SpininCash Review – The Best Way To Earn on Social Media?

SpininCash reviewIf you’re here, you’re looking for an honest SpininCash review. And I feel you! There are too many people on the internet that are promoting it, without any proof that the website works.

And moreover, they’re hoping to get paid by having you join, so obviously, they won’t tell you the bad things about the website. What’s worse, is that they might not even know whether the website is a scam or not themselves.

That’s why I took it into my own hands to write this review. I don’t promote SpininCash so you can rest assured that I’m not going to try to get you to sign up. This review is going to be honest and unbiased.

And it will reveal all the ugly truth about SpininCash that the you, and even the people promoting the website, need to know. As soon as you get to know this, you’ll get turned off, guaranteed!

SpininCash At A Glance

Website: SpininCash.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Make money online referring others and completing small tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend it?: No! It’s a scam that has a track record of NOT paying its members. It’s a complete waste of your time as you’ll lose rather than gain with SpininCash. Trust me, don’t even sign up for this!

What Is SpininCash?

SpininCash claims to be a website where you can make easy money using social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They say you could make upto $1000 every day!

That’s some pretty bold claims, right? I mean, I’ve never used a website that made so much money simply using social media and that too, for free!

And moreover, I don’t believe that it’s gonna be possible with SpininCash either. That’s because I’ve seen those claims before with some other websites that I’ve reviewed before;

1) Earn2Flex

2) Cash For Share

3) Referral Pay

4) CashGem

5) GoEarn

And those websites were proved to be scams! They all had the same layout, claims, payment proofs and even their About page were similar. That’s when I knew that those websites were created by the same scammer.

But even if I was seeing this website for the first time, I would be suspicious. That’s because the amount of money they claim that you can make is just too much for this kind of website. It’s a GPT website much like Swagbucks.

And I’ve never heard of anybody getting rich completing tasks. LOL

So let me prove to you today that those suspicions are NOT ill-founded. You’ll be pretty surprised at what I have to reveal to you.


How SpininCash Works

The most important thing to determine when trying to figure out whether a website is a scam or not, is how the website actually makes money. You want to know whether the website business model works.

And let me tell you that it does NOT work with SpininCash.

The truth is that I’ve found a loophole that makes the survival of SpininCash very slim. And it’s got to do with how the website makes money.

You see, a business, whether online or offline, needs to have some sort of revenue, and the only way that I found a source of revenue for SpininCash is through people completing the tasks.

So yes, you can earn by sharing your links on social media, get people to click on the link and sign up in order to make money, but people can also make money by completing these small tasks.

When somebody completes a task, SpininCash gets paid and they’ll pay you your share. So far, it makes sense. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

But when we also consider the amount that SpininCash is willing to pay for you to complete those tasks, it starts falling apart. You see, they claim to pay you $35 – $150 per task.

I know it might sound exciting to get paid so much for a single task, but have you stopped to think of the other side of the equation? This money is coming out of other COMPANIES’ pockets. Who would want to pay so much?

I mean, nobody would want to pay so much, especially when there are cheaper and more reputable websites like SwagBucks around. There is no way that anybody would want to do business with SpininCash when Swagbucks might only be charging just a few dollars for the same task.

Moreover, SpininCash is not only looking for money to be able to pay you for the tasks, but also to cover other payments, like sign up bonuses and referral bonuses too. So is SpininCash charging $200 for a task then?

This makes no sense! If I were a company, I would never pay $200 simply to have somebody sign up with their email to enter a draw.

The Serious Red Flags – Pay Attention To These!

1) Who created SpininCash?

Well, if we try to look for the creator of SpininCash, don’t be shocked when I tell you that I wasn’t able to find anything. Not on the website and not even on the internet.

This means that the creator is anonymous and that poses a problem. Most of the time, when I reviewed a website that didn’t disclose the name of the creator, it turned out to be a scam or so low-quality that it didn’t work.

They remain anonymous because they know at some point that you’ll figure out it is all a scam and you would want to fine them or sue them. That’s why they protect themselves by not revealing their identity.

So knowing this, why would you trust anything on the website? Moreover, with the amount of websites that look and work similarly that never paid out, how can you be sure that SpininCash will pay? How do you know they’re not lies?

2) VERY new website

The next red flag is that SpininCash is a VERY new website. They make it seem as if they’ve been around for a while to fool you, but really, they’ve only been live for a few weeks.

As per WHOIS, SpininCash was created on Jun 3rd, 2020.

Sure, they want you to think that they are trustworthy because the longer a website has been around, the less likely it is a scam. But in general, you have to understand that a few weeks is not enough to establish a good track record.

Track records should go at least a year or two back. That’s when you can analyze and determine whether a website can really be trusted; based on the history and payment track records.


3) Fake income proofs and testimonials?

Unfortunately, I’ve got bad news. Most of us will count on the payment proofs and the testimonials of other people who have already used the website in order to determine whether the website is worth our time.

But not this time! This time, the payment proofs and testimonials are completely fake!

You know how we already found out that SpininCash was created about 3 weeks ago, right? And it makes sense that nobody could get paid prior to that, right?

Well, SpininCash is claiming that it paid a few people in January. Just take a look.

But that’s not possible since SpininCash didn’t even exist then, right? So these payment proofs are definitely made up and completely fake!

Moreover, you also have the testimonials that say they’ve been using this website for a year or 5 months. That’s impossible as well because the website has only been around a few weeks. So those can’t possibly be real testimonials.

Then, considering that SpininCash has been around for such a short period of time, the creators also claim that they’ve paid out $9.8M to its members. Again, this is not realistic and I find it hard to believe. It makes no sense.

4) Are you 99 years of age or older?

This might sound like a funny or silly question because 99% of us probably aren’t 99 years of age or older, so you might think the question is irrelevant. But no! It’s very important.

You see, I went to the Terms and Conditions page of SpininCash and I found out that if you are under the age of 99, then you are not allowed to us SpininCash.


Yeah, I was pretty shocked and giggly at the same time. That’s ridiculous, right?

Well, that’s exactly how SpininCash is gonna get away with NOT paying you because they will say that you are under the age of 99 and you used the website, when the terms say that you are not allowed to.

So there you go, the biggest proof that SpininCash is not gonna pay you. They’ll do and say anything to get out of that bind.

Is SpininCash A Scam?

You already know the answer that I’m about to give you. Yes, SpininCash is a big scam that you should avoid. It’s a complete waste of your time and with this many red flags, I doubt anybody would want to sign up.

Not only does it look similar to the other scams that I’ve exposed in the past, but it also has the same red flags. So it’s safe to assume that the same person is behind all of them, including SpininCash.

If the person never paid anybody through the other websites, then there really is a slim chance of them paying you through this one.

Then, you also find out that the business model makes no sense! The way that money is coming in for the business, supposedly through those tasks, makes it impossible to be good enough to cover all the other payments.

And what about the suspicious creator we know nothing about? What about the fact that the website is really new and hasn’t had the time to establish a good history and track record?

Oh and the lies about the payments! That’s even worse! The payment proofs and even the testimonials are all made up and completely fake. Nobody could have made money on a website that didn’t exist.

And the last bit, the one about needing to be 99 years old or older to use this website is just hilarious! They’re trying to get out of the obligation of paying you for your work.

So yeah, I believe that SpininCash is 100% a scam.

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Thanks for reading my SpininCash review. I ask that you leave a comment below if you’ve tried the website. Let us know if you’ve gotten paid (the money made it to your bank account) so others can make an informed decision.

Lots of Love,


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