Simple Freedom Club Review [HONEST] – Pyramid In Disguise?

Simple Freedom Club review

Welcome to my honest Simple Freedom Club review. I say “honest” here because through out doing my research on Simple Freedom Club, I came across a lot of people promoting it like it was the best program out there.

I don’t know how you came across the program, but I received an email promoting it to me and being the curious person that I always am about new programs on the market, I decided to check it out and document my findings here.

There are too many scams online and if you don’t do research, then you could get scammed. Is Simple Freedom Club a scam like so many other programs?

Well, I will reveal all the good, the bad and the ugly right here in this review for you, so that you can make an informed decision. But I have to say that the system is not as innocent as Franco makes it seem.

Simple Freedom Club At A Glance


Creator: Franco Gonzalez

Purpose: Refer others to earn

Price: $25 one time fee + $10 admin fee

Do I Recommend It?: No. It operates like a pyramid that does nothing but promote itself and other similar schemes. Your money is better spent elsewhere, like my #1 Recommendation.

What Is Simple Freedom Club?

First of all, I have to say that it is refreshing to see real people making sales videos. That’s because I’ve seen my fair share of programs with hidden creators. You just never know who they are and if they have a good or bad reputation.

But Franco is real and I am able to confirm that he is really an affiliate marketer. However, it does not mean that he is giving you the real deal.

He is the one who speaks to us in the sales video. He explains that Simple Freedom Club is an affiliate marketing school that will teach you to make $200, $500 or even $1000 per day. It is a simple system that even a newbie can use.

Inside, you’ll learn the strategies for creating your own internet business AND huge income from it. You’ll get all the training that you need, including how to get traffic, convert them and make unlimited sales.

The steps are duplicatable by anybody you bring into the program so you’re not only earning from your own efforts but from the efforts of your referrals too. That’s thanks to the compensation plan, that I will discuss further on.

You’ll learn to monetize Facebook and other social media platforms, you’ll learn email marketing as well as video marketing.

Now to be honest, all this looks good on the surface. But I’ve had over 2 years of experience reviewing similar make-money-online programs and I’ve never seen a program work exactly as advertised.

So how much is Franco actually hiding from us? How much will you actually learn inside the platform and how much does the program REALLY cost?

These are things that you should know before deciding to commit to Simple Freedom Club.

How Does Simple Freedom Club Work?

Like Franco mentioned, he will be teaching you about affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is a method of making money online where you promote an offer or a product. For each sale that you generate, you make commissions.

This is a legitimate way of making money online and I know this because I’m also an affiliate marketer. It really does work, when you do things properly.

Anyways, I was very surprised when Franco said that you could try the system out for free and that’s exactly what I did.

The first video explains all the different ways that you can contact Franco and he explains a little bit about the dashboard and the training. However, I had to poke around and watch a few different videos before really finding out what the deal was.

You see, there are different membership options that you can come in at and depending on what level you buy, you get different “training” content.

But what you need to know is that all the training will be geared towards helping you promote Simple Freedom Club itself. So in other words, you’ll be recruiting to make money.

Think about it; for what other reason would anybody join this opportunity? The training isn’t really the bomb here. It’s the way the opportunity is marketed. People will join because they’re attracted to the money possibilities.

This makes Simple Freedom Club a pyramid.

That being said, the real money-earner is the Freedom Vault. The Vault contains many products that you’ll have to join to qualify you to earn each time your referral makes the same purchases you did.

For example, I saw Easy 1 Up and Abundance Network. When you pay and join these two networks, anybody who joins you within these programs will earn you commissions as well.

So in a way, Simple Freedom Club acts as a funnel where many different streams of income are put together and you get to join whichever ones you like. When you make sales from the products you own, you earn commissions.

But will it be as easy as that to start seeing results?

Costs And Compensation Plan

I mentioned earlier that there are a few different levels that you can join at. Each level has a different price-point and will dictate which training package you’ll receive.

1) Trial – Free

2) Member – $25 + $10 admin fee = $35

3) Academy – $200 + $50 admin fee = $250

3) Platinum – $400 + $100 admin fee = $500

4) Elite – $800 + $200 admin fee = $1000

You’ll make 100% commission on the membership that you sell, excluding the admin fee because that goes to the company. Additionally, also keep in mind that you’ll only make money from the memberships that you actually own.

For example, if you’ve purchased the Platinum level, you will earn from selling the Platinum level and all those below it. So if you sell an Academy level, you make $200.

But if one of your referrals decides to purchase the Elite, you’re out of luck. You won’t earn anything since you don’t own that level. You need to purchase it in order to earn from it.

You don’t only earn from your own referral sales, but you also have the ability to earn from the sales of your referrals.

Simple Freedom Club works on a reverse 1 up compensation plan, meaning that the second sale of every person goes up to the person that sponsored him. Your first sale will be yours, the second one is your sponsors, then everyone who comes after will be yours.

For example, let’s say Jack sponsored you and you sponsored Mary and Helen. You keep Mary and Helen will go up to Jack. Mary now goes on to sponsor Corey and Phillip. Mary keeps Corey and you get Phillip.

It does not stop there! Now that Phillip is considered your direct referral, his second referral also gets passed up to you. Now you can really see the potential of this business model. You could literally sponsor two people and still make a ton of money from the hard work of your referrals.

Pros Of Simple Freedom Club

– Franco is a real person, unlike many other programs that I review that feature anonymous creators

– Free trial

– The first membership to REALLY get started is affordable

– Some helpful training, tips and tricks for affiliate marketing

– Ability to make money

– Multiple streams on income in one platform

– Earn from multiple levels

– It is a high-ticket program, which means that you don’t have to make a lot of sales to earn big

– You can also promote other affiliate programs to your referrals

– Facebook group and personal support from Franco

Cons Of Simple Freedom Club

– To me, the sales video was hyped up and didn’t explain what or how money will be made

– You cannot earn for free

– Actual cost of running the business is not disclosed

– You’ll need more in-depth training than what is in the members area

– Can get expensive if you’re not careful (with the memberships and paid traffic)

– The higher-priced memberships don’t give you value for your money. They are there to help the affiliates earn more per sale

– Business model is similar to a pyramid scheme, with no real products in the program

– You don’t have a means to contact your sponsor through the members area

– Terms of Service does not work on the sales page, so there is no way to know whether your fees are refundable or not. But in my honest opinion, they wouldn’t be as is the general nature of these programs.

Is Simple Freedom Club A Scam?

To answer this question, it depends on how you personally define a scam. You see, a lot of program don’t offer anything in return for your money and people will call those scams.

On the other hand, others might not call this a scam because you can make money with it.

However, I personally would call this a scam because of one main reason; and that’s the fact that it’s borderline illegal. It operates like a pyramid scheme. There’s a reason why those schemes aren’t allowed.

That’s because during the whole life of the scheme, the people that joined first are the ones who pocket most of the money and those who joined last will lose all their investments. More people are at the bottom of the pyramid which means, most people will lost money.

Additionally, these kinds of system are not good for the long-term because eventually, the system will crash. It will stop working and you’ll have to look for something else.

The bottom line is that I do not recommend Simple Freedom Club.

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Thanks for reading my Simple Freedom Club review. I welcome your suggestions, critiques, or anything negative or positive that you have to say about the program. Leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,


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