later find out that it was a scam.

Here are all my findings about this program.

Real Profits Online At A Glance


Owner: Mark Douglas

Purpose: Make money with Ecommerce/affiliate marketing

Price: $47 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No, I don’t!

What Is Real Profits Online?

The first page you will come to, is this article about Amazon, showing you the growth it has had in recent years and gives you the reasons why you should partner up with this online retail giant. I absolutely agree that it’s a good idea and that you can make tons of money, but something was off about this website.

The social media icons were fake, the photo of the family was a stock photo, and it said that all you needed to make $500 a day was to push a button and be able to work 1 – 2 hours a day. These are all signs of a scam or low-quality program and I speak from experience. 90% of programs I bought in the past with the same claims, turned out to be scams.

But anyways, I kept on going. Mark is the spokesperson but in all honesty, I was not able to identify who he was. That’s another red flag. He explains that he will show you how to make money doing affiliate marketing/ecommerce with Amazon, where you’ll be able to bank on big paydays, upto $500 or more every day, on complete autopilot.

And he’s gonna give you the website for free. Does me paying $47 sound free to you?


Firstly, making money online is not as easy as he makes it out to be and NOTHING is on autopilot. If it were that easy then, why are you, or anybody else, still struggling? Why is the majority of people still stuck at a job they hate? That’s because it’s not so easy to make money on the internet.

How Does Real Profits Online Work?

Real Online Profits starts out as a sales funnel that tries to appear legitimate, by associating themselves with Amazon and some big-name news corporations, when reality, there are no such affiliations.

Click on any link at all and it will bring you to the first video, where you are asked to input your details supposedly to see if there is still availability. In reality, what Mark is doing, is adding you to his email list so if you don’t buy the system now, he can keep selling other garbage to you, in the hopes that you’ll buy and he can make money.

Next, there’s the second, longer video that supposedly explains how the system works, but he never really tells you anything about how the program works. All he does, is lash big numbers at you, sports cars and vacation spots to make you drool over success and wanting it so much so as to buy the system.

In my experience from buying into these programs and reviewing them, which I have done for over 100 other programs, I must say that what you would typically get inside a program like this, are outdated PDFs or even just generic Youtube videos and training that you would be able to find online for free anyways.

But I do have a small reason to think that this program COULD lead you to another program called My Ecom Club, which is a legit program, but that has been marketed unethically several times. If you look at my Ecom Cash Code and Money Miracle reviews, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

And you know what gets most people? It’s not FAKE testimonials. They’re fake because these people are PAID ACTORS hired from a website called They’ve never used the system. This is very common in scams.

What Is My Ecom Club? – The Realities of Ecommerce

I’m not gonna go too much into details here but My Ecom Club is a program that will help you make money online through ecommerce. So it has nothing to do with Amazon at all. It’s a program that will put up the store for you, market the products for you and maintain the store for you as well.

Although all this sounds really good, you should not just jump and get it, because the costs associated with this program are VERY high. The most expensive package can cost you a one-time fee of $2000 and a monthly fee of $97 for them to maintain your website.

Additional costs will come if you need autoresponders (that is going to take care of your email list as mentioned by Mark) as well as costs for advertizing.

You see, ecommerce stores are NOT ranked within the search engines and the only way to bring in sales without having to work, is to put up ads and those can cost you A LOT of money if not done properly and if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sure, the experts will do it all for you, but that’s still an extra cost to consider.

The Reality Of Things – Affiliate Marketing

Now, if Mark does not lead you to My Ecom Club, then what you’ll get are probably the generic and outdated PDFs as well as Youtube videos that you can actually find for free all over the internet.

Not only will you be paying for garbage, but everything that Mark tells you about making money online doing affiliate marketing is wrong! Take it from me, who has been doing affiliate marketing for about a year now. It takes time, work and a lot of dedication to get ANY business off the ground and profiting from it.

With affiliate marketing, setting up a store is not the best way to make sales because you will yet again, not be able to get ranked. What Google, Bing and Yahoo are looking for, are INFORMATIONAL websites that are helpful and answering the general public’s questions.

Thus the best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to start a blog. All you really have to do, is to write about the product, include your affiliate link and make sure to use proper keywords to lead people to your website. And you can START FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE from the same platform that taught me how to do it.

I don’t pay for traffic or put up ads. You got to my website and I didn’t pay A DIME. The biggest ROI comes from leveraging FREE traffic and doing so as effectively as possible. Again, SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE to learn this method.

Wrapping Up This Real Profits Online Review

Did this review disappoint you? I’m sure that it would have disappointed me if I were so pumped up to start a new venture that I thought would bring me a lot of money and the ability to quit my job, but we have to face the truth.

It’s up to you whether you want to try out Real Profits Online for yourself, but I do believe that you’ll be wasting your time and money by signing up for the program, even if it turns out to be redirecting you to My Ecom Club. Why would you want to do business or give your money to anybody that’s not transparent with you?

The $47 will only get you through the door with My Ecom Club. And if it’s not My Ecom Club, then it’s definitely going to be some generic PDF that will be complete garbage and won’t actually help you make any money online. Or even some Youtube videos that you could have gotten for free anyways.

Making money online does not have to be expensive and it does not have to be hard and I know that because I make passive income online from affiliate marketing. You should also check out the platform I recommend because it’s free!

We don’t ask for any payment information at sign up, so what have you got to lose? I know what you’ll lose if you don’t try it out: you’ll lose a real LEGIT chance at making passive income online and will only keep looking for SHINY objects that will mostly turn out to be scams.

So don’t miss this chance and…


I’ll see you on the other side and guide you through the training personally!

Til then, stay safe!!!

Your Friend,


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