Secret Online Goldmine Review – Is It A Money-Sucking Scam?

Secret online Goldmine review

Welcome to my Secret Online Goldmine review.

You’ve probably been promoted this program from social media or maybe even received an email that’s promoting this program to you. Now, you want to know more about it.

Don’t worry, because you’ve just found the most honest review about this program that you’re not going to find anywhere else. That’s what you need because there are just too many scams on the internet and people trying to make money off of you all the time, right?

Well, I’ve uncovered some information that you should definitely know about before giving your $47 to them. It could really play a big part in your failure with the system.

Secret Online Goldmine At A Glance


Owner: “April Collins”

Purpose: Learn affiliate marketing

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend It?: No! The training is incomplete.

What Is Secret Online Goldmine?

April talks to us and tells us that the program was started 2 years ago and that within the last year alone, she made $860K online with her websites. And guess what? You’re gonna get the same websites that she’s been using so that you can make money off the internet too.

She says that you’ll be able to make money in a few minutes. In fact, the websites are already live and running and making you money while you watch the sales presentation. Isn’t that so nice of her? Those are the websites that will be handed right over to you.

In fact, she says the method involves just copying and pasting and that she’ll do all the hard work in behind the scenes for you. All you have to do is to sign in a few times a week to make sure the money is coming in.

If I were a newbie listening to a sale presentation for the first time, I would absolutely have bought the program already. it’s a no-brainer to buy the program for $47 when the website has already made me $135, right? Either way, it seems to be a win-win.

But the truth is that most of the video is just about how much money she sent who. There’s nothing really that gives you information on how the system works or what you’ll be doing. She even says she won’t tell you how it works until you buy the program, which is a huge red flag to me.

I’ve reviewed some other programs before like Your Dream Websites and Mobile Money Pages that sound exactly like Secret Online Goldmine.

Would you buy a car without knowing what model and year you’re getting? Why would you buy something that is completely unknown to you? But that’s what she expects you to do and unfortunately, a lot of us fall into this trap, ensnared by the promise of riches and money and freedom.

Stop and think about it for a minute: if it was as easy as she claims to make money online, then why aren’t we hearing about more people quitting the corporate world to work online and from home?

It’s because there’s a lot of things that goes on behind the scenes that April just doesn’t want you to know or understand.

What I Don’t Like About The Sales Page

There are a few things about the sales page that really makes me skeptical. These are things that I would not have doubts or even thought about as a newbie. So I would like to point them out to you. These red flags usually mean a scam or a low-quality product.

1) Who Is April Collins?

Well, I honestly don’t know. There is no way to really confirm or verify who she is, right? There isn’t any way to reach her on social media and there’s no information about her on the internet. This really sounds alarm bells in my head.

If she really helped so many people, then why isn’t anybody talking about her? Surely, there would be SOMETHING about her online, like being interviewed, or being invited to a conference, or being a speaker. ANYTHING.

But that’s not happening here. In fact, when I looked for her portrait online, hoping that it was going to bring up a social media profile, it showed me that this image is a stock photo. It’s not even HER!

What does that tell you about April Collins? That she might be a fake character after all. How can you really trust April at this point? I can’t. How can you be sure that she is really the expert she says she is and that she’s really helped so many people?

How can you verify that the income statements haven’t been tempered with or faked? If she made up a name for herself, then what obligation does she really have to give you accurate or truthful information? You wouldn’t be able to verify anything anyways, right?

The fact that this is the case with Secret Online Goldmine tells me that April could potentially be a serial scammer, that creates scam after scam, using different names for herself so that she is not caught or sued.

2) Fake Testimonials

Oh yes, they’re fake.

I know that you would usually turn to the testimonials as a way of justifying the legitimacy of the program, because testimonials show you the effectiveness of the system, as well as results that you can expect. It’s kind of reading reviews written by customers who bought an item on Amazon.

But the truth here is that these are all paid actors, that have been hired from a website called and who are reading from a script. These are not real users of Secret Online Goldmine and neither have they actually made any money from it.

Want some proof? Here!

They actually disclosed that to you in VERY small print in the top right-hand corner, but that wasn’t really legible. I didn’t even know until the photo accidentally got enlarged on my computer screen.

The good thing is that they disclosed it, but the bad news is the question that remains; if there were so many successful stories, then why not have them shoot testimonials?

Does it not cross your mind then that there might actually not be any real testimonials at all? No success stories? How can you be sure that you’re buying something that will work then?

3) In business for two years? Really?

With all of the red flags and the lies already on the sales page and within the sales video, I found it hard to believe that this program could have been around for 2 years already. I had a hunch that it was also a lie. So I decided to look into it and I actually found out that the domain name was registered in February 2019.

It’s only been about 6 months since the website was registered, so April is absolutely lying to you about the system being around for 2 years, because it hasn’t.

4) No info on what you’ll learn or how the system works

Another red flag is the fact that she isn’t willing to give you the details of how the system works. It’s like telling you to buy a car while having the blindfold and earplugs on. WHO WOULD ACTUALLY DO THAT?

And yet, there are unfortunately a lot of people that get conned and trapped by these manipulative videos to hand over their money, without even knowing what they’re paying for. You don’t even know what you’ll learn, what those websites sell, whether this is even legal.

You don’t know what kind of work you need to do and seeing as you can’t even verify who April is, that’s makes it even more the reason NOT to sign up. You have a right to know what you’re buying and if somebody is being shady like this, then something is definitely wrong!

What’s Inside? What Do You Learn?

When I got to the member’s area, I must say that it felt really overwhelming. There were buttons for you to click everywhere and you don’t know where to start. You also have a coach that you can call but they only provide a 1-800 number which makes this program NOT accessible to people all over the world.

But after going through the course, I came to know what it’s going to do: it teaches you how to sell Clickbank products as an affiliate. An affiliate is a person that markets somebody else’s products and uses a special link in their ads. When a customer clicks on the link and buys, the affiliate makes a commission.

I’m happy at least that the method taught is nothing illegal, like a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. I’m an affiliate marketer myself so I can assure you that this is a very lucrative way of making money online. Unfortunately, the method taught to do affiliate marketing is not the best.

Sure enough, like April promised, you get to choose from the already available squeeze pages otherwise called, lead capture pages. This is where you’ll lead people and ask for their email addresses in order to build your email list.

You’ll also learn how to sign up for a ClickBank account and to find offers.

What I was disappointed about was the fact that you have to sign up for ClickFunnels. Sure it does come with 14 days trial but if you decide to keep the service, it will cost $97 per month. I would have appreciated the heads up before signing up for this course because they don’t give any free alternatives.

However, the training to install the squeeze pages into ClickFunnels is easy to understand and they also show you how to add thank you pages and other such important components, including how to test your pages to make sure they’re working correctly.

Another program you’ll have to sign up for is ClickMagick, which again, has a 14 day free trial. You’ll be charged $47 per month after that. This is a software used to cloak your affiliate links. They act as redirects where affiliate links are not allowed and it just looks cleaner.

Although Things Look Okay, They Don’t Work As Advertised

Sure, there is a lot of training from which you can learn a few things, but these things can also be learned for free on the internet, from blogs and even from Youtube. But a lot of the remaining information is not step-by-step at all; they’re just IDEAS on how you could go about making your business better.

In other words, although you could start off good, there really isn’t a lot of information on how to scale your business. You could make a few sales here and there, but you will not be able to make the hundreds or thousands of dollars that April promises in the sales video.

A big reason is due to missing training about email marketing. Since you are collecting leads on your lead capture page/squeeze page, which is provided to you within the members area, it’s disappointing that April wouldn’t show you how to actually save those email addresses and build your list.

The leads may just be going straight to your offer, and it’s good if they buy, but what’s the use of these capture pages if you’re not going to be saving emails? If you do, then you can re-target them in email campaigns later, especially those who haven’t purchased your offer.

You’re leaving money on the table by NOT integrating those pages with an autoresponder and there is NO training whatsoever on that.

Additionally, although you may have a beautiful and high-converting squeeze page, what’s the use of it if nobody sees it? Because if you’re expecting people to just happen to come across it when it goes live, you’re going to be disappointed.

You see, if YOU don’t do the work to drive traffic, in other words buyers, to your page, it’s just going to sit in loneliness and float in the internet space. It won’t get ranked on Google or Bing or Yahoo either because it’s a duplicate page and website. The search engines hate that.

So the way to drive traffic that she shows you within the training is Solo Ads, which I do not recommended for newbies just starting out. Not sure if you are a newbie or not, but it’s incredibly easy to burn money with solo ads if you don’t know what you’re doing. It costs money too!

But you might be wondering, what is a solo ad? It’s when somebody with a massive email list allows you to send a promotional email to that list, usually leading to your capture page, where you would then collect their emails.

Another reason why it’s really wasted money if you’re not collecting emails is the fact that you’re PAYING for those leads. It does not make sense to me that you would pay to get those leads and just let them slip away when they don’t buy your offer. Having them in your list will give you a second chance to promote to them again.

So as you can see, there are a few things behind the scenes that you’re not told about in the sale video. They’re hidden from you. There are additional costs, like ClickMagick and ClickFunnels. There are even a few upsells that you’re going to be bombarded with.

It’s gonna take work on your part to become successful. Yes, some technical things are taken care of by the system, but I would say 90% of the work, you’ll have to do. It’s NOT a done-for-you system and it’s not one where you can let the system do its thing to check a few times a week.

It’s April who’s actually benefitting every time you SPEND on something, because the links within the training are most probably AFFILIATE links, where she gets paid each time you make a payment. It’s a system that, from my perspective, will make April richer, and not you.

Is Secret Online Goldmine A Scam?

It really depends on how you personally define a scam.

You see, some people will say that it is a scam because of the deceiving and manipulative tactics being used in the sales video and also selling the system as a get-rich-quick solution, when clearly, it will take some time for you to go through the training and to learn a few skills.

You’re not going to make money within a few minutes, as she claims and you’re not going to make the thousands of dollars a day either. I’m not saying the system does not work, it actually does and you could make a few sales here and there but it is teaching you affiliate marketing the wrong way.

From my perspective, Secret Online Goldmine is not a scam but it is definitely worth it. It’s not high-quality. You can find better courses for less than $47 and still get more out of them than this system. And it won’t only cost you $47, because remember, you’ll also need to get Clickfunnels and ClickMagick.

The fact that it does not teach you about email marketing while giving you squeeze pages is just plain wrong. It’s like giving you some tools but not the manual on how to use them. Additionally, there’s Solo Ads, which is a traffic method that I do not recommend for newbies.

But then, if you were not a newbie, you wouldn’t need this course because you would see all the flaws within and look for another one.

It’s not a done-for-you system. There’s actually a lot of work and a lot of money that you’ll need to invest month after month in order to make this work. You need to learn a lot and you’ll need to apply what you learn as well. There’s no such thing as a system that’s so done-for-you that you only need to check your accounts.

Just like an offline business, an online business requires time and effort to grow. Sometimes, even a small investment. But there are way better training courses for FREE on the internet that you can get compared to what’s in Secret Online Goldmine.

Therefore, I do not recommend Secret Online Goldmine.

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Thanks for reading my Secret Online Goldmine review. If you’ve had any experience with the program, feel free to drop a comment below about what you liked and didn’t like about the program. We’d love to hear from you!

Your Friend,


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