Smart Dollars Club Review – It Wouldn’t Be Smart To Sign Up, Actually!

Smart Dollars Club review

If you’re looking for an honest Smart Dollars Club review, then you’ve just found it. I’m not someone who is going to push you to sign up to this program for my own benefits. I actually felt skeptical about the program from the get-go.

But is my skepticism ill-founded? Is Smart Dollars Club a scam that you should avoid or can you really make the hundreds of dollars that they claim? All your questions will be answered today, right here right now!

There are just too any scams and even if signing up may be free, the person behind the program may not have your best interest at heart. So congrats on doing your research before signing up for anything. Now THAT’s what I call smart.

Let’s get started!

Smart Dollars Club At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money completing surveys

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s garbage!

What Is Smart Dollars Club?

Simply put, Smart Dollars Club is a get-paid-to website. You complete some small tasks, like answering surveys and they say that you could make hundreds of dollars every single day.

It’s supposedly the #1 rewards program on the internet today, that will pay you what your opinion is worth. The first survey you complete is supposedly going to pay you $100. Isn’t that crazy?

All you have to do is sign up with your email address and you’ll receive the first survey immediately.

They even guarantee that you’ll make $300 every single day with this website, which shows how sure they are you’ll be making a ton of money and that you’ll be satisfied.

But to be honest with you, these are actually warning signs to me. I’ve been in the online industry for close to 2 years now and usually, when companies tell you that you’ll make a ton of money with minimal work, it doesn’t work that way.

They make it look so appealing so that you give them a try. Many are after your money so they make an offer appealing so that you’ll buy it but many may just be after your information, so they don’t charge you.

Seriously, how many people can you name at the top of your head who are actually making a full-time income off completing surveys? Try NOBODY!

So don’t you find that odd? I certainly do.

Red Flags That Set Off Alarm Bells In My Head

Not only is the main page and the claims outrageous, I’ve also found a few other red flags that started alarms bells in my head. And to be honest, these are the same red flags that I find with a lot of other scams or low-quality programs.

1) Unknown Owner/Creator

When a website is legit, the creator/owner of the program will have no problem telling you who he/she is. That’s because they have nothing to hide. They are providing you with real service and help.

But scroll up or down the main page of Smart Dollars Club and there will be no ABOUT US page.

If they had nothing to hide, then why not reveal who they are or give some more information on the company? Wouldn’t visitors feel more at ease? Wouldn’t that make the website more trustworthy? It’s just common sense, right?

But they’re hiding their identities here because they don’t want to get in trouble with the online authorities. You see, scammers don’t want to be pursued and they don’t want to be SUED. They don’t want to make refunds possible.

So they create a ton of scammy websites, free or paid, and then just never reply to the email you send.

2) No Privacy Policy

This may seem insignificant to a lot of people that there is no Privacy Policy, but the truth is that if it is missing on a website, then you could get yourself in trouble if you sign up with the company.

You see, a Privacy Policy tells you how your information and data in relation to you is going to be used. Without a Privacy Policy, you’re basically consenting to be spammed and scammed and it is very dangerous.

Not only can they use your information to send you scammy and spammy emails in disguise that look so real you could fall for them, but they also could sell that information to others. This could result in identity theft or hacking of your online accounts.

3) No Testimonials

Haven’t you noticed that there aren’t any testimonials on this website? If it worked so well and people were really earning, then don’t you think that they would have used those testimonials on their website as proof?

The internet is also big, so how come there isn’t really anybody talking about how they got paid with Smart Dollars Club?

If Smart Dollars Club cannot show any testimonials, then how can you really know if they pay out or not? Surely, there must have been A LOT of people signed up and earning if they say they’re the #1 Rewards website, right?

But all that are just lies, obviously. There is nothing to show for how they came to be the #1 Rewards website.

4) Extremely High Payouts

Okay, let’s take a look at what they claim to pay you; like $100 on your first survey and they are even guaranteeing that you’re going to make $300 per day.

Truth be told, it is actually illegal to guarantee that you’re going to be making X amount of money and that’s because there are just too many factors that come into play. One of the factors is simply whether or not the person signing up will actually do the work.

How can the person who is NOT working make any money, right?

Also, everybody’s availability is different. Maybe you have 2 hours per day to work on this and maybe I only have 30 minutes everyday. Would you and I make the same amount of money at $300? That’s not how it works.

So nobody can really guarantee the amount of money that anybody can make with any opportunity.

Then you have the claims of paying you $100 per survey. If you’ve been online for a while, then you would know that this is way too high for a regular get-paid-to website.

Take Survey Junkie or even SwagBucks for example. They pay you to complete small tasks. They actually have testimonials and they have a lot of satisfied members who have actually gotten paid. And they only pay at most $2 or so per survey.

So how is Smart Dollars Club, that already looks like a scam, going to pay you $100 per survey?

The truth is that they just want to lure you in, promising big payouts when they have no intention of paying out.

How Smart Dollars Club really works

Smart Dollars Club at this point may seem harmless. We know it’s free to sign up and that too, they can’t really do a lot with only your email, without knowing anything else about you. That’s fair.

But what’s happening here is way deeper than that because scammers will always look for ways to earn money with the work that they’re putting into these websites. And it’s not different here.

The owner is actually an affiliate of other survey sites or affiliate offers, whereby if they can get people signed up under their affiliate link, they make commissions off of the earnings of the people they refer.

So Smart Dollars Club is actually NOT a website that will be offering you the surveys, but it will be the HUB of information. This website might send you survey websites to sign up to, so that for each survey you complete, not only do you get paid, but they get paid too.

Aside from survey websites, they could also eventually promote affiliate offers, those that you actually need to pay for. And that too, for each sale that they get through their email and affiliate links, they’ll make commissions.

Unfortunately, most of what they will be promoting will be scams. Some may give you some information for your money but most programs to make money online are scams or so low-quality that they’re garbage.

Those are the “exclusive offers” that they talk about on the sales page.

So at the end of the day, you’re not really the one who is gonna be benefitting here, it’s the creator behind the website. A very good reason why I believe that’s the case is because, again, the owner of Smart Dollars Club is unknown.

Is Smart Dollars Club A Scam?

It really depends on what you personally define as a scam.

You see, to me, there really isn’t much value in Smart Dollars Club, even if they did provide you with legit places that you can make money online. That’s because I believe survey sites and other GPT sites are just a waste of time.

They just pay so little that it takes forever for you to really earn $1 or to make it past the withdrawal threshold.

If you’re going to take so much time working for somebody else, it just makes sense to invest that time for yourself and to start your own online business. That’s actually going to pay off much better in the long-term.

But in my honest opinion, I do not think that you should be signing up with Smart Dollars Club. As you’ve already come to know, they are NOT a survey website of their own. They will only act as the intermediary between you and survey websites.

They take advantage of the affiliate links that they got from survey websites and other affiliate offers for their own benefit and looking at the amount of reliable information that is missing from their main page, I do think that these offers are going to be closer to scams and low-quality programs that just aren’t gonna work as advertised.

There’s also a privacy policy that is missing, which tells you nothing of how they plan to use your information so beware of that. I wouldn’t give them any info if I were you.

And the fact that there are no testimonials is a big red flag. I haven’t encountered a positive review of Smart Dollars Club online while doing my research to write this review, so you can bet that they will NOT pay you $100 per survey.

All in all, I recommend that you stay away from Smart Dollars Club.

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