Review – Another Scammy GPT Site?

You’re here because somebody probably referred you to However, let me tell you upfront that this honest review will open your eyes.

It will open your eyes to the lies and deception that you will very often find online, especially in the make-money-online industry. At first, it really shocked me.

But as I wrote review after review on this website, I came to realize that there are many scams on the internet and very few programs that actually work as advertised.

Here, I will be showing you that RewardsFeed is definitely not one of those websites that deserve your trust.

RewardsFeed.Org At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer friends and complete tasks to make money

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a scam, in my opinion. There are just too many red flags and too many aspects of the website resemble those of other websites that I have already exposed as scams. A total waste of time!

What Is

RewardsFeed is a website that claims to pay you to refer your friends to the websites as well as to reward you for completing tasks. All you need is a smartphone but I’m pretty sure that you are able to also work using your computer or laptop.

However, there are a few things that seem a little weird to me.

The first, is that they are willing to pay you $25 as a sign up bonus, which is way higher than the industry average. For comparison, a legit website like Swagbucks will pay you only $5 as a sign up bonus.

Moreover, it just looks too similar to a website that I reviewed yesterday, called GoCashouts. I labelled it as a scam, by the way, so that does not spell good news for RewardsFeed at all.

And what’s more is that you cannot click on the TrustPilot or BBB Accredited signs to bring you to those websites so that we can verify their accreditation and real reviews.

Everything I just mentioned, contributes to RewardsFeed being suspicious at best and a scam at worst.

But let me show you how the business model works in order to figure out how they make and spend money. That in itself will say a lot.

How Works

The way that RewardsFeed works is similar to how a lot of other legitimate GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites work. Other companies becomes partners with RewardsFeed so that RewardsFeed can send workers to complete tasks.

However, what really boggles my mind is the amount of money that RewardsFeed claims to pay for each task.

After I created a fake account and signed in, they tell me that each task would pay me $25-$75 and that each referral that uses my referral link to sign up will earn me $15.

With other legitimate GPT websites, you get paid over 10 times LESS than what RewardsFeed is paying and that poses a big problem.

With RewardsFeed being a fairly new website, as compared to Swagbucks, why would anybody pay 10 times more with RewardsFeed for a task that costs considerably less with Swagbucks? And where Swagbucks is more reputable too?

Nobody, right?

So if there aren’t any companies that are partnered with RewardsFeed, where is the pay coming from? If there are no partners, there will be no pay, right?

That’s one big way of understanding whether a business model makes sense; it is to analyze the business as a whole, to determine where the money is coming from and where the money is going.

Moreover, you also have to think about where the money to pay you the bonus and the referrals is coming from. It certainly won’t come out of their pockets and it certainly isn’t coming from any partnered company. It won’t come at all!

Reasons I Consider This A Scam!

1) Unknown creator

When a company says it is outside the norm of the industry, they need to try harder to appear legitimate. And one of the things that they will do is to give plenty of information on either the creator of the company or the parent company.

But with RewardsFeed, there’s none of that.

And the fact that it is almost identical to GoCashouts says a lot! It shows you that the person or people behind RewardsFeed exists to create scam after scam, without regard for the amount of time lost and frustration it is causing others.

In my experience, the scammers remain unknown because they obviously don’t want to be caught. They don’t want to pay a fine and they don’t want to go behind bars. Moreover, they want to make more money by creating more scams.

I definitely think that RewardsFeed is one of them!

2) Recently launched website

A website that has been around for years and years tends to be legitimate because it keeps making money. It keeps attracting people to it and keeps attracting customers. It means that the business model is sustainable.

But with a business model that is NOT sustainable with RewardsFeed, and moreover, because the scammer created it less than a year ago in May 2020, this website is going to probably disappear in about a year.

That’s because the website will no longer be profitable once everybody finds out it’s a scam and the investment won’t bring any profit.

I’m not saying that every new website is a scam because that’s not how it works. All I’m saying is that considering all the red flags on this website, in addition to it being a new website, something seems VERY off.

3) No clear testimonials/payment proofs

GPT websites require a lot of time for little pay and I’m sure that you are aware of this too. That’s why you are looking for a website that will pay you more per task and landed on RewardsFeed, right?

Well, that’s the exact reason that these kinds of websites will post proofs of payment, to show you that it does not matter whether you spend a little time or a lot of time on the website, they will pay you as soon as you reach the minimum required.

But that’s not the case here with RewardsFeed. There is no proof of payment anywhere on the website or on the internet. On the contrary, there seem to be a line of bad reviews that’s following this company.

Taking both of those into consideration, I don’t think that RewardsFeed has ever paid anybody and neither will they pay.

4) Fake Truspilot Ratings

Remember how I told you that the Trustpilot reviews at the bottom of the website was not a clickable link? Well, it is still possible to check the real reviews by going to the Trustpilot website and looking for RewardsFeed.

That’s what I did and here is what I found;

That RewardsFeed actually only has a 3-star rating (well, it should be 1-star really, but I think that Trustpilot starts everybody off with 5 star and the two 1-star ratings on there are bringing down the average to 3) and not a 5-star rating, as per the website.

So you can see that they are totally lying to you. Moreover, these are the most real reviews of the website that you are going to find, not the testimonials you find on their website.

Those testimonials are very often fake because they are actors and the scammers paid them, or there is a task inside of the website that asks people to post a positive review and people do it because they think they’re gonna get paid.

Don’t get caught in this!

Is RewardsFeed Worth It?

If you’ve read this review from the beginning up until this point, then you already know what I’m going to say about RewardsFeed; that there is no way I’m recommending it. RewardsFeed is a total ripoff, a scam and a waste of time.

There are just too many red flags to contend with, as well as the lies and the negative reviews on Truspilot.

It also looks too similar to websites that I have already exposed as scams, so that’s not a good sign when it comes to the legitimacy of RewardsFeed. That alone should already be a warning sign.

Moreover, if it is the same person behind all of those websites, including RewardsFeed, then what makes you think that the creator changed his mind and will start paying you now when he never did in the past?

I really think that it’s time to open your eyes to reality and to say no to joining RewardsFeed.

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