Secret Affiliate Website Review – Will You Make $937 Per Day?

I was stunned to have come across a system that promised you could be making $937 per day, which translated to $1000 per day in my mind. I was almost convinced that it was going to be a scam, because most of the programs that I have reviewed in the past that promised such an outrageous income, were scams and low-quality products.

In this Secret Affiliate Website Review, I will be using my experience and my knowledge of the online world to analyze what’s going on within this sales video. I make some assumptions within this review, based on what I have seen in the past and by no means translates what’s inside the program.

I have not purchased the program and thus, I cannot say exactly what’s inside. I formulate my opinions by making use of my knowledge and experiences only.

At A Glance

Name: Secret Affiliate Website


Owner: ??

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing

Price: $17

Do I Recommend it?: No… Read on to find out why

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What is Secret Affiliate Website?

Secret Affiliate Website features a spokesperson telling you about how he makes money doing affiliate marketing. Like the big websites such as Facebook, Google and Twitter make money, so are other smaller websites. He explains affiliate marketing as promoting products and sharing links, where if visitors buy through this link, you make a cut of the sale.

He also explains that this method is what is bringing him $937 each and every day. According to him, the big problem is that for each affiliate program, you need a website, and if one affiliate program makes you $100 a month and you want to make $5000, then logic says that you would need to create 50 websites per month.

Each website will need reviews, logos, hosting, domains and much more. Who has enough time and money to do that? Nobody right? That’s where he claims that the Secret Affiliate Website comes in to the rescue; each website takes 2 minutes to set up. You won’t need any writing, design or coding, domain or hosting. All you need is to copy and paste a few links.

There are literally 3 steps to follow to become successful;

1) Setup your secret websites

2) Plug into the secret traffic source

3) Start to collect your commissions

As proof that his system works, he launched a new campaign using his own system and was able to generate $105 within a few hours. And about 3 days later, he had made over $500.

With this kind of proof, then the system has got to work like he says right? Let’s see if that’s how it works.

Why I Think Signing Up is A Risk

I did not sign up with the program, but I can already tell you that there are some things that simply do not make sense within the video. There are also a lot of scammy tactics that I catch, based on other product reviews that I have written in the pasr. Mind you, I have been analyzing these make-money-online programs and scams for over 9 months now.

1) The spokesperson does not present himself

To begin, I find that it is very suspicious that the spokesperson does not present himself. We don’t know who he is. Scammers will present themselves using fake names or pen names but I would not advise that you trust any program where you can’t verify the creator.

Most well-known affiliate marketers, you will be able to google their names and find some information about them, either their pictures will be consistent, other people will talk about them and they will be very active on social media.

However, if you encounter a name that you have not heard of before, you Google them and you find no information and there’s also nobody else who is talking about them, then chances are, it’s a fake name or a pen name.

The reason why scammers like using fake names or pen names, is that when people realize their program does not work or that they are scams, these scammers can then use a different name to present a whole new product. Nobody would know that they are affiliated with both and thus, people keep falling for those scams.

That’s the reason it is hard to catch scammers.

Bottom line; don’t trust a name that is not verifiable.

2) Amount of money made for less work

This system looks like it requires a few minutes of work and you’ll be set up to making the big commissions. $500 within 3 days, that’s crazy!

And that’s exactly why you should not be trusting this scammer! Money can be made with affiliate marketing and two most common ways to make it work, is either to create a website and learn how to optimize it for the search engines, or to create the website and get people to it by buying Ads.

If you are a newbie, I would not recommend that you dabble in Ads (which is probably what’s going to be taught here to drive visitors) because of the fact that you being inexperienced is going to cause you to burn money very fast. You don’t know how to optimize your ads enough to make the most of your investment.

Additionally, investing on Ads will get you visitors to your website, but you don’t know how many of those visitors are actually going to convert and buy from you. With ads, you are spending with no guarantee of making a dime.

The best way to go, is through optimizing your websites to be found on the search engines. Results take longer to be seen (financially-speaking), but this is a free way to get visitors to your website. There is virtually NO risk at all!

3) Every affiliate program needs a website, says he

That’s the biggest lie of this video! You DON’T need a website for each and every affiliate program. But you need a website for each NICHE. There is a difference.

An affiliate program is where you apply with a company to be given the right to promote their products. You can mostly apply to become an affiliate for free. Once you are approved, you are given the materials to be able to promote the products effectively. For example, if you sell make-up, you could apply to become an affiliate for Estee Lauder and CoverGirl at the same time.

A niche is a TOPIC of interest, it’s what your website will generally be about. It’s usually a problem that needs to be solved (and that can be solved in more than one way). For example, if your favourite hobbies are golf and high-heel shoes, these are two completely separate NICHES and would require separate websites.

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4) A word about setting up websites

An actual website is what you see here; my website. You are able to navigate through it, look for information on other topics by navigating through different links on this page and the main menu at the top, or even the sidebar menu.

However, this website did not take me 2 minutes to set up. A real website takes time to build up. You can create a website, put a name to it and you’re done, but that’s never going to get you visitors, or money. A website that actually helps people in different areas and provides solutions to your visitors takes time to create.

That’s the reason that I think that the “websites” that this person is talking about, are going to be “landing pages” or “squeeze pages”. Those pages are meant to push your visitors to take certain actions, which in the case of this program, will be to convince them to buy the products you promote as an affiliate.

Well, let me clear some things up for you; sure this could work, you could make some money here and there, but the best results are achieved when you actually build a relationship with your readers. When you show them value and give them solutions to their problems (rather than just directing them to a page convincing them directly to buy something), is what will make you more trusted, then make you more money.

People don’t want to be sold to. People get turned off and are skeptical about these things. Many are even skptical to give out their emails nowadays, so a landing page or squeeze page that’s not properly pre-meditated and asking for their credit-card number, is not going to bring in much revenue for you. This is not the right way to tackle affiliate marketing.

5) The secret traffic source

To be honest, I have seen other scammy products talk about a SECRET traffic source all too often, and most of the time it has been either Ads or free ways to get people to your websites, such as through social media and forums.

When it comes to Ads, they might show you how to do Solo Ads, which is buying the right to promote to other people’s lists through emails. Some other ad forms are through Facebook and Google Adsense. Some others could be banner Ads. There are tons of ways that they could teach you to do Ads to get traffic.

But watch out, because they could even take your money directly and promise you to create Ads on your behalf and send people to you. All they’ll actually do is take most of your money to make more money themselves and pay people pennies to Pay-to-click on your links. Naturally, these people are paid to click on your links and will not buy anything.

Either way, you can now see that there is nothing special about this “secret” traffic source.

6) No sneak-peak of what’s inside

This is another fact that is common. Most scammers will deliberately not tell you what’s inside their program and use words to emotionally push you to buy the system. They promise you that you’ll be able to quit your job, go on vacations, pay your debts, and become financially free and live the life of your dreams.

Then once you pay and get inside, the system is not as described. You are bombarded with upsells as soon as payment goes through, even though you are told you can get in at a low, one-time payment. There’s always more money involved and not enough information for you to succeed.

At the point of the sales video, because there isn’t a lot of information to go on for reviewers like myself, we are forced to buy the products to review them. This is a way for scammers to make money too, on top of conning others that have no knowledge of the online world.

If they gave up information on how their systems worked within the sales video, many reviewers would be able to pick up on the black-hat techniques, the techniques that don’t work, outdated information and so on. This would not require reviewers to buy the product and thus, limiting the income for the scammers.

Concluding This Secret Affiliate Website Review

Based on my experience and the information that I was able to grab from the sales video, I do not recommend that you sign up for the Secret Affiliate Website system. There are just too many scammy tactics that are used to lure you into buying it and not information for you to know how the system actually works.

This is also a ClickBank product which means that the chances of it being low-quality or an outright scam, is very HIGH! ClickBank does not have a way of filtering them out at this time and the scams just keep coming one after the other. There’s also so much hype about the income and a few lies as well within the video that I don’t feel comfortable with.

If this person is okay lying to your face before you even buy anything, then what tells you that they are going to be ethical with you throughout the system? Remember, these get-rich-quick schemes all want to get as much money as possible from you and to disappear overnight, as soon as they are exposed as being scams.

Please, be very cautious about this program. If you have purchased it within the past few days and don’t want it anymore, I would highly recommend that you contact ClickBank as soon as you can for a refund. They have a 60-day money back guarantee that they firmly stand by.

The RIGHT Way to Tackle Affiliate Marketing

It is the way that I am doing affiliate marketing; by creating a fully-fledged website of my own, creating trust with my readers by giving them exceptional, genuine information and by providing a solution to their problems. This is the right way to make money doing affiliate marketing.

In order to help you start with your online affiliate marketing journey, I have put together a FREE guide that will help you step-by-step with setting up your website, with steps that will explain how you can create trust with your readers and even training on how to optimize your website to be found on the search engines.

I promise to also get you in touch with the same training platform, tools and community that I have used to create my online business. Unlike these so called “gurus” and make-money schemes, I am providing you this guide FOR FREE along with my FREE 6-Day Course that you can follow, to try affiliate marketing to see if it is something that you are willing to take to the next level.

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I’m sure you’ll learn a lot by going through my guide and my course. I hope to see you on the other side.

Your Friend,


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