Smart Money Methods Review – Will You Make $7,000 Per Week?

There’s a new make-money-online program on the block that tells you it will teach you to make money online and upto $7,000 per week too! Does this not sound exciting?

In this Smart Money Methods Review, I will be talking about the sales video, the training, and everything else that I have found out about this program. Be sure to read until the end because you will be quite surprised.

At A Glance

Name: Smart Money Methods


Owner: “Mark Foster”

Purpose: Help you make money online fast

Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended?: No

The Sales Video

The video starts with congratulating you to having been referred to the website and the video, because only a lucky few have been given that chance. Mark explains that only a limited number of people will get to see it.

He explains that he has uncovered a few methods of making money online that nobody has ever seen or heard of before. It will enable you to make thousands of dollars a week, only sitting at your computer for 30 minutes a day. He even claims you can start to make money on your first day, like he did.

He explains that it does not include online surveys, app testing or bitcoin investment. It appears to be something that is much easier than those and that could bring you $30K per month!

What’s even more amazing is that you don’t need any special skills or any money to get started.

Mark’s Story

Mark explains how he was still a student when he got his girlfriend pregnant with a baby girl. They decided to keep the baby, go to school and work to be able to provide for her. But after some time, things got tough and his girlfriend left him. After some time, he was just too burned out to continue the same lifestyle and had no money left.

He moved to his parents’ house. He talks about trying to make money online blogging as he had seen that quite a few people online were doing it and were making money, but he failed at that. He explains that he still kept going until, 6 months since he moved in, he found his revolutionary methods that brought him $300 on his first day.

After some time, he was able to send money to his ex-girlfriend for their daughter and was able to move out into his own apartment. He explains that he done the same kind of work for 7 years now, he owns his own house, his car and is about to make a cash payment on his second property.

The Problems with The Sales Video

If you don’t know a lot about making money online, you would have thought that the sales video made the program look absolutely promising. But I’m sorry to be the source of bad news and disappointment; the sales video is nothing but hype, nothing but lies and broken promises.

You see, I have reviewed so many programs that had a similar page and video as the Smart Money Methods. I know you’ll tell me that it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover, and I agree, which is why I have taken a thorough look at the training which I will be discussing a little further along, but let me present you with some of the problems within the video.

1) Mark Foster – What seemed strange to me, was that I could not find any information on this MARK FOSTER on the internet. He claimed he helped hundreds of people become successful online, and if that was really the case, somebody somewhere would have mentioned him and recommended his program, but I found NADA!

The only people that I found with that name were the olypic swimmer and the rock star. Therefore, I am led to believe that this person is a fictional character, with a fake name. Moreover, this also means that the story he tells you is completely made up.

2) Limited Number of Spots available – With Mark being nothing but a fake, I’m 100% sure that he is also lying about the limited number of spots available. In fact, scammers behind such programs want as many people as possible to sign up, so that they can make more money.

The program is not designed to actually help you make money, but to make the scammers richer. If limited spots were really available, I’m pretty sure that this video would have been long gone.

Additionally, Mark also explains that the link can only be accessed if you were invited. However, I am a ClickBank affiliate and was able to get to the sales video without an invitiation link. So that’s a total lie as well.

These tactics are used to trick you into thinking that the video really is private and that it could be taken down at any time. I’m sure it will at some point, but that’s only because people will eventually find out that it’s a scam.

3) Work only for 30 minutes a day – This is one of the oldest LIES that scammers have been telling you; that you will be able to make a ton of money with minimal effort.

However, I have been making money online for the last two years at the time of writing this review and I can tell you that only dedicating 30 minutes a day to your online business is not going to be enough to bring in the kind of money he claims.

Starting a business online takes as much time and effort as starting a physical business. Depending on how much effort you put it, you could start seeing results within 6 months or one year, but definitely not within the same day! If there really were such a method, then I would have found it by now because I spend my time reviewing all these products everyday.

To this day, I have not found EVEN ONE program that claimed to make me $100 on my first day and really turned out to work. This is a tactic used to lure people who do not want to put in the work that is required and want to see big profits, which is not going to happen.

4) Make $30,000 Per Month – What I have also learned during my time online, is that those programs that promise you that you will make a ton of money online within a short period of time, are ALL scams. People learn differently, learn at a different pace, lead different lives and while some are able to work on their online business full time, some others can only dedicate a few hours a week to it.

It definitely makes sense that the person who is working on their online business everyday, would achieve results faster. However, know that any legitimate online business will not yield you $30K a month within your first month, first year, or even 5 years!

if you work diligently for 10+ years, then you will see that kind of result. Else, it is NOT possible.

5) Blogging – Mark explained within the video that he had failed at blogging. But looking at the video closely, we come to know that he blogged for less than 6 months. Here are the reasons why he failed; he got off learning how to become a professional blogger by himself, with no proper training. He probably did not get the right tools and most importantly, although he blogged frequently, he did not give his blog enough time to blossom.

You see, when it comes to blogging online, most people rely on the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring in their traffic. To become successful, you have to learn SEO (search engine optimization), to allow your article to become available to people online through searches.

New blogs / websites are also initially not trusted by the search engines, until the websites prove to them that they are able to give quality content to visitors and that takes a lot of time. It takes between 6 months to 1 year for the search engines to really start trusting your content.

So if he understood how SEO worked properly for blogging, he would not have given up and would have blogged on for at least a year before giving up. Less than 6 months is not adequate time. This also leads me to the conclusion that he did not get the right training for blogging.

6) Free training – Did you notice at the top of the video that it states you will be getting FREE training? Did you also catch when he explained that he would be giving you his methods for free?

Guess what he does at the end of the video – He asks you for money! No program like that is ever going to offer you something for free, unless it is something like a webinar to tug MORE at your heart, and convince you to give them your hard-earned money.

If they give you the system for free, they won’t ever make money. That’s just to lure you into starting to watch the video and watch until the end, where they reveal the real price of the program, hoping that you would forget they mentioned it was going to be for free.

The Training Within

Never mind the sales video. We are not paying for that. What we are paying for, is the content inside the program. Is it as good as Mark pretends it to be? Well, he introduces you to 3 methods.

The first is just a poor attempt at having you resell the Smart Money Methods, so he can make more money. You are given an introduction about the concept of writing content and placing the provided banners and affiliate links. There is no valuable training here; only information to help you understand the concept of how it is done.

You are not really given the opportunity to put any of the training into practice either. Who has EVER made $30K per month only READING about methods to make money online? NOBODY! You need to take action in order to be successful.

The second method is the video explanation of the first method, but a little bit better. Mark explains Amazon affiliate marketing. This sounded so strange because affiliate marketing needs a website / blog to work. You need to make use of SEO to be able to get visitors to your website and a big number of them too, if you want to be successful.

He explained earlier that he had failed at blogging, so why is he showing you this method now? This proves that his story is completely made up!

Not to mention that the training is lacking and incomplete! You will never be able to even make a dime with that training.

The third training shows you how to use Instagram and Youtube to make money online. But this is nothing new. People have been making money using social media, specially Youtube for a long, long time now. It is nothing revolutionary.

They are only there to show you the potential of what social media can do for you. It’s great explanation if you want to understand how they work but this means nothing if you can’t apply it. The training is low-quality and lacking where a newbie will feel totally confused and lost.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

For somebody like me, who knows what it takes to make money online and who has seen through all the hype and the lies of the video and the sales page, I personally think that yes, it is a scam.

You may not think so, depending on how you define a scam. Some people may find a little but of value within the program to nudge along their understanding of how things work online, but I guarantee that they won’t ever be able to start making $300 on their first day.

Those programs that entice you and promise you the moon, are all lying to you! There isn’t a push button system to making money online. If you ask me what I think the secret to making money online is, it will always be “hard-work”. That’s a word that nobody wants to hear, of course.

That’s why people keep falling for these scams and lose money!

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