Secret Profit Club Review – Will You Make $45K In 30 Days?

Secret Profit Club review

If you’re looking for an honest Secret Profit Club review and not one that is going to pitch it up to you, then congrats because you’ve just found it. It’s important to do your due diligence before signing up for anything these days because there are so many scams, right?

Well, if you’re wondering whether Secret Profit Club is legit or a scam, you’re going to find all your answers here. I will tell you everything I’ve found out so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in!

Secret Profit Club At A Glance


Owner: Jack Robertson

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $9

Recommended?: NO!

What Is Secret Profit Club?

Secret Profit Club is said to be a done-for-you money-making system. It can make you $45K in 30 days as reported by some members. It’s so easy to make money with this system that even a newbie without online experience and special skills can make it work.

The Secret Profit Club looks like it is in business just shy of a year, which does not say a lot to me, to be honest. A lot of programs and even scams are online at least a year because the domains don’t expire until a year after they are bought anyway.

The more money you make using the program, the more money the creator of the program makes. That’s what he says himself. That pushes me to think that you will be learning affiliate marketing as a way of making money online. The good thing is that it is legit and the bad thing is… well, that it does not work like he claims.

You see, I am an affiliate marketer too and there is a lot to learn in order to become successful in this industry. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen in 30 days. It takes a heck of a longer time to make $45K than the first 30 days in affiliate marketing.

It is very lucrative but it also takes a ton of work to get there. If it was so easy, then why do 95% of people that start affiliate marketing fail? Why don’t you hear of more people quitting their jobs within a week or two of starting such an online business?

Now you know why!

Indications That Ring Alarm Bells

So not only does Jack make the system sound simple but there are other red flags that I would like to address, that really sound alarm bells in my head. These are some of the red flags that you will find with many similar programs.

1) Who is Jack Robertson?

Can you tell me because I have absolutely no idea. He does not show us any pictures of himself, does not give us any way to contact him, no social media pages or anything at all. So if there isn’t any way to verify any of the information about the creator, then how can you trust that the program will really help?

The thing is if you can’t very anything about the creator then chances are that he is trying to hide his identity. It could be for privacy reasons but most scammers take advantage of that to release scam after scam while changing their names with each release.

That’s why it’s never possible to catch them! That’s why they are ble to get away with conning people and stealing their

2) Testimonials

When you’re in doubt, you turn towards testimonials as a way to confirm that the program really works. After all, these are people that would have really used the system to let us know what their experiences are and based on that, you can make a decision right?

Well, let me tell you that if there is no way to verify the owner and that there is no reason for Jack, if that’s really his name, to give you any verifiable information, including real testimonials. The truth is that these testimonials can easily be made up.

If there is no proof in this industry, then you shouldn’t believe it.

3) In business for a year

Well, you want to believe that Secret Profit Club has been in business for that long because it would validate all the testimonials, right? Let me tell you the bad news and that’s the fact that this is a big fat lie.

I actually went to verify when the website was created and creation date was in June 2019. So it’s impossible for this system to have been used by anyone for more than 1 month, from the writing of this review.

So this is one lie that has been discovered that negates the testimonials and that proves even further how much of a liar the creator of this program is. How can you believe anything he says?

4) Fake Scarcity

Jack does tell you that this program will be available for a limited time, right? That there will be a limited number of people that will be accepted into the program.

But he also says that the more people that join and make money, the more he makes money. So if more people joining this program is better, restricting the number of people will also restrict the amount of money that he can make. Why would he restrict money coming in?

Fact is that there is NO scarcity. Try the website tomorrow or in 2 months, it will still be up saying that there is limited space. He actually uses this tactic to make you think that you will miss out on a good opportunity and to make you sign up for the program fast.

Now you know that you don’t want to be doing that.

How Does It Work?

When I saw the inside of the program, I realized that it looked the same as CB Wealth, a program that I have reviewed some time ago, and it is not the first time that this program has been rehashed. That’s not a good sign because if a program is perfectly good, then why would you try to advertise it with a different name?

The thing is if you look for reviews of CB Wealth, you’ll find nothing but negative reviews. It won’t help you make as much money as they claim. And what’s worse is that the creators change names. He is Jack in Secret Profit Club and James in CB Wealth.

That proves that the creator is really trying to hide and may not be 100% truthful with you, at the very least.

But on the inside, you get some video training but it’s all stuff that you can learn for free on the internet. You’ll learn on how to sell Clickbank products by being an affiliate of their’s, how to become an Amazon affiliate and how to also sign up for the Amazon FBA program in order to sell products on the Amazon website.

You do also get some training on how to lead traffic to your offers but it’s all through social media. It’s true that social media works but it takes a long time. Don’t expect to make your first dollar within your first 24 hours.

The rest of the training is more informational and not really step-by-step, which is what you really need in order to make some serious money online. Nothing is in order and as a newbie, you’ll get confused on what to do first and what to do afterwards.

Some of these tips and tricks aren really basic so it might help you get started but it’s nothing advanced, meaning that there is nothing that will really help you make the $45K that they claim in your first 30 days.

Does It Work As Advertised?

The short answer is no.

If you want to read about why I think so, then let me tell you that I find the training confusing for newbies and difficult to follow. It’s more an overview than real training on how to make money with each of the different  networks.

It is also a rehashed product so if you have the others then you’re going to buy the same thing over again and get disappointed because you will be spending money on something you already have and won’t be learning anything new. You won’t be closer to making more money at all.

The training is just not enough for you to make the kind of money claimed in the sales video. The video is there to con you and fool you so that you buy the system. There is also a lot more work required and definitely more training and courses will be required for you to make anything decent.

Something else that you need to know is that there are upsells that you’re gonna have to buy to get closer to making money with this course. So know that one way or another, you’ll need to invest way more than you think.

Is Secret Profit Club A Scam?

It really depends what you define as a scam.

It may not be a scam to you if you think a scam means trading your money to get nothing in return. Here, you are getting some training, no matter whether it is basic or not. You’re still getting something for your money. Additionally, Secret Profit Club is sold on Clickbetter with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you think that deception, lies and misrepresentation is scammy, then this program could definitely be a scam to you. There’s a ton of misrepresentation and lies in the sales video because what you’re promised on the sales page and video does not match what’s inside.

But whatever you think, I don’t recommend Secret Profit Club because of all the red flags and the low-quality training that it brings to the table. You can get way better training for free on the internet and Youtube than you get from this program.

Even if there is some training that could benefit the newbie, why would you want to buy the program and to show support to somebody who lied to you? This just gives them the lift they need to create even more of the same sales videos to con more people.

So either way, it is not a program that I would sign up for and I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to do it either, because it really won’t benefit you greatly.

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