Secret Millionaire Bot Review – Real Deal or Loads of Bull?

Welcome to my Secret Millionaire Bot review.

This is another Clickbank product that is all the craze right now and you’ve probably landed on this review because you’re looking for more information on the program. Are you wondering whether it is a legit or a scam? Is it as good as the video claims? Will you make a ton of money with it?

Well, my honest review will be answering all those questions for you. I will not beat around the bush and will give you my honest opinion of the program based on my experience with making money online. By reading until the end, you’ll know exactly whether this program is a good fit for you.

Another thing before we get started; I DO NOT promote this program so expect this to be an unbiased review.

Let’s get started!

Secret Millionaire Bot At A Glance


Owner: Charles Allen

Purpose: Make money on Instagram

Price: $37+

Do I Recommend It?: Nuh uhh!

What Is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Charles says that you have to consider yourself as one of the lucky few that have been able to get an invitation to watch the presentation. The sales page says that the access to the bot will be removed as of midnight on Saturday 16th March and guess what? Today, we are the 19th…

I have seen too many of those videos claiming to be by invitation only and the truth is that these tactics are used to make you feel like this is an opportunity that should not be missed at any cost and to pressure you into buying.

Seeing as it is still available after the deadline is proof enough that they are going to let as many people in as possible to make more money.

But anyways, Charles tells you that this program will make you money on autopilot, at the push of a button. Apparently, the bot he created is so smart that it can identify a lucrative money-making opportunity on the internet and replicate it for you, so you can make money from it too.

All the hard work is done for you and all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax and watch the money pour in.

Yeah, as if! The problem with these videos is that they make earning money online sound like it’s so easy and that there isn’t much work involved when that’s not really the case. Talk to any ethical and successful online marketer and they’ll tell you that it takes time and work for online business to work.

Sure, there are some aspects of the online business that can be automated but you still need to manage the business. If making money online were as easy as Charles claims, then many people would have quit their jobs already and there wouldn’t have been anybody on earth struggling to make ends meet. The thing is that this is not reality!

I’m sure that going through the red flags as well as the inside of the program with you, you’ll be able to see how Charles is conning people.

Red Flags! Warning! Mayday!

I have reviewed over 200 programs on this website and probably half of them are from Clickbank. Unfortunately, there are a few red flags with Secret Millionaire Bot that match the red flags of other similar products on there. That spells bad news fo what’s to come within the program.

1) Charles Allen – Who Is He?

If I were to ask you who Charles Allen was, would you be able to answer me? Yea, you might probably go along the lines of “He is the creator of Secret Millionaire Bot.” And that would be true, in some ways. But what can you really tell me about him?

Can you prove that that’s his real name? Can you prove that he is a real person? Can you prove that’s the amount of money that he has made or have these proofs been falsified?

Well, I have the “proper” answer for you.

You see, “Charles Allen” is nothing more than a pen name/fake name. How do I know? Well scroll all the way down and read the last disclaimer. It says that the creator of the program is using a pen name. Now why would that be necessary? Let me tell you why!

That’s because this person does NOT exist at all. The great advantage of using pen names for creators is that they can create multiple different programs and use a new pen name each time. That way, if the program turns out to be a scam, there is no way to really pursue them, right?

That’s the reason why most scammers can’t be tracked down and stopped. Knowing that now, would you believe anything that he says in the video at all? I’m having a really hard time to believe anything he says now because for all we know, if he is lying about his identity then he could be lying about everything else.

2) Testimonials – Real or Fake?

Testimonials are important because they provide first-hand user report on the use of the program and whether or not it really works as advertised. That’s why creators like “Charles”, if we can even call him that, need testimonials to prove that the program is making others money.

But what if I told you that these testimonials are completely fake?

Yes, they are, unfortunately. These are all paid actors from a freelance website called Fiverr so these people have never used the program before and are just reading and acting out a script given to them by “Charles”. Check out their profiles below.

Sure, they could be presenting the testimonials for other people, but you were never told they were testimonial portrayals, were you? You were made to believe that these are the real users of the program. So what does that say about Charles?

That he meant to mislead you from the very beginning.

3) The Deadline Breached – What Does It Mean?

We now come to an interesting catch and that’s the deadline at the top of the sales page. It says here that the program would be closed on March 16th and today, it’s March 19th. How then can I still access the video and sign up for the program?

Oh by the way, the video didn’t really mention a date where the doors would be closed. So what’s happening here?

This is just a sales tactic called scarcity. Used ethically, this technique can be effective to make your customers aware of how many spots and how much time is left to sign up for something. But in this case, it is not used ethically. You can already tell because we are past the deadline already.

So basically, they used fake scarcity to make people think that there is a deadline when there really isn’t. Come back to the sales page tomorrow or even the day after and you’ll see that the sales page will still be up. That’s just a pressure tactic to get you to sign up out of fear and to get to your money.

4) Social Feeds – Are They Really Live?

Scrolling further down on the page, we can see that the page seems to be connected to Facebook and Twitter, where people seem to be talking about the program as if it’s the next best thing. But have you actually tried to click on them, like them or share them?

If you do, nothing will actually happen. You can’t comment or ask questions or share anything. Even going to Facebook and Twitter, I’m pretty sure that you won’t even find a group for Secret Millionaire Bot. I sure didn’t find any. So this Live social proof is just there to con you and to make you believe that people are buying this program and making money.

Well, that’s just not true!

I’m starting to wonder whether there’s anything that real or true on this sales page/sales

5) The Disclaimer – Shocking Reveal!

That’s a big one!

If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see the income and liability disclaimers. Just briefly go through them and you’ll find that the disclaimers are for another program called Easy Insta Profits, that I have reviewed a few months ago. So now we know that the creator of Secret Millionaire Bot is also the same for Easy Insta Profits.

But there’s a problem, because the name of the creator for Easy Insta Profits was supposedly Mike Richards. So do you see the disconnect? Do you see what I mean by creators using the pretext of “pen names” to remain anonymous? It changes each time even though they created those products.

The Training – Inside The Member’s Area

When you get to the member’s area, there are apparently 4 steps that you need to go through before getting to the training.

Step 1 – Watch the welcome video, which is a walk-through and overview of the program and the training.

Step 2 – Sign up for a free Webinar, which turns out to be John Crestani’s Super Affiliate system

Step 3 – Claim your free website, which really isn’t free at all. You’ll get a free domain name but you’ll need to still purchase hosting and security packages, that are going to cost you over $140 for 1 year.

Step 4 – Grab their highly recommended product, which is none other than another clickbank product, called BulletProof Profits. It’s not bad but there are a lot of links and trainings that don’t work within this program.

I don’t recommend you get these programs though. Steps 2 – 4 aren’t steps that are necessary at all to be honest with you. Those are just upsells and offers that are being promoted to you so that the creator of the program can make more money.

The main training itself is not entirely bad and it is geared towards showing you how to make money using Instagram, much like Easy Insta Profits. I have a feeling that the training videos are the same too (I remember only hazily because I didn’t take a picture of the inside of Easy Insta Profits at the time) and Secret Millionaire Bot might actually have been reshashed.

Most of videos are under 10 minutes long, a few even being at the 3 minute mark. As a result, I have to say that the training is LARGELY inadequate for you if you are a newbie. There isn’t enough information and the information that’s there is way too general.

Having the experience that I do with making money online, I have to tell you that you’re not going to make a big sum of money any time soon, because as with anything new, there will be a learning curve. And the training not being adequate, that is going to affect how soon you’ll make money.

And don’t forget that seeing as the training is lacking, you’ll probably need to find training elsewhere, causing you to spend even more money. I just don’t think that this program will get you to where Charles says you can be within the sale video. The training does not deliver as promised.

Oh and by the way, I didn’t find a BOT. The closest think to a BOT that can make money automatically for you, where you still need to work really hard, is Done-for-you traffic that you need to BUY at $497 as an upsell. And that too, I wouldn’t trust the kind of traffic that Charles will send you because he has lied about most things so far.

Seriously, don’t get conned by this program.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam?

It really depends on what you consider to be a scam.

Some people might not actually say that this program is a scam because you are paying and getting something in return. Additionally, there is also a money-back guarantee with Clickbank so if you’re unsatisfied with the program, you can always request a refund and there would be no loss.

However, others might call this program a scam due to its deceptive and misleading tactics. The creator of the program hides his identity, he gives you fake/paid testimonials, the social proof for Facebook and Twitter are fake.

And the disclaimers prove that this creator might actually not have your best interest at heart because of his involvement with another program, where his name was different. This proves that this creator is probably a serial creator of programs and that he has no interest to help you. He wants to make more money off of you.

Additionally, the training is nothing to call home about either. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the same training as what was within Easy Insta Profits so it’s a rehashed program. There’s nothing new to be found here and is definitely not worth the price.

One last thing; because of the lack of training and missing information, I wouldn’t recommend this training for a newbie. And even if you’re experienced, I don’t think that you’ll benefit largely from this training. Not enough to be worth the $37 anyway.

So I do not recommend Secret Millionaire Bot, because there is NO bot at all. Keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet.

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