Silk Road Effect Review – Will You Really Make $1800 Per Day?

If you’ve landed on this Silk Road Effect review, you’re probably asking yourself whether it’s a scam or whether it’s a program that will really live up to the claims and promises made. I congratulate you on doing your research before jumping in with both feet.

There are just too many scams on the Internet at the moment and many low-quality products, so low-quality that the methods taught just don’t work. In this review, I’ll share with you what I have found out about the program and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

I just want to say that I do not promote this program so you can count on nothing but the pure truth within this review, unlike some other reviews you might find about this program.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Silk Road Effect At A Glance


Owner: Steven Jenkins

Purpose: Make money online doing ecommerce

Price: $17

Do I Recommend it?: No!

What Is Silk Road Effect?

I was already a little skeptical when I saw the sales page for the program; all it had was a hyped up heading, saying that you could make $1800 per day and a sales video. It looked similar to other programs that I had reviewed before, like Club Shanghai and Cash Formula.

The spokesperson in the video, who I’m presuming to be a certain Steven Jenkins according to the pay statement, says that he created a program that would allow just about anybody to turn big profits from the sale of low-priced items. He says that’s how Amazon and other big name companies like Apple and Nike are doing business.

Their labour is cheap; it could cost them $10 to create a pair of Nike shoes and yet, they come and sell the same shoes for over $100 in 1st Tier countries. That’s what he is going to teach within the training; how to outsource products for cheap from China and to resell them 10x the price online, without ever touching or seeing the item.

In other words, what Steven wants to teach you here, is ecommerce and the fact that you’re going to be selling items without having to touch them or see them, pushes me to believe that you’ll be taught how to do dropshipping.

Steven tells you that this is a method that has not been seen before but to tell you the truth, it has been around for quite a while and contrary to what he will have you believe, it’s not as easy to make money with this method. There is so much more work and money involved to be able to make $1800 per day.

How Silk Road Effect Works

Dropshipping can be done on various marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, and it can also be done on your very own website. Whatever you choose, it’s not going to be an easy journey.

Dropshipping with Amazon and eBay means that you’re gonna have to sign up with suppliers that are approved by these marketplaces and let me tell you that there is only a handful of them. What that means is that there’s going to be WAY more competition that will drive the prices down.

The lower the prices, the less your profit margin. That’s because customers are able to shop around for the best prices from different vendors. Being somebody who has tried dropshipping on Amazon and eBay before, I can tell you that should I have taken this further, that I would have had to accept losing money at first because the prices were at rock-bottom.

Being new on these marketplaces does not help either because you wouldn’t have ANY reviews on your products, meaning that people would want to buy from more reputable vendors who have a sales track record. You’ll have to hope that your low prices will bring in sales, even if that means losing money, just for the sake of positive reviews.

Your other option, which I think is a much better option, is to have your own ecommerce website. It makes it easier for you because you don’t have to worry about your customers seeing your competitor’s offer and reviews. But you’ll have to;

1) research suppliers

2) research products

3) research pricing

4) create product listings

5) take care of customer service

6) offer free shipping even if you’re PAYING for shipping

7) create and invest in ads

And this list is by no means exhaustive. There’s so much more work involved in dropshipping than Steven is willing to disclose.

Don’t forget about the investments too! An ecommerce store is different from a blog or informational website and as such, will not get ranked for keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo. In that respect, you’ll need to invest in Google Ads or even in Facebook Ads to bring in visitors and sales.

Steven Jenkins – There’s Something You Should Know About Him

Although dropshipping is a legit method of making money online, I wouldn’t actually expect for the inside of the program to really teach you what you need to know to start banking $1800 a day and the reason is Steven Jenkins himself.

I knew I had heard of the name before and when I did some digging on my own website, I found out that I had already reviewed one of his other products before, called Daily Cash App, which I had exposed as a scam. That program promised to make you money by flipping ads, which does NOT exist in the real world.

Not only that, but he used a stock photo claiming that it was him, as well as fake review testimonials to make us think that the program workes and he even directed us to software that took our money without ever delivering on the services it promised.

So seeing as Steven has already lied to us in the past, there’s really no reason to believe that he will have your best interest at heart this time around either.

He may be a millionaire, as per the screenshot, but my hunch is that he has been making this money by CONNING and SCAMMING people like he did with Daily Cash App, and now with Silk Road Effect. But then again, the income proof might just be fabricated and fake.

There’s no information anywhere about this Steven Jenkins and neither does he have any real proof that he is a real person at all. So that tells us that he may be a serial scammer that creates scam after scam under different names, just so we don’t recognize him and keep falling for his scams.

Is Silk Road Effect A Scam?

Knowing what I know about Steven Jenkins and his scammy program called Daily Cash App, I did not find it necessary to buy Silk Road Effect because I just knew that I was going to be wasting my money.

Steven does not prove that he is a real person and he does not even introduce himself within the sales video, which tells us that this program may not be as good as he claims after all. You can formulate your own opinion of the program but I don’t like it!

I will not be recommending Silk Road Effect because the sales page is already very misleading and lacks a lot of information that would be important to you making an informed decision. It’s like telling you to buy a car without revealing the make, the model and the year of the vehicle.

Would you buy such a car? Me neither!

So why would anybody want to buy this program with such limited information? Online business should be an informed decision-making process. You cannot just shoot blindly in the dark because that’s how you’ll lose money.

Additionally, there is much more work and much more investment required than Steven is willing to disclose, which makes it look like all Steven wants is for you to BUY his program so he can make money. I did already have a feeling that he did not have our best interest at heart from the beginning, seeing as the sales page was so bland.

Overall, I do NOT recommend that you buy Silk Road Effect, as I think that it’s going to be a waste of your money, if not a total scam.

Here’s A Way To Make Money Online – Scam-Free, BS-FREE and FREE

Unlike Steven, I use my real name and I care about my reputation so I only recommend programs that I have tried and used personally. If all I wanted was to make money off of you, then I would recommend just about any program on the internet, not caring to do my research and to bring you the truth.

The reason I care is that I have been in the same shoes as you, not knowing how the online world works and falling for scams right, left and center, hoping that each additional product I bought was going to get me closer to cracking the code to making money online.

And I finally did work things out and no, it was not through buying program after program. I only went through ONE program and it completely changed my life. I’m not making a passive online income and you can do the same and start for FREE!


The platform has all the training, the tools and the support that you need, at your fingertips. You’ll also have personal access to me which is great, don’t you think? You’ll actually be able to learn from somebody who has seen success within the field.

It’s free to try so you have got nothing to lose! This means that you can walk away should this not be an option for you, without losing any money! 🙂 I cannot think of a better deal.

But anyways, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

Your Friend,


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