Six Figure Empire Review – Here’s What They’re Hiding From You!

Six Figure empire review

If you’re looking for an honest Six Figure Empire review, then congrats because you’ve just found it. There are tons of reviews that are fake or that pitch the program to you so you can tell that they are biased. Not this one though.

You probably have questions on whether the program is legit, whether you can make money from it, whether it is legal and whether you will really be able to achieve financial freedom using the system. This review is going to answer all your questions and more.

I’m not affiliated with Six Figure Empire and thus, I will not be pitching the program to you. I’ll just be giving you the facts you need to make an informed decision because that’s what you want at the end of the day, right? Not some pep talk that will convince you to buy.

So let’s dive right in to find the truth!

Six Figure Empire At A Glance


Owner: Time Berger

Purpose: Make money online promoting SFE products

Price: $29.95/month + $1250 / $3750 / $6250

Do I Recommend it?: NO! It works similarly to programs that have been shut down!

What Is Six Figure Empire?

The sales page and sales video is presented to you by Tim Berger, the creator of Six Figure Empire. Now, when I first saw the name of this system, I already kind of got skeptical because I know of some other programs, like Six Figure Mentor, that promise to make you rich but that worked via a shady scheme.

But anyways, Tim promises to help you create a $1000 income on a part-time basis using his system. You only have to work 1 hour or less every single day and you could potentially retire within the next 100 days because Tim claims it took him 90 days.

He explains that what he did was just shift to promoting high-ticket products that pay $500 or more per sale, instead of the $20 – $30 that you get with low-ticket products. He says that Six Figure Empire is a plug and play system where you get everything you need to make money:

1) The sale materials

2) The website

3) The traffic

4) Everything else in between.

But to be honest with you, these are claims that I’ve heard over and over again with other programs that just didn’t work as advertised or didn’t do what it promised. Some even asked for even MORE money to deliver what was in the sales video.

That’s why it’s important to look further into these programs because they’re just focused on selling to you and not really helping you. Because let’s face it: if it was so easyto make money, then why are so many people still struggling? Why are we NOT hearing of more people quitting their modern-slavery jobs?

It makes sense, right?

How Six Figure Empire Works

I did some research on Six Figure Empire and I found out that even though they say it’s an affiliate program, it’s more like an MLM (multi-level marketing) program. That’s because you don’t only get paid on one level but on two.

Tim says you get everything you need to make this business work. It’s push-button easy and very newbie-friendly. All you have to do is to promote a 1-page funnel and get leads and referrals. Each person that joins and pays anything, you make money.

And he wasn’t ashamed to say that this 1-page funnel is going to be promoting Six Figure Empire itself. That’s bad news because it means that you’ll be getting yourself in a pyramid scheme. Yes, they’ll tell you that the products are what you’re paying for, such as the sales materials and training but they are all geared to promote the same system you join.

Does this not sound like a pyramid scheme to you?

They might give you everything that you need but it does not change the fact that this business model is plain illegal. If that doesn’t scare you, then let me tell you that there were other programs that worked similarly that got shut down by the FTC, including MOBE and DA.

That’s not a sustainable business you want to be part of because you will always live in fear of it being shut down and losing your income, your investments and your whole business. And let me tell you that there is a TON of money to lose here, just like another program I reviewed some time ago called The Freedom Shortcut.

Let’s Discuss Costs and Compensation Plan

Although your eyes might have been shining when you heard of the high commissions you could be making, the fact is that it will also cost you a pretty penny to be making those high commissions. They don’t come free. Additionally, you’ll also be earning 80% from your personal sales and 20% royalties from the sales of your referrals.

Here are the costs and compensation:

1) Admin Fee – $29.95 per month

2) Ground Floor Membership – Costs $1250 and pays you $1000 (personal sale) and $250 2nd level royalty

3) Break Free Membership – Costs $3750 and pays you $3000 (personal sale) and $750 2nd level royalty

4) Inner Circle Membership – Costs $6250 and pays you $5000 (personal sale) and $1250 2nd level royalty

Also don’t forget the lead/traffic packs that you’ll have to buy from the program that will cost you even more:

1) $30 for 20 leads

2) $65 for 50 leads

3) $99 for 100 leads

First of all, the traffic packs are costing WAY more than what you would normally pay for them elsewhere and you don’t know the quality of those leads either. It may be better to try other ways, like Facebook Ads or Google Ads, which will be way cheaper per click.

But even then, you will find yourself spending $100s of dollars every week because not a lot of people are willing to join a system where the financial risks are so high. There isn’t even a money back guarantee.

Is Six Figure Empire A Scam?

It really depends on your perspective, but as per the FTC guidelines, Six Figure Empire is absolutely illegal. It has been clearly shown by the intervention of the FTC in shutting down MOBE and DA, that’s now facing huge fines, including members needing to return people’s money to them.

When you look at a business opportunity, you have to ask yourself whether you see it growing and prospering in the long-term. Six Figure Empire is definitely NOT it. It is not a sustainable business and it does not have a positive future. You’ll always be fearing that the FTC will find out and shut it down.

Not only is it a pyramid scheme, it’s an opportunity that costs and arm and a leg. Though you may have the money to invest, most people are not able to invest as much, which drives your audience to be way smaller and as a result, makes it harder to promote.

Another fact that I don’t like is that they don’t have a money-bak guarantee, meaning that if it’s not working for you, you can’t ask for your money back. You are GUARANTEED then to lose money, as most people do in a pyramid scheme. The people at the top are the ones that are benefitting the most.

There are just too many cons to the program, although there are some skills that you wil be able to learn but at what cost? This program is definitely not worth its price tag. You can learn those skills online for free or for much less than what SFE is asking.

So my final verdict is that I do not recommend Six Figure Empire.

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Thanks for reading my Six Figure Empire review. I hope you learned something valuable. If you’ve tried the program, please share your experiences. I would love to hear if you’ve had success or failed with the program. This might also help others in your shoes.

Your Friend,


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