Smart Cash App Review – Are the $1500/Day Claims True?

Everybody wants to make a few extra hundreds every week. Earning extra thousands is a whole different ball-game though. You could quit your job with that kind of money,  pay off all your debts within months and even buy a house and pay for it in cash within a few years’ time. You could travel for a week every single month!

In this Smart Cash App review, I’ll go over whether this will all be possible with the system. By the end of it, you’ll have a pretty good idea of whether this is going to be a good investment for you or a waste of time.

Because, let’s face it; there are just too many scams on the internet now and pinpointing the ones that are legitimate is becoming harder and harder. I have to congratulate you on doing your research before trusting anything you hear, specially about money-making program online.

At A Glance

Name: Smart Cash App


Owner: Robert Fisher

Purpose: Unknown

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No…

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What Is Smart Cash App?

Robert, the creator of the system, explains that the Smart Cash App is helping so many people make upwards of $1500 a day, even if they have no experience. All they have is a computer or a smartphone. This does not require that you complete surveys or blogging. It’s not about taking advantage of a loophole and it’s not about gambling your money online.

All you have to do is follow simple step-by-step instructions. He claims to want to tell you everything about the system. You can start in under 30 minutes with 17 clicks. You can do it at your own pace and on your own terms, such that there will never be a boss to rule over you again.

Smart Cash App is a controversial system, nothing like you’ve ever seen before. He has spent months perfecting it because he really thought that it was time to show people how REAL money is made online, unlike the other gurus who keep everything to themselves.

So, is Robert to be trusted? Is his Smart Cash App going to be as good as he claims or are you just going to make him richer by joining him?

Let’s look at the few red flags I noticed.

Why I Would Not Trust Smart Cash App

I have to say that although everything on the sales page looks professional and Robert has put in some work in terms of the Privacy Policy page and so on, I still see red flags. And not just on the sales page, but within the video as well. There are just too many points that are common with scams that I have exposed before.

And I have exposed over 100 of them. So, without further ado, let’s find out the reason that I would stay away from Smart Cash App.

1) Make a lot of money with little to no work

That’s one point that is all too common; making claims that you will become rich and be able to quit your day job within a few days, because you’re making so much money.

This makes it sound like Robert has a secret sauce to making money online. But from my experience, having fallen for claims like that as well as analyzing and exposing scams for the past 11 months, I can say that there is NO real secret to making money online.

What I have learned, is that it takes time and it takes work to see success. Robert only tells you that you only need 30 minutes a day because he knows people are not willing to put in work or effort but still want to earn big. Sorry but it does not work that way!

2) “It’s not about a weird loophole…”

Really? Because that’s just contradicting what is written above the video. It says that it’s a scheme that “exploits an error made by a $177 Billion Company”.

It that’s not exploiting a loophole, then Robert needs to go back to high school and learn English.

3) How nice! You’re qualified!

Robert tells you that you don’t need any knowledge, experience or skills to make this system work for you and you’ll be able to make upwards of $1500 every single day.

And YET, you’re qualified! How does that work? He does not even tell you the reason why. What have you got that’s so special? What is he looking for in a “candidate”?

Well I know! He is looking for gullible and unsuspecting newbies who don’t understand how the online world works. He is looking for desperate people who are going to act based on their emotions and not based on facts. That’s why he has a WHOLE video made to manipulate your thinking.

4) Robert Fisher

Who is he, really? He does not show himself. He does not even try to prove to you that he is a real person. What does that say about him?

As I mentioned before, there are more scams than real systems online now and legitimate people have to work harder to prove that their system is the real deal, and that includes proving to their audience that they are real. The fact that Robert does not even try proves that he just created this system to FISH from your wallet.

Yupp, Robert FISHER is a fisherman! By not exposing who he is, this gives him the chance to create new systems as his older systems get revealed as scams and he is able to change his name with it. That way, newbies can fall for his new systems aka scams, AGAIN!

That’s how serial scammers are barely ever caught!

5) Confidential Information?

Robert asks you not to share the video, the website or the training with anybody else because what he shared with you is completely confidential. But he also explains that the more people he gets on board, the more money he makes. That’s a motivator for him and what he is getting out of sharing this information with you.

Isn’t that contradicting? Why would he NOT want you to share this website with anybody else if that’s what’s going to make him more money? It’s counter-productive.

But let me tell you that the reason he tells you this is confidential information, is to make you think that there are only a few select people that get to see this video and that he does not let just about anybody join him. This is a way to manipulate you and push you into joining and paying the fee.

Everybody who is sent the link to the website, will see the exact same video! And seeing as the internet is world-wide, he can’t really stop anybody from seeing the video. He is actually using the power of the internet to con more people.

7) No real information on how the system works or how money is made

You were told that you would get all the information about how the system works, and yet, after watching the video, you have absolutely no idea what the system will teach you or how money will be made. You’re just given vague information about how the system exploits an “error” made by a wealthy company.

Well, that’s not good enough. When you go to a store to buy a vacuum cleaner, do you just go and grab whatever comes to your hand first? Of course not! You want to learn about it, you want to see what features are available and ultimate you’ll choose the one that matches your needs.

Choosing a way of making money online should be the same! You need information on what you’ll learn to do, what products or services will be involved, how you would market them to your audience and how you’ll collect payments. Else, how do you know it’s nothing illegal?

What is Smart Cash App, Really?

Now that you know why I would not invest in Smart Cash App, let me tell you what you COULD expect after you sign up. You see, this system is available for sale on an online marketplace called ClickBank. It’s like Amazon, but Clickbank only sells digital products.

Now, when it comes to systems like Smart Cash App, it would be about teaching you things along the lines of ecommerce, selling on Amazon or on eBay, email marketing and affiliate marketing. These are legitimate ways of making money online. I know because I have tried them all before.

But the problem is that, the information that these kinds of systems give you, are too introductory or shallow for you to start earning anything. 95% of the time, the sales videos are all hyped up to get you to buy the systems, to then leave you a PDF ebook to read or videos that are 2 – 5 minutes long that will give you introductory information.

These are NOT enough to help you make money right away, and maybe not EVER!

Smart Cash App Review – Scam Busted?

Heck yeah! In my opinion, Smart Cash App is nothing special and I would put it on the “Scam” shelf and forget about it. I definitely think that what you’ll get inside will not be worth the money because the claims made are not reasonable. To make a LOT of money, it needs a LOT of work, period!

Unless you luckily inherit money or assets from a long-lost, distant uncle or aunt, or win the lottery, you’re not gonna get rich, simply by clicking 17 times. If it were as easy as that to get rich, don’t you think more people would be doing it and talking about it?

A “loophole” or “error” made by a big company, would you believe that? I’m sure a lot of them exist, but not as big as to lose $177 Billion. If that were the case, I’m sure that if the company wants to remain afloat, they’d find a way to close this loophole or rectify the error.

There’s a ton of money to be made online but you’re not going to make anything if you fall for every single scam that comes across your path. Smart Cash App definitely isn’t gonna get you there. Robert is only after your money.

Would You Invest In A Legit System, If I Introduced You To It?

Nowadays, we’re so used to getting instant results; INSTANTLY open an app at the tap of a finger, make INSTANT noodles, INSTANTLY communicating with people on the other side of the world. So, we want to make INSTANT money too. But unless you keep working for your company and for your boss, you won’t get instant money.

Unless you want to work for those survey sites and solving captcha, working online is mostly about having your own online business. That’s how people are making it big online. And business is business, whether it is online or offline. It requires work! It requires time!

If you are willing to invest in a REAL business that is going to bring you REAL long-term and sustainable income, then I want to introduce you to the platform that is making it possible for me.

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If you don’t check it out, then don’t ever complain about falling for another scam, because when a REAL opportunity presented itself, you didn’t try it.

I hope that my review was eye-opening for you and I really hope to see you on the other side of the training platform. If you do end up signing up for your free account, then I’ll get in touch with you.

I only wish for you to succeed.

Your Friend,


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