Second Income Center Review – Pyramid in Disguise?

Second Income Center review

You’re probably looking for an honest Second Income Center review, is that right?

Well, congratulations on finding it and for doing your research. I want to say that you’re one of the very few who actually do their homework before jumping into a program. That’s how most people get scammed.

Because let’s face it; there are more scams than there are actual good programs for making money online nowadays. That’s why it’s so hard to actually find one that works and that will actually make you money.

And you’re probably wondering about Second Income Center and whether this program can help make your life better, right? Look no further than this review right here because all the secrets of the program is about to be exposed.

Let’s get started!

Second Income Center At A Glance


Owner: Jeff Lerner



Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Second Income Center?

What is so weird is that I actually signed up with my email and was immediately brought to another website called, where there was a sales video. The hub for other work came separately and the links didn’t work.

So this led me to believe that the program with the sales video was the one that was being primarily promoted, so this is the direction that this review is going to take.

Jeff narrates the video and tells us SOME things about the program, but didn’t you notice that he told us some things that at the end, we don’t really know what the program is about? How it works? How you make money and what the products are?

I mean, yeah, he tells us that you’ll be able to make a full time income from home with this system and quit the job that you hate. He tells us that people with little to no experience are making over $10K per week with his program.

There is no experience needed and the program is laid out step-by-step so that even you, as a newbie, are able to become successful with his program.

The good thing here is that Jeff is actually a real person but that doesn’t always mean that the program is going to be good.

I mean, he talks about another program called 6 Steps to Freedom, which, with some research, actually turns out to be the program that the video and this website is promoting. So there isn’t really a program called Second Income Center, nor Digital Business Kick-started.

One thing I must say though is that I found a red flag and that’s the fact that the website, that appeared at the bottom of the video testimonials actually does not exist anymore. So are people really making any money at all?

Additionally, if money could be made online so easily, then more people would have been doing it, right? You’d have been hearing of people quitting their jobs and living the good life, but that’s not what’s happening.

People are more in debt now than they have ever been. So what’s the catch?

How Does It Work? – Not As Advertised, I Can Say THAT!

To tell you the truth, I’ve already reviewed 6 Steps to Freedom on this website and let me tell you that what I found out about the program was not pretty. One thing is for sure; it’s going to work in a way that you never expected so pull up your socks.

The thing is that I’ve already seen another website promoting 6 Steps to Freedom just like Second Income Center, called The Freedom Shortcut. So you can say that they’re both misleading because they are NOT their own systems.

The first question you should ask is why promote this program using different names and different websites, if 6 Steps to Freedom has its own website, right?

Well, the answer is that there is something BIG that Jeff is hiding and that’s the fact that 6 Steps To Freedom works like a pyramid.

You see, he might be advertising this program as an affiliate program and you could make some money if you promote it but the fact remains that the ONLY way to make money with the program is to RESELL it. There’s no retail side.

An affiliate marketer makes money from the sales of other people’s products but does NOT have to buy the product in order to promote it. But with 6 Steps to Freedom, there are various levels you need to buy to make money from them.

Additionally, though there may be some good training on how to promote products and stuff online, you do NOT have a choice but to become part of the EARNING pyramid, whether you want to promote the program or not.

But as you can see, when you’re selling something through affiliate marketing, let’s say a basketball, the customer buys it and they’re on their way, without becoming part of the scheme.

Companies should be paying YOU for your advertising efforts and NOT charging you to have the right to sell their items, at least, not from an affiliate marketing stand-point.

This reminds me a lot of another program that was shut down by the FTC some time ago, called MOBE. It operated much the same way as 6 Steps to Freedom. If you do decide to join this program, then you run the risk of losing the business and all your investments, should it be shut down too.

There really must be something wrong with the business model if a similar program got shut down, right?

How Much Does It Cost? – Your Pockets Won’t Be Deep Enough

You know about the $49 that Jeff asks in return for “full access (that’s not really full access)” to the program, right? Well, guess what? It’s actually a little dent to get you through the door to the SPENDING realm.

That’s because there are levels that will cost you $10,000 in order to qualify to earn from them.

And that’s not even because you’re gonna get value that will amount to that much money, but it’s only for the privilege of EARNING more for each sale. That’s how you’re able to make such high commissions in the first place.

If you don’t buy into those high-ticket levels, then you’re going to miss out on commissions when your referrals DO upgrade to those levels themselves. Like I mentioned earlier, you need to BUY into the levels to qualify to earn from them.

And do you know how MOBE actually manipulated people to sign up for those high-ticket offers? It’s using 1-on-1 coaches. That’s why I got so worried when I came to know that there would be coaches with this program too.

The coaches working for MOBE would actually be salespeople. They would answer your questions but also subtly use their sales skills to SELL you other more expensive packages.

They made ridiculous promises, such as people being able to double their money within a month and being able to pay the whole debt back and making promises that success is guaranteed with their program.

And people actually fell for it.

They got themselves into thousands and thousands of dollars of debt and when MOBE got shut down, the same people, those that ended up joining in the end, lost all their chances of making that money back.

Now they’re stuck with the debt until they pay it off.

Just imagine this happening when you paid your $10K to 6 Steps to Freedom. There’s just too much risk with joining the program that is too similar to one that was shut down for its malpractices.

Is Second Income Center A Scam?

It really depends on your point of view, to be honest.

Some people will say that this is a scam because it is misleading. There you were, thinking that it was going to be a hub to find a side or part-time job, when really, the person behind the website wanted to lead you to the expensive program that is 6 Steps to Freedom.

For their own financial gain, obviously, because they would be part of the program and an affiliate too. They would benefit financially if you did decide to sign up for the program.

Then, you have the fact that this works like a pyramid scheme. Sure, you could learn a lot from the lessons, but at the end of the day, the only way to make money with this program is to promote it to others. There are no retail products.

Additionally, you have to take into consideration that there are so many other similar programs that were shut down by the FTC, like MOBE and DA. If those were shut down and 6 Steps to Freedom works exactly the same, then it’s a risk, right?

Even if the program did work, you would be PAYING to promote products when affiliate marketing  should really be vendors paying YOU for your advertising efforts. This makes 6 Steps to Freedom NOT part of affiliate marketing.

You’d be paying so much, yet won’t really be receiving a ton of value for your money. It’s really only for the privilege of EARNING more since you “invested” more. That’s what would make this business attractive, without taking into consideration of what’s ethical or not, and its consequences.

And since many people are not able to really afford the higher pricing, a very little number of people will actually sign up It’s much more difficult to market a higher-priced product.

You surely cannot forget about the so-called 1-on-1 advisors or coaches either, right? They’ll make sure to suck out every last penny that you have.

At this time, it’s really up to you whether you want to be part of Second Income Center / 6 Steps to Freedom but in my opinion, you should stay away from it because there are better and way safer alternatives to making money online.

Why Don’t You Quit Chasing Shiny Programs And Let Me Actually Help You?

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Thanks for reading my Second Income Center review. If you’ve had any experience with the website or with 6 Steps to Freedom, let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear of them!

Lots of Love,


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