Steal My System Review – $3K Per Week System?

If you’ve found this Steal My System review, then I know exactly what you’re looking for!

Making money on the internet seems so easy with the many claims coming from gurus. Don’t they make you feel dumb, so to speak, that it’s so easy and yet, you have not found a way to make it work?

But why is it that you have not found a program that works for you? Well, let me tell you that programs like Steal My System are the exact reason why and I’ll prove it to you! Hold off on buying this program until you’ve read this review IN ITS ENTIRETY!

There are a few things you should know before jumping in and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Note that I absolutely DO NOT promote this program!

Steal My System At A Glance


Owner: “Steve”

Purpose: Does not reveal how

Price: $30+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! Smells like a scam!

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What is Steal My System?

Just looking at the sales page made me feel uneasy; it looked like so many of the other sales pages related to scams and low-quality programs, with the big, bold claim that you can make $3000 per week using the system. Now that’s a system that I would stay away from because making that kind of money is FAR from easy.

What would seem attractive to newbies too, is that the program can work without any experience or any computer or phone. Now how the heck is that supposed to work? How would you even come across this sales page without having a computer or a phone in the first place? Makes NO sense!

Apart from that, I watched the whole video and I was appalled at the kind of claims that Steve was making. He claimed that you could duplicate his system to make $3000 a day (wasn’t it a $3000/week before?) and that it would completely change your life.

But I want you to know that I have been in the online world for 3 years now (I’ve been an affiliate marketer for one year) and that making money online, especially $3000 a DAY, is far from easy. Even I’m not making that amount of money yet. It takes time and a lot of WORK.

He showed us a few testimonials and moved onto telling us his sob story that seemed like utter CRAP! It’s so familiar to me and I can recognize these lies as soon as I hear them because I write about make-money-online programs everyday, and a lot of scams use videos and stories like this.

But once upon a time, it would have softened my heart and I would have bought the program, which is exactly what Steve wants. Falling for scams and losing so much money is the reason why I am here writing these reviews today, because I don’t want you falling for them like I did before.

A Few Red Flags To Consider

Aside from the sales page, there are a few other red flags that I recognized coming from the video and they are almost the same that I find with MOST make -money-online programs on the internet. And guess what those programs are? ALL SCAMS!

So if you ever come across these red flags anywhere else, know that these programs are to be avoided! Here they are;

1) Steve WHO?

Didn’t you notice that Steve didn’t give you a last name? Or a photo of himself? If he were so rich, then he would have photos of himself when he was younger. He would have photos of himself vacationing or driving around in his “ferrari”. Don’t you find it odd that he didn’t share anything of the sort?

That’s a red flag because most scammers will want to hide behind the video. They don’t want to reveal themselves because they’d get in trouble with the law. They want to remain anonymous so that they don’t get pursued for refunds and also because they usually create a series of scams and don’t want to be recognized.

If he were a real person who wanted the best for everybody, don’t you think he would have wanted to stand out from the other scams online by revealing who he really was? That would definitely have brought more credibility to his intentions, his program and his story.

But that’s not the case! So don’t believe a word he says. If he can hide his real identity, he can do pretty much ANYTHING!

2) No info on how the program works

The whole video revolved around him, how he was a rich kid and never earned anything in his life and how he is able to earn for himself now, thanks to his father’s system.

But is the system in question discussed at any time during the video? Not really! You’re not told what the system does, how you’ll make money, where the money will come from or what you’re going to be taught at all. How do you know it’s nothing illegal?

If I were a newbie, I would trust Steve because he shared his story and was willing to put his money on the line so I could have the system. That’s the way that I would see it. But in reality, with the knowledge that I now have with making money online, all I see are his lies and his deceptive tactics.

He says the program will make you money and a lot of it, but knowing that Steve wants to hide behind the video now makes me doubt his story and everything that goes with it, specially because NOTHING about the program is revealed.

3) Fake testimonials

Yes, the testimonials are all fake. You would think that they would be from real users of the program but unfortunately, these people are just paid actors, hired from a freelance website called Fiverr. They have never used the program and have never made any money with it.

To show you how common this is, you can take a look at other reviews that I wrote, that involve paid actors;

1) Click Click Cash

2) EZ Bay Payday

3)  YT Crusher

4) Easy Retired Millionaire

Additionally, Steve said that these people were BETA testers for the programs, but if his father had been making millions of dollars with his program, isn’t that enough proof that the system worked? Why would he need BETA testers?

And even if he wanted to prove the system worked by BETA testing, then why use paid actors? I’m sure the TRUE BETA testers, if there were any, would have been happy to give a free testimonial. I know I would have done that. Why pay for testimonials when you can get them for free right?

4) Make a ton of money with little to no work

That’s the biggest lie that has ever been told in work history; that you can make money with little to no work. And that’s why many people are falling for those scams, because they want to make easy money. They can’t be bothered with the technicalities that comes with making money online and learning what it takes to become successful.

I’m sorry but if that’s you, then you’ll just keep falling for those scams because there just isn’t a push button system or a system that will make you money that easily.

You either need A TON of money to become successful or A TON of work. Either you PAY people to do all the work while you cash in the profits, which is not something that most people can do, OR you invest TIME into the business learning the ins and outs, without needing big investments, which is something that most people find tedious and don’t want to do.

But you’re never going to be successful not investing money AND not putting in the time to create and grow your business.

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What Can You Expect After Buying The Program?

I was almost ready to buy the program but something told me to do some research beforehand. And I was right to, because it saved me some money and I’m still able to write this review and expose the system.

It turns out that this scam has been around for a few years now and it has grown in popularity. Something was not right; how can a SCAM grow in popularity? Usually what happens is the scam is created, many people fall victim to it, reviews start popping up exposing the scam and the buzz and sales about the program dies out.

But it didn’t work out this way with this program. The sales video was so good that it was attracting many people to buy on impulse, thus, making the scammer more money. And I came to know of the reason why; that’s because the program was being changed around.

Thanks to my other fellow reviewers, I was able to find out that depending on the sales page you land on, you could be led to different programs; Automated Daily Income, Vibrant Money System or Explosive Payday. And guess what these are? All proved to be scams!

So as you can see, the scammer behind this program just wants your money and is in no way interested to really help you out. From the video, there was only ONE system that Steve’s father left. How did we end up with 3 different ones, all proved to be scams, when Steve’s father wanted to STOP this scamming?

Steal My System – A Scam?

Oh yes, I bet my butt it is a COMPLETE scam. I highly recommend that you avoid it if you want to keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet. There are just too many things that don’t add up and too many red flags that make this too similar to the other scams that I have reviewed before.

The fact that Steve does not go the extra mile to prove to you that he is a real person, the fact that he does not tell you what this online business involves and the fact that he tells you that you can make money just by owning his system, are all reasons to believe that Steal My System is a scam.

The cherry on the pie is that depending on which sales page you land on, you will be directed to different programs that have all been proved to be scams and useless, which is so much different than what we were told by Steve in his video. There’s a lack of transparency and an air of negative vibes.

This program is a scam and I highly recommend that you stay away from it.

Let Me Help You! – Discover How I Make Money Online

Unlike Steve, I will tell you exactly what I do to make money online and I won’t BS you like he did. I won’t make any crazy promises. I will just explain what I do.

There are many methods to making money online but my favorite, is called Affiliate Marketing. What I do on a daily basis is sit at my computer for a few hours, typing up articles about products that I love and that I think will help people out. I make sure to include keywords and an affiliate link to get paid each time somebody buys through my link.

Google sends visitors to my website FOR FREE and people can choose whether to buy or not. There is no selling, no coercing, no recruiting. I do it all from the comfort of home and I make a passive income online. I know a lot of people that are making full-time income with this method too.

Are you interested to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and make REAL money online? If yes, then you’re in luck! The program that I recommend, which is actually the one that I also followed as a newbie, is a program that allows you to start your online business for FREE!

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You’ll get all the training, all the support and all the tools needed for a successful business. I EXPOSE scams so if I were out to scam you, I would have promoted every single crappy program that appeared in front of me, but I don’t do that because I have been scammed before and genuinely want to help you.

Besides, if I was doing it for the money online, I would have promoted a program to you that needed payment upfront. But this program is FREE to start and you can leave when you want and I won’t have any hard feelings. At least you can try it out to see if this is something that you would be interested to do.

Anyways, sign up for it, like I said, it’s free and you have nothing to lose and I will get in touch with you on the inside. I’m a TOP 50 member within this platform too, so know that I am always there for you! 🙂

In the meantime, be safe online! Any questions that you may have, I will be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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