Social Bounty Review – Scam Or Really Make $500 Today?

Social Bounty review

Are you looking for an honest Social Bounty review? Is it a scam or will you really make $500 today, as is claimed on the main page of the website?

You must have come across Social Bounty because somebody was promoting it to you, right? And now you’re probably wanting to know whether all the benefits are as good as they claim, whether you’re gonna get paid the good money?

Well, I have some bad news because I’ve come across some red flags and some evidence that Social Bounty might actually be a big scam that does not pay its members. It’s better if you read this review if you’re looking into this seriously because you might lose more than just time.

If it is free to sign up, it does not mean that you won’t lose much. Let’s find out what the real intention is behind the this website.

Social Bounty At A Glance


Owner: “Kiya Kramaric”

Purpose: Earn online referring others and completing tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No it’s a scam!

What Is Social Bounty?

Social Bounty claims to be the #1 Influencer Network in the world that will pay you really good money to refer others as well as to complete tasks. If you start today, you could be making $500!

Now, isn’t that just amazing? Other websites are paying only pennies to complete surveys and only a few dollars for each referral you get to join, but with Social Bounty, to receive $5-$20 per referral and get paid upto $50 PER task.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have been sucked into this scheme and I say scheme because this is what it looks like from my perspective; I’ve been making money online for over 2 years now and I know a scam from a legitimate site.

And what really drew my attention was the fact that they pay MORE than those other legitimate websites. So there’s gotta be a catch, right? Why and how are they able to pay so much?

Without even going into many details, I realize that I’ve seen the same claims made before and I’m not talking about other websites making SIMILAR claims, but the SAME claims:

1) Referral Pay

2) Paid Leaf

3) Viral Market

4) Tap2 Earn

And unfortunately, they were all SCAMS! So already, I don’t have a very good feeling about Social Bounty. There’s a very good chance that the person behind those other websites is also behind this one and the experiences are going to be the same.


How Social Bounty Works

But before calling anything out a scam, we need to be fair and analyze the program. Even if I already know what I will find at the end of my research on Social Bounty, I’m still willing to look at it objectively.

How does Social Bounty actually work? How do they make money and how are they going to pay you? You need to figure out all this first logically before trusting them. If the business model makes sense, then they could be legit.

What I found out was that Social Bounty can pay you for two things; getting referrals and completing tasks. Let’s break it down to see.

You get paid $5 – $20 per referral as well as upto $50 per task. The payment for getting referrals is onto Social Bounty and the payment for tasks comes from the companies that offer them. But realistically, all the income as far as we can see, comes from those companies that Social Bounty has contracted with.

So for Social Bounty, the income comes from the companies that offer the tasks. Let’s say that a company like Coca Cola needing a total of 300,000 surveys to be completed and paid $10 per survey. That’s $3M only in surveys!

Do you think that a company would pay $3M ONLY for surveys? I really do not think so.

With other companies like SwagBucks, Survey Junkie and Points Prizes, you might only get $0.40 per survey and that’s only about $120K in expenses that those companies would have to pay.

Companies would want to spend less so what makes you think that those companies would contract up with Social Bounty with such a high payment requirement?

At this point, it is clear that Social Bounty can’t cover the expenses of those tasks, so how will they cover the cost of paying you for getting referrals?

The business model does not make any sense for the business, so at this point, I would say that this website is either gonna go bankrupt soon because of the promise of high pay OR they never actually had the intention to pay you.

My hunch is the latter, where they are using the promise of high pay to lure you into the scheme.

Red Flags Showing Social Bounty Might Be A Scam

The truth is that I would have stopped at the business model as proof, but of course, I know a lot of you will require even more evidence as to why you shouldn’t be signing up with Social Bounty. Below you’ll find a few more red flags.

1. Fake creator and staff

The creator of Social Bounty is said to be Kiya Kramaric and we even have photo of her. I tried to do a search and nothing came up; not a Twitter account, not a Facebook account, not a LinkedIn account. NOTHING AT ALL!

So now that I know such name does not exist and it is a made up one, the creator is trying to hide who they are. But it’s okay, let’s try looking for traces of the photo.

What I found is that it must be a stock photo (a photo that just about anybody can buy and use on the internet). I figures that out when I visited another website that had the same photo but a different name.

And that wasn’t the case only with the “creator” but with the other members of the Social Bounty “staff” as well.

What’s the use of creating fake personalities to try and prove legitimacy of a website? The truth is that a lot of scam websites do this so as not to get caught or sued. They change their names and photos with every new scam hey create.

If you don’t do your research on these creators, then you’ll most likely be scammed.

2. Fake payment proofs

I know you were probably hoping to get paid from Social Bounty but where is the hope when the payment proofs are completely fake?

The ABOUT page says that they’ve been in business since 2012 but the website was only created on December 28, 2019 as per the below:

Why lie? They’ve been in business for less than a month from today, the date this review was published.

And what we find is that the payment proofs are from February 2019 and and July 2019, when the website didn’t even exist. It’s an impossible feat, right?

Not only that but when you try to do some independent research on finding payment proofs for Social Bounty, there are NO solid proofs to be found.

So the conclusion is that the payment proofs posted are completely fake and made up. Nobody has actually gotten paid from Social Bounty.

3. Fake video testimonials

First of all, there really aren’t any REAL video testimonials with people showing you their Paypal accounts or Bank accounts with payment from Social Bounty. All you’ll find is that one video on their website, showing you inside the members area.

He claims to have made money but doesn’t show it. He then even encourages you to sign up and view the video testimonials on the INSIDE of Social Bounty but don’t fall for it

Have you noticed the title of those videos? They’re all from VIRAL MARKET, which is nothing but a scam with a history of not paying its members. So, there are no real video testimonials with sufficient proof of payment from Social Bounty.

4. Similar websites that never paid anybody

Again, not only is this website related to a scam like Viral Market, but it is also similar to a lot of other scams that I have already exposed on this very website and on my Youtube Channel.

Being associated with all of these other scams is NOT a good thing. Take a look at some of the things that other people are saying about these websites.

Is Social Bounty a Scam?

From my perspective, Social Bounty looks like a scam. I wouldn’t waste my time with this website because it does not look legitimate and it does not look like you’ll really receive payment for your hard work.

If a company wants to be upfront and clean, they wouldn’t lie to you; they wouldn’t make up a fake creator and a fake staff, they wouldn’t make up the date of when they launched, they wouldn’t make up payment proofs or video testimonials.

Even if this company and website were legitimate, how can you trust them with anything they say? For me, there needs to be a trust factor and that begins with being honest and upfront from the inception of the company.

That’s what I strive to do with this website and that’s why I always am upfront and honest about everything.

After all this, even I wouldn’t feel comfortable to sign up with such a company. How can I even promote them if that’s the case? I can’t think of making money lying to others and manipulating the truth.

From all the obvious signs and red flags I’ve uncovered, I deem Social Bounty a scam and that I do NOT recommend it.

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Lots of Love,


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