Referral Pay Review – Ugly Scam Revealed!

Referral pay reviewWelcome to my Referral Pay review.

You’ve probably seen this program being promoted on social media and wanted to know whether it is legit or a scam, right? You may have questions like, how does it work? Will you you really make money with it? Do they pay out? Can you quit your job with that money?

Well, I’ll be answering all your questions in this review, right here, right now. I’m not associated with Referral Pay so know that this is going to be a completely honest and unbiased review, to help you make an informed decision.

But let me tell you that things don’t look good at all with Referral Pay.

Referral Pay At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring people to the site and other small tasks

Price: Free to Join

Do I recommend it?: NO! It’s A Scam!

What Is Referral Pay?

The home page for Referral pay says that you will be able to make $500 today by joining and starting to refer friends. Though it is possible to make that kind of money online, it is not easy. There is usually a lot of work required to make that kind of money every single day.

That’s the hyped up claim that actually got my alarm bells going.

So I started scrutinizing the page more in depth. It looks legit from a newbie standpoint and to tell you the truth, I would have probably fallen for this trap if I were a newbie too and didn’t know how the online world worked. The claims just seem too good to be true, right?

They will pay you $2 – $5 for every person that clicks on your link and $10 – $15 for each person that joins the program through your link. To me, that’s kind of a high payout for a lead/referral program, which set off even more alarm bells.

Now, instead of a professional website, Referral Pay just looks deceiving and you feel like there’s some kind of shady scheme going on. I actually found a few red flags that I will be sharing with you in just a moment, that also prove that Referral pay is a scam and that they are just not going to pay.

How Referral Pay Works

It’s pretty simple; they tell you to sign up, share your referral link on social media to get as many clicks and sign ups as possible. You’ll earn $2 – $5 per click and $10 – $15 per person that actually signs up and joins as your referral. They don’t tell us what the threshold to cash out is, but when you do reach it, you can cash out.

They will even pay you a bonus of $25 for a limited time when you sign up now.

This seems fairly simple, doesn’t it?

It is free to sign up and there don’t seem to be any upsells within the member’s area so your first question should be this: how can they pay me if nobody’s paying for anything?

Their explanation to this is that they have ads that pay them and you referring people will increase traffic, to then increase viewing and clicking of ads that brings them their revenue. In turn, they are able to get enough money to pay you for your efforts of referrals.

This seems to make sense, except for one thing. The pay for referrals is REALLY high, compared to other platforms. You see, if they are able to pay you $2 – $5 per click on your link, then how much are they actually charging for ad space? And that too, to make enough to PAY $10 – $15 for each person that signs up under your link too?

If you’re not familiar with how this works, let me clue you in. The fact is that advertisers will NEVER pay more than $1 per click because even Google Ads and Facebook Ads are charging less than that. So why would ANY advertiser pay over $5 for a single click?

And if Referral Pay is charging $1 per click, then how the heck can they pay you $2 – $5 for that same click?

My hunch is that these advertisers aren’t paying more than $1 per click and that Referral Pay will not pay you. Period. It’s exactly like another program that I reviewed some time ago, called Captcha Club.

Why It Won’t Work As Advertised – Some Red Flags

I’ve already exposed some of the red flags that I saw but digging deeper, here are others that I found that should be enough to convince you that this program is a scam.

1) Anonymous creator

No matter how many times I looked for information on the website about the creator of this program, I couldn’t find a name associated with it. There is an “About Us” page but it does not talk about the person that created it.

Although many people will tell you that the creators of such programs hide their identity because of privacy reasons, this just gives scammers a loophole to not get caught. What they do is create scam after scam and fool people.

As soon as the program gets busted, they create another similar scam and slap a new name on it, again, without revealing their identities. That’s how they are getting away with either wasting people’s money or time. I have a feeling that this is what’s happening here, especially when you take a look at the other red flags I found.

2) Viral Dollars or Referral Pay?

Looking at some of the other pages on the website, I saw “Viral Dollars” several times. Not knowing what it is about, I went to look for reviews on it and fair enough, the reviews were all negative, with people saying that they never got paid from the website.

So what possible correlation does Viral Dollars have with Referral pay?

Well, it’s just what I explained earlier; it’s a scammer that created Viral Dollars before Referral Pay and as soon as there were too many negative reviews, the program got changed to Referral Pay, so as to keep conning even more people. It’s the same person hiding behind both programs, if you ask me.

3) Calculator – How Much Money Can You Make?

So, they tell you that you’re going to earn $2 – $5 for every click on your click and $10 – $15 for each and every referral you get that signs up and creates an account with them. If I had 500 people clicking on my link, that should be a minimum of $1000, right?

Well, that’s not what the calculator tells you. As per their calculations, you’re only going to receive $118.

Isn’t that a big joke? If they can’t even do simple math, then is this a website that you want to trust and sign up for? They’re supposed to be professional, right? There’s nothing professional about this. This just proves even more that Referral pay is a scam.

Is Referral Pay A Scam?

In my very honest opinion, Referral Pay is a scam! Sure, you’re not paying anything to join the program and it’s not like you’re losing any money but you will be wasting for time. There is too much evidence that it will not work as advertised and that you’re not going to make money.

The home page is hyped up and tells you that you can make $500 today, but that’s a claim that I’ve seen too often. It takes a lot of work to reach $500 per day. That would mean actually getting 50 referrals PER DAY in order to make that happen, which is really hard if you’re a newbie.

The pay is unusually high to lure you to sign up so that THEY can make money. They say that they make money from ads that are seen and clicked on from the traffic that you send, which makes sense, but the amount they would be charging for letting advertisers place ads on their website would be lower than what they will pay you.

So how will they get the money to compensate you for your efforts? The answer is that they simply WON’T compensate you.

The other red flags seem to be proof of that; there is no way to contact the owner and support has been reported to be unreachable. The program has been rehashed from another scam called Viral Dollars, where people reported to have NOT been paid. Chances are, that’s how it’s going to work with Referral Pay too.

And then, you have the messed up calculator that can’t even tell you accurately how much you are supposed to be earning for each click.

I mean, come one! Open your eyes! If these are not signs of a scam, then I don’t know what is. You can do what you like of course but now you know why I do NOT recommend that you sign up for Refferral Pay.

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Your Friend,


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