ShareCash Review – You Will NOT Make Money With This!

Sharecash review

Before starting, I just want to congratulate you on doing your research on ShareCash. There are just too many scams on the internet and they can be scams even if they are free to join. That’s what’s scary.

In this honest ShareCash review, I will be giving you all the red flags and the details of the program so that you can make an informed decision. The problem is that we think it is free so there’s nothing we can lose by trying it, except time.

But what you don’t realize is that there is much more to lose with ShareCash than those other programs that are simply after a few bucks from our credit card. That’s why it’s important to always research every make-money-online program.

And I hope that this review will give you the information you need to stay away from ShareCash. I mean it! ShareCash will NOT be beneficial for you at all and does not work as advertised!

ShareCash At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn online by referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join (at a big cost!)

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It will not pay its members, no matter how much they make. They will make you wait 30 days and then close your account for fraud, even if you’ve done things correctly. Even the BBB warns people against these similar websites. It’s a scam and a waste of time!

What Is ShareCash?

ShareCash claims to be the #1 Influencer Network that will make you upto $500 today. All you have to do is simply sign up for your free account and start sharing your referral link to make money.

And if you don’t fancy referring people all that much, then you can also complete simple tasks and make a ton of money that way too.

You will receive $25 for signing up, as well as $10-$15 per person that you refer to the platform. That sounds like some easy way to make some serious money, doesn’t it?

If I didn’t know how the online world worked, then I tell you, I would definitely have fallen for this treachery of a website. The truth is that I’ve been online for over 2 years now and I’ve been earning online ever since. I can tell between a fake and a real website by now.

I’ve seen similar websites before, like Referral Pay, Tap 2 Earn, OG Dollars and so on, that work the same way as ShareCash. They all even have similar layouts! And one other thing that is also common is that they’ve never paid people.

I do think that the same group of people or scammers is behind all of those websites and thus, if they’ve never paid people before, they will not start now. So why trust ShareCash?

Additionally, even if I hadn’t come across those other websites before, I could easy tell that this would be a fraud. That’s because other similar websites, like Swagbucks, those are actually legit, do not pay as much as ShareCash.

That would definitely raise a red flag for me to look into this more.

And another thing is that it’s not as easy to make that kind of money online. If people could make $500 per day just sharing links and completing tasks, people would have become rich by now and wouldn’t be having trouble with not working during this time of COVID-19 crisis, don’t you think so?

How ShareCash Works – The Shady Business Model

Well, first of all, ShareCash does not even explain how they work! They only tell you that as long as you refer others and complete tasks, that you will make money and get paid.

However, I already suspect that the person behind ShareCash is also behind the other websites I’ve reviewed before. So the websites would obviously all work the same way.

The reason it’s important to know how ShareCash works will help us understand whether the program is a scam or not. The business model, if it makes sense or not, will give us that answer.

The other programs claimed to have been making money through ads on their website. That would make sense, right? The more people you refer, the more people will visit the website and the more the website will make money off of the ads.

However, there are no ads on any of the pages of those websites and neither is there anything on ShareCash. So that can’t possibly be the way that they earn money.

Moving on, the next way that it seems they could be making money is through those tasks that are set inside the dashboard or members’ area. The companies that ShareCash is affiliated with would pay ShareCash each time a member completes the task and ShareCash would then share that revenue with the member.

But just a look at the amount that these companies are having to pay for somebody to complete ONE task!

At first, you might get really excited to be seeing that kind of money for small tasks that only pay you a few cents to $1 on other websites, but you need to REALLY understand what’s happening.

If that’s the amount you receive, then how much do these companies have to pay ShareCash in order for the company to make enough to pay for the maintenace of the website, its employees, its CEO and to make a profit?

And what about the money they need to pay you for each click and for each referral that you get?

These companies could easily pay over $100 per task, just so ShareCash can keep afloat. But how can this make any sense for any company if they have legit options like Swagbucks, that’s asking them only a few dollars per task?

As you can see, the business model is complete nonsense! That’s why I believe that they will not pay out.

The Red Flags – Pay Attention! Other Reasons Proving ShareCash Won’t Pay

1) Location of ShareCash

When I took a look at the complete bottom of the main page of ShareCash, they say that they are located in Houston, TX, USA. But on their “About” page, they are on a completely different continent! They then claim to be in Amsterdam.

What company wouldn’t know where they are located? That’s a big red flag!

It’s obvious that it is a mistake that the scammer will pay for dearly because this is a big deal! It is so obvious that the people behind ShareCash are so focused on lying to you, that they didn’t even catch it.

They’re trying to look legitimate, but how legitimate do they seem now?

2) Unknown creator

Another red flag that I see a lot with these websites, or scammy websites in general, is that you never get to know who is really behind the creation of the websites or programs. And that, my friend, is another red flag.

How can you trust a nameless or anonymous creator? You don’t know of his reputation or can’t connect with him to ask him questions about the program before signing up.

The truth is that the anonymous or hidden creators know that they will be scamming people and that sooner or later, people are going to catch on. That’s why they want to remain hidden so as to avoid being sued and followed.

Another reason is also because that gives them the freedom to keep creating new scams to make unsuspecting people fall into the trap again and again. People won’t be able to recognize him and won’t be able to take any actions against him.

So stay away from websites that don’t disclose who their creators are.

3) Website Launch

The length that a website has been around makes it an excellent indicator of whether it’s a scam or not. In this case, ShareCash claims to have been in business since 2015. Well, the good news is that there is a way to confirm that.

And when I did the research, unfortunately, it looks like they lied, yet again. The website was not created in 2015 but in November 2019. It has only been registered for 4 – 5 months.

By telling you they’ve been in business since 2015, they are hoping to increase credibility and trust just to have you sign up, but I would rather a company be upfront with me and tell me they just opened than lie to my face!

The truth is always better to build credibility and trust.

4) Fake income proof and testimonials

Now that we know when ShareCash was actually created, we can easily verify whether the payment proofs are real or not. And what I found was another lie!

ShareCash was founded in November 2019 but the payment proofs are all dated BEFORE the website even existed. Take a look at those dates!

How can anybody have learned about a website that didn’t exist? How could anybody have referred anybody there? How could anybody have logged into their dashboard to see their earnings and how could anybody have cashed out?

The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that nobody has actually gotten paid and that these are fake payment proofs. It’s so easy to falsify or to photoshop images, so that’s what the creator actually did.

This is all to fool you!

5) BBB warning – the real reason this website exists

Remember how I said that ShareCash is similar to a lot of other websites? Well, one such website is called Notion Cash. And the BBB has actually tried to see whether the website is a scam or not by investigating them.

And what they found is that Notion Cash is a scam. They’re address was fake and many people were reporting not getting paid. Since ShareCash is similar to Notion Cash, we can only conclude that it’s going to be the same thing here.

This is what they BBB had to say about it.

Snippet From The Website

You can read the whole thing HERE.

So in short, the BBB says that these websites are around to gather your personal data. They can use it to hack into your online accounts, including Paypal and online banking. They could even sell your information to others scammers and hackers.

Additionally, they could even steal your identity. It’s totally possible because of the surveys that ask for your personal information like full name, address phone number and date of birth.

It’s just a way for ShareCash to get a hold of that information to use it!

Is ShareCash A Scam?

I think you’ll agree with me now that ShareCash is a scam and a big waste of time. There is nobody who is going to benefit from this website except for the creator of the website himself.

There are too many lies that we have uncovered to make this a legitimate website. It’s just so obvious that this website is a big scam, just like the others. Who would take such a risk and sign up with a scam like this?

Even the business model does not make any sense. If that made any sense at all, then there would be a small chance of this being legitimate, despite all the lies, but if the business model itself does not work, then it’s not worth it.

That’s because ShareCash would collapse within a few days if it really worked the way that they claimed they did. No company would want to partner up with them at all because of the prices they’d have to pay.

Especially NOT when legitimate websites like Swagbucks are around, charging pennies for the same kind of service to those companies.

And what about the warning from the BBB? No, that’s too much of a risk!

That’s why I really think that ShareCash is a scam and a waste of time. You should avoid it, for your own online safety!

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Now, I could give you a list of other similar websites that are legitimate, where you could make money for each referral that you get, as well a completing some small tasks. But would that really help you?

I don’t think so. I think that those tasks are a waste of time. It takes you sometimes 15 minutes to half an hour to complete one task that will pay you only a few cents. That won’t really change much in your finances.

What’s going to help you is actually starting an online business. To be honest with you, I only worked about 40 hours on my online business in February 2020 and I made $400USD that month!

What I do is called affiliate marketing. I write or talk about problems people might be having and I provide solutions to them. Each time somebody buys the solution, I make commissions. It’s a win-win!

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Now is the time to say NO to those fake sites and to those websites that don’t care about the value of your time. Trust me and take this chance to start a new business that will actually help you far into the future.

Get the guide now! Thank me later! 🙂

Thanks for reading my ShareCash review. If you’ve had experience with this website, I would really appreciate if you could leave a comment below to let us know of your experiences. I know it would probably not be good, but share it so others can learn the truth about ShareCash.

Lots of Love,


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