Secrets Of The Wealthy Review – Matt And Orlando Scam?

Secrets of the wealthy review - Matt and Orlando scam

Welcome to my honest Secrets of The Wealthy review. Why do you want an HONEST review, as opposed to the other reviews? Well, that’s because you want an unbiased review of the program so you can make an informed decision.

A lot of the other reviews that I’ve read or seen on Youtube are of those that are part of the program and who are promoting it in order to make sales and money off of you. They are affiliates and will gain financially if you buy from them.

So obviously, they won’t tell you the dark and dirty secrets that I’m about of reveal to you.

I’m not about bashing other programs. It’s just that I’ve been online for 2 years now and I’ve seen so many programs that claim to be ALL THAT when really, they hide a dark secret and don’t work as advertised.

Anyways, let’s get started on exposing this. Will Matt and Orlando scam us?

Secrets of The Wealthy At A Glance


Owners: Matt and Orlando

Purpose: Resell their memberships

Price: $3,000 – $21,000

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE! It operates like a pyramid/ponzi!

What Is Secrets Of The Wealthy?

The presenter explains that Secrets Of The Wealthy is a simple system that is going to show you how to generate $1500 – $15,750 every week. It is an automated system that has nothing to do with sales, MLM, or even network marketing.

You don’t have to lift a finger to make this work, supposedly. The system takes care of all fo it for you; it finds and qualifies your prospects, answers all their questions and even closes the sales for you.

Wait, what? Didn’t they just say that this program had nothing to do with sales? That’s a complete contradiction.

Now, that’s a reason why I’ve already become skeptical of this program; it says that you won’t have to lift a finger to do ANYTHING. To be honest with you, I’ve been online for 2 years and I have yet to see a push button system.

But anyways, they claim that just a one-time payment into this system will be able to make you thousands of dollars every single week. You cannot fail because they’ve removed all the road-blocks. It is virtually hands-free. You’ll only need to work 1 hour a day.

But I laugh at this because if that were really true, then don’t you think that people would have quit their jobs already? Work 1 hour everyday to make $1500 per week sounds much easier than working your ass off for 8 hours and only making $500 per week.

And you say that you can make upwards of $1500 per SALE tells me that this is going to be like some of the other programs that I’ve exposed before, like Easy 1 Up, Desktop Commission System and Prosperity Income Network.

How Secrets Of The Wealthy Works

It’s all great that you got everything explained to you before you even buy anything, right? And it’s great that you get to speak to a success coach before you make any investments.

But I doubt that these people will have anything more to say to you, than explain the same thing the video did but just in another way.

By investing into the program, you’ll get a ton of stuff; a website, a personal phone number, tracking, a sales team closing the sales for you and everything in between. However, the goal of this business is to recruit.

And I came to know of that when the presenter in the video said, “Just like you’re here right now.” So what that means, is that the system will generate leads for you to go through the system and have them watch the same video you watched.

Basically, it’s a never-ending recruiting cycle; somebody got a hold of your information and sent you an email. You open the email and buy the product. You/the system get a hold of other people’s information and sends them the SAME email you received and they buy the SAME program you bought.

And guess what? They repeat the process all over again.

The products are not talked about that much. You’re really only sold on the opportunity to make money with the system, which tells me that the products are just an excuse so as not to completely fall in the category of being a pyramid.

But however you look at it, the only way to make money is recruiting. Nobody would be interested in ONLY the products since they look like they’re cheap PLR products that are geared towards helping you promote the system.

You know, I came across similar programs and one of them was MOBE. MOBE was a high-ticket program as well that was shut down by the FTC in mid-2018 and it operated the same way as Secrets of the Wealthy.

I would personally not want to invest so much money in a program that is threatened to be closed down at any moment. That’s not what you go into business for.

You want a long-term business with a positive and bright future, that complies with the law, that has the potential to grow and keep making you the money you dream of. Which in other words, is NOT Secrets of The Wealthy.

The Cost Of Running Such A Business + Compensation Plan

Yeah, I know we’re already told what you’re gonna have to spend, but let’s break down the different membership levels:

1) Gold Level – $3000 + $247 admin fee

2) Platinum Level – $7000 + $447 admin fee

3) Diamond Level – $14,000 + $647 admin fee

4) Ultra Royal Level – $21,000 + 847 admin fee

And from what the video says, you’ll be able to earn 50% – 75% on each sale depending on which level you’re at. But they are also supposedly currently having a sale. I don’t know for how long as they never mentioned it.

If you buy the Platinum level, you’ll get a free upgrade to the Diamond Level and if you get the Diamond Level, you’ll be upgraded to the Ultra Royal Level. If you do get the Ultra Royal Level, you’ll make the 75% on each sale, for life.

However, I don’t want you to think that because you’re paying more that you’ll be getting more value for your money. You’re not paying for more value here, but for the RIGHT to earn more money.

What I don’t like is that they claimed to have an automated traffic system that will be included in the system. Well, at those prices, I expected them to be included but I guess that’s too good to be true.

It’s because they mention “Ad Packs” that I now realize that you’ll need to pay EVEN MORE in order to get this business on the road. So if you decide to get the Gold Level, your total price is at $3,247 + the cost of the Ad Packs. The prices aren’t even mentioned here!

Seeing how this is going, I feel that the Ad Packs will cost at least another grand per month, in order for you to get leads and sales. At the end of the day, it’s really designed to make the rich more money, instead of helping out the little guys.

Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam

It really depends on what you define is a scam. Some people will say that Secrets of the Wealthy is not a scam, since you can make money with it and I don’t deny it.

Some others will say that it’s not a scam since you’re getting something in return for your money, which I also agree with.

However, there are other factors to consider in my opinion. You have the fact that the sales video is so hyped up and plays with the emotion of the person watching it, especially when they have no knowledge of making money online.

There are also a lot of things that are said that don’t turn out to be true. There’s also other information that are left out, like the cost of running this business.

They talk about not needing any monthly recurring fees, but fail to say that you’ll need to invest in ad packs on an ongoing basis to keep generating leads and sales.

Additionally, they operate just like MOBE, which is a program that was shut down by the FTC. I’m sure that the products are just a front put up by the creators of the program because without these products, it would seem that Secrets of The Wealthy would become a pyramid/ponzi.

But in my honest opinion, you could buy the same products for less than $50 each, which would equal to less than $3000 in total. So these products aren’t worth the price tag put on them. On the other hand, you’re only BUYING the right to make more. Nothing else.

I do not recommend Secrets Of The Wealthy, whether you think it’s a scam or not. I’m not saying that you can’t make money but if you’re looking for something that is sustainable for the long-term, I would not get involved with this website.

Here’s An Alternative Business Model That Won’t Cost An Arm And/Or A Leg

How about getting started for FREE? Yeah, get to know the business model that I personally use to make money online.

What I do is help others find solutions to their problems and when they buy the solution, I make money. It’s a win-win situation, right? I help other solve their problems and I get paid for it!

People WANT their problems solved so they won’t have any reservations in buying the product you offer, right? Isn’t that much better than having to buy expensive products and forcing it down people’s throats and making them feel like they have no choice?

The truth is that you have a choice too. You DON’T have to buy those expensive programs to make money, but you do have to understand that it takes work to build a legitimate online business. Is it worth it?



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Thanks for reading my Secrets of the Wealthy review. So, what do you think of Matt and Orlando? Scam or not? Let me know of your experiences and your thoughts below! As usual, I love hearing from you!

Lots of Love,



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