Review – The BBB Says It’s A Scam!

Welcome to my very honest (To God!) review.

You’re here because somebody probably told you about SantaCash as a way to make some money online. Maybe you lost your job or your employer cut down your hours (and I’m so sorry that it happened) and now, you’re looking for a way to earn online.

But it’s not a reason to believe everything that you see on the internet, or to jump into an opportunity that you THINK will make you a ton of money.

The truth is that the internet is a very dark place, especially in the make-money-online industry. In my over 3 years being online and exposing scams, I found that there were many more scams compared to real products that work.

And I’m sad to say that this review will reveal to you that SantaCash is one of those programs, one that does NOT deserve your trust. At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: To earn money online referring friends and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a scam in my opinion, because there are too many aspects of the website that are EXACTLY the same as a program recognized as fraudulent by the BBB.

What Is SantaCash?

SantaCash claims to be a website that will pay you $300 today! What a marvellous amount of money, right? You’ll be able to earn this kind of money by using your existing social media accounts.

All you have to do is refer others through social media, or any other way that you possibly can, as well as to complete tasks inside the members’ area in order to earn. Easy peasy!

Though you are probably thinking that you finally found the website that will make your online fortune, I’ll have to burst your bubble. The truth is that there just are too many red flags when I analyzed this website.

And one of them is that SantaCash is doing something illegal by guaranteeing a certain amount of earnings that you can make. That in itself, is a sign of a suspicious website at best!

If it was that easy to make money online, then everybody would be quitting their traditional jobs. $300 per day is 2 – 3 times the amount of money made by the average American. So even Americans would be quitting their jobs!

But that’s not what’s happening, right? People are losing their jobs, then their belongings, their cars, their homes. Why isn’t this website taking them out of their misery?

That’s because the website simply either does not work as advertised or does not pay out, period!

How SantaCash Works – Model That Makes No Sense

The best way to try and figure out whether a website is a scam or not is by analyzing how the business earns money and how they spend it. If it makes sense, then it might perhaps be legit despite the red flags.

But that’s not what we find with SantaCash.

I actually created a fake account and signed in and guess what? I earned a $25 sign up bonus. Sweet considering that I’m probably never gonna get paid that bonus, LOL! Because $25 is WAY over the industry average.

Next, is that I will receive $10 per referral, which is a little over industry average too, especially when it comes to free websites!

And what shocked me most is that they’re paying you $30 per task that you complete, which is 10+ times the amount that other legitimate websites will actually pay you.

Now through that whole process, I didn’t pay ANYTHING! Sure, this might be a good sign, but if the referrer pays nothing, then where is the money coming from to pay me?

The only possible explanation is that SantaCash is overcharging its partners. You know, the partners that they so proudly talk about, like Burger King and Amazon.

But that’s what really boggles my mind; if SantaCash is paying you 10+ times industry average, then they must be charging their partners 10+ times too! And what company looking to make a profit will pay that much, especially when there are other more reputable alternatives out there, like Swagbucks?

The conclusion that I can draw from this is that there are no partners. And if there are no partners, SantaCash makes no money. And that means SantaCash pays nobody.

Reasons to Stay Away! – Too Many Red Flags

1) Unknown creator

If you can’t figure out who created a particular website, an individual or a company, then it’s best to stay away from it, unless the website has proved otherwise.

Obviously, SantaCash does NOT have a proven track record and the identity of the creator or creators remains hidden. So if you can’t perform research on how trustworthy the people behind the website are, then how can you trust what they say?

In my experience, those that choose to remain hidden are most probably scammers. That’s because they know they created a website that will not work as advertised and that is going to get people angry. They don’t want to deal with the backlash.

And most importantly, they don’t want to deal with the fines, the jail time and the stain on their name.

Most of the time, they will remain hidden for those reasons, as well as to be able to create multiple scams and so we don’t catch them, all the while making more and more money.

2) No testimonials or proofs of payments

No matter how much you look through the website, you will not find any payment proofs or testimonials. And that’s a very bad sign.

What’s the reason they’re not posting them? There could be several and here is the reason that I think is most probable.

I think that they’re not posting any proofs or testimonials because they just didn’t pay anybody, as simple as that! Just look at the number of members that they claim to have; 550,000 members on this website and still no payment proofs?

That’s something that hits me as fishy and VERY suspicious.

3) Same address as another fraudulant website (Kids earn money on the BBB)

You may already know that I am not new in the make-money-online industry. In fact, I have been exposing scams and helping people make money online for over 3 years!

And one of the websites that I exposed as a scam was Notion Cash. Notion Cash works similarly to SantaCash; the layout of the website is similar, the claims they make are similar and even the kind of work is similar.

But the bad news is that the BBB website found Notion Cash to be a scam, along with another similar website called Kids Earn Money. So if you CLICK HERE to go to the BBB website, you will find that the address for Notion Cash and Kids Earn Money is the same as SantaCash.

And that is one of the biggest indicators that SantaCash is most probably a scam too.

4) @cash_santa has like no followers on Twitter

I already mentioned that SantaCash claims to have around 550,000 members on the website, right? So you would kind of assume that they would have many followers on social media, whichever platform they use.

Well, they advertised Twitter and that’s what I looked into. I almost fell out of my chair with laughter while writing this review because this is what I saw on their Twitter profile.

They only have 3 followers! Really? For a website that boasts 550K members, 3 followers on Twitter with NO posts whatsoever is pretty concerning, right?

It makes no sense that they have so many members, yet have a non-existent following on their social media accounts.

And the reason for that, I’m sure, is that SantaCash is a scam.

Is SantaCash A Scam?

Oh I think I made myself pretty clear over the course of this review. Don’t you think now that SantaCash is a scam, just as much as me?

There are just too many things that don’t add up; the unknown creator we can’t even research, the fact that there are no testimonials or payment proofs despite having over 550K members.

The fact that they have almost no following on Twitter and having the address as other fraudulent websites are all reasons to stay away from SantaCash.

Moreover, there’s also the business model to consider. It does not make any sense and there isn’t any website that will stay around for long with such a flimsy business model.

No company would pay 10 times the average to get tasks done when they could be charged much less elsewhere for the same kind of work, from a more reputable website.

That’s why, in all honestly, I think that you should stay away from SantaCash. It would just be a total waste of time and energy for you.

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