Reward Dollars Review – Why Is A SCAM!

reward dollars review

Are you looking for an honest Reward Dollars review? Are you looking for honest information on how it works, whether it works and whether it pays out or not?

Then you’ve come to the right review.

I want to congratulate you for doing your research though, before signing up to this program, even if it is free. The truth is that you never know what they could be after.

I’ve reviewed similar programs for over 2 years now and I can tell you that there are a lot of things that are off about this program. If you’re considering trying to make money with this website, you should know about these red flags.

I think that once you know what Reward Dollars wants from you, that you will actually step away from the website like the plague. LOL

Reward Dollars At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn online by referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free but can cost you A LOT!

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a scam that will eventually get to your money. I’ve seen similar websites before that will lure you in with big payouts when they are never gonna pay.

What Is Reward Dollars?

It looks like if you want to make money using your social media accounts, then Reward Dollars is the place to go to do that. They claim to be the #1 Social Media Network that can make you $500 to $1000 each and every day.

It seems that all you have to do is to share your referral link, install mobile apps and complete surveys in order to earn with them. In other words, Reward Dollars is a GPT or get-paid-to type of website.

It is very similar to other websites like Swagbucks, Points Prizes and Prize Rebel. The only difference here is that they claim to you can make a thousand times more money everyday than those other legitimate sites.

That’s actually a red flag to me, because GPT websites NEVER pay a lot of money and if they are legitimate, they NEVER promise that you’ll make a certain amount of money at any time because it depends so much on your hard work.

Moreover, the amount of money that they promise is not typical of the GPT website. I mean, Swagbucks pays a few cents to maybe $1 at most for a survey of 15 – 40 minutes. It is impossible to make even $100 a day.

And what I have also noticed is that it is similar to so many other scammy websites that I’ve reviewed in the past, like Referral Pay, Tap 2 Earn, InboxDollar, Paid Leaf and Notion Cash.

That’s why I’m wondering whether or not Reward Dollars is a scam like the others or not. The red flags that I see definitely DO indicate a scam, but let’s take a look deeper in this, shall we?

How Reward Dollars Works

Even in my reviews of all the other kinds of websites that I have written about on this website, I try to take a look at the business model to see if it makes sense. Because that’s one of the biggest indicators of a scam.

When you understand the workings of how money is made on a website and whether or not this method will work for the long-term, then you can determine whether a website is a scam or not.

But from my research, it looks HORRIBLE for Reward Dollars. Nobody will make money with the website.

You see, from the home page of the website, you can scroll down until the find a list of FAQs and they tell you there that they get paid from “advertisers” when members complete a task and that this revenue is shared with you.

Sounds legit enough, because that’s how Swagbucks and the other GPT websites work too.

However, when I created a fake account and logged in, I saw that Reward Dollars is paying $50 per task, $20 per referral and $2 per click on your referral link! That’s really A LOT of money to pay for this kind of work.

When just about anybody can do a job, it drives the income down. Like people working at McDonalds; anybody can do this job without special qualifications. They get paid minimum wage. However, not everybody can do a doctor’s job, so the income is higher.

So, why would a job that just about anybody can do, pay so much within Reward Dollars? In my opinion, it’s a lure to get you to sign up because they are after something else. More on this later.

But what I want you to think about is how the money is coming in and how MUCH of it. If they are paying you $50 per task and still have to pay you for the referrals and the clicks, then don’t you think that they are charging $100 per task, then?

Also know that they probably have to pay their employees, website maintenance and so on.

Swagbucks and the others however, that have a proven track record, have actually been charging WAY less because the pay is much lower. So why would companies decide to partner up with a website like Reward Dollars when they can pay less somewhere else?

I seriously think that the big payout is a front and that there is a big catch! You’ll find out what it is below.

The Red Flags – They Indicate A Scam!

1) Unknown Creator

When you go to the ABOUT page, it does not really give you a lot of details on WHO is behind the program or what other company is behind it. Why do they want to remain so secretive?

The fact of the matter is that if a reputable person or company is behind this website, from what they say, then they should be proud to tell us who is behind Reward Dollars. That would increase trust and credibility, wouldn’t it?

But if they are hiding then it can only mean one thing; that they know they created something that will NOT work as advertised. That alone is a big sign of a scam.

The truth is that those programs with a hidden creator tend to be scams because the person behind them KNOWS that people will find out sooner or later and try to sue or fine them. So what better way to protect themselves than NOT letting us know who they are, right?

2) Lies about launch date

On the ABOUT page, the creators of Reward Dollars tell is that they’ve been around since year 2000. Well, it’s pretty easy to verify this claim.

I went to the WHOIS website, a trusted website when it comes to the registration date and updates made on a website, and guess what I found? That the website was only created YESTERDAY, Mar 30th 2020!

I mean, how dirty and low can these scammers get? That’s a HUGE lie to tell to your face because if the company really was around for as long as they said, then that would increase trust and credibility, right?

But this lie does the opposite for me; it tells me that the person or the group of people behind this can lie to you about ANYTHING just so they can suck everything out of you for their own gain.

3) Fake testimonials/income proof

Some people might now argue that well, people are receiving their money from Reward Dollars. So it must be legit. They have testimonials and payment proofs.

But no unfortunately. Now that we know that this website was only created yesterday, it’s impossible that people would be making tens of thousands of dollars within a day with this website.

Additionally, the payment proofs are all from BEFORE the website was even created but how is that really possible? How can anybody make money from a website that didn’t even exist before yesterday?

Moreover, a few days ago, I wrote a review on InboxDollar which is one of the names that appears on the payment proofs and they were fake even on that website. So how can they be real for Reward Dollars?

Oh and before I forget, let me also tell you that they claim to have paid out $6.7M. How could they have pulled this off in 1 day? What’s even more outrageous is that they claim to have paid out $59M on their ABOUT page.

So they don’t even know how much they paid out. LOL!

The truth is that nobody has actually gotten paid from Reward Dollars and that nobody will!

4) Fake address

All the way at the bottom of the Reward Dollars homepage, there’s an address: 20 Rollins Rd in Cotesfield.

However, when I conduct a Google search for this address, not even the exact address pops up. It’s actually 20 Rollins Rd, Alton Bay!

Additionally, it’s not even an address of an office or a building, but rather, it’s the address of a house! How can a company that claims to be around for 20 years be located in a HOUSE?

And what you should know is that this address was the same one that appeared for InboxDollar. So in the end, we now know that the same person is behind both programs. Who would choose the exact same address and make the same mistake, right?

5) BBB warning message

Now, remember I mentioned earlier that Reward Dollars was almost the same as Notion Cash? Well, I can draw the conclusion that it’s probably the same person who is behind both of them because both the creators are anonymous.

And this is what the BBB had to say about Notion Cash;

Snippet From The Website

You can read it in full HERE.

But anyways, as you can already guess, what the BBB says also relates to Reward Dollars. They say that these websites are created because they are after your personal information!

So anything like your name, your address, your email, your phone number, your date of birth! They are looking for this information in the hopes that people are going to use the same email and the same password as their Paypal and online banking accounts.

What they would then do is hack into those accounts and steal your money!

They could also sell your information to other scammers, spammers and hackers so they can scam you in other different ways. Additionally, they could even steal your identity with this kind of info.

So, is it worth the risk to sign up with Reward Dollars? I definitely don’t think so!

Is Reward Dollars A Scam?

Oh you already know what I’m going to say about Reward Dollars, right? Yes, it is a big scam that you should avoid like the PLAGUE if you want to protect yourself.

The truth is that it is a total of waste of time and energy. You will NOT get paid for your hard work.

There are just too many red flags and affiliation with other scams. I mean, the creator is unknown and the lies he tells are just too numerous! He lies about the launch date and fakes the testimonials and income proofs.

There’s also the fact that the business model does not make any sense. They would be charging companies almost 100 times more than other companies and companies wouldn’t want to do business with them.

So if nobody is doing business with them, then there’s no money coming in. There’s no money to then pay anybody, right?

That’s why I feel that the BBB had an accurate message because there’s just no way that they will pay people. Reward Dollars is looking for your personal data as that can be valuable to them.

It is very obvious now, from my point of view that Reward Dollars is a scam.

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Thanks for reading my Reward Dollars review. If you’ve had experience with this website, then please share it in the description below. We all want as many people as possible to speak up against this website so others know it’s a scam.

Lots of Love,


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