Stealth Commissions Review (By Ben Martin) – Is It Any Good?

Welcome to my Stealth Commissions Review!

It’s a training program created by Ben Martin. Ben flashes his income at you, making thousands of dollars a day. He must be doing something right but how can you really be sure that he is going to show you exactly how he makes money online?

Well, that why I had written this review today; I want to show you exactly what’s inside the program and whether this system is going to be worth it for you. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether you’ll be getting the value you’re looking for within this program.

Keep in mind that I’m not an affiliate and I don’t promote Stealth Commissions. So you can rest assured that my review of this program today is going to be completely unbiased.

Let’s get to it!

Stealth Commissions At A Glance


Owner: Ben Martin

Purpose: Make Money creating youtube videos

Price: $14.95 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Yes!

Here’s Why You Keep Failing With Making Money Online

What Is Stealth Commissions?

Stealth Commissions is a system that’s said to make you $150+ a day on autopilot, even within 24 hours as a complete newbie. You don’t have to pay for traffic as Ben will show you a way to get FREE traffic to your offers and he claims that you can use his methods to dominate any niche.

However, one thing that I don’t agree with, is telling you that you can make money within 24 hours and on autopilot  because it’s just a sales tactic. Yes, it can happen but the chances of that happening are very slim, specially if you’re a newbie.

Making money on autopilot will come but you need to work on it BEFOREHAND. Ben isn’t going to tell you that because most people just want to make quick money. The income proof that you see him flashing, is as a result of hard work, persistence and consistency.

If you’re thinking that you’re going to join this program and start making full-time income of $150+ every single day and quit your job within a month, you’re going to be disappointed.

But if you’re willing to create a successful online business, then read on, as I explain what you’ll get within this program. It’s a little frustrating because Ben does not share what the program will be ABOUT. I hate it when these creators do that; if their program is legit, why not just tell us what it’s going to teach us?

That way, a lot more people would be able to make better buying decisions. But anyhow, that’s why I’m here writing this review; to tell you what this program is about so you can decide on whether to get it or not.

How Does Stealth Commissions Work?

Looking past the hype on the sales page and the fact that information on what is inside the system is completely omitted, I have to say that I didn’t expect it to be any good. I was pleasantly surprised!

What Ben will be teaching you within the program is how to create and rank Youtube videos. Videos, as we know it now, is a big and sure way to getting traffic and leads. And, we know Youtube is free, so Ben does live up to his promises.

The training is mostly in video format and you get an over-the-shoulder view of his screen, where he shows you exactly what to do and what not to do. The videos average about 13 minutes each and are straight to the point and easy to understand. He also starts from scratch, so this training is very newbie-friendly.

You are taught how to set up your channel the right way, how to dig for good keywords, how to do on-page and off-page SEO and I love how you get tons of bonuses that you can use to kickstart your vlogging career.

What I like about Youtube marketing, is that you really don’t have to spend a lot of time creating videos, which is great for people with busier schedules. After a few videos, you’ll get the hang of it and it won’t take you as long to create and publish a video at all!

The Upsells

As with most make-money-online programs, there are upsells. But the upsells within Stealth Commissions won’t break the bank. There are only two upsells and from my perspective, they do give a ton of value. Here they are;

1) Stealth Traffic Packge – $27

With this upsell, you get access to a list of top-ranked keywords that Ben has created himself and has used himself in the past. I would question how good they are because if he is giving them out to you, then everybody would have a list of the same keywords and when they would use it, competition would go up.

The most value is where you get instant access to 5 ready-made funnels that you can promote. This gives you products to promote as a newbie if you have no idea what to promote. He will even give you instant commissions (where most people outside of the program would be under deferred commissions).

Another big value here, is that he will give you access to his private email address for 30 days, where you’ll be able to ask one question a day pertaining to your online business and he will personally answer them to help you move forward.

2) Stealth Commissions Kit – $47

This upsell comes with a lot of value too.

You’ll get additional training on how to rank on the first page of Google very quickly, which will also help your rankings on Youtube. The training is in video format and shows you his screen over-the-shoulder, so you can see exactly what he does and how he does it.

He also goes over how he finds keywords for SEO and where he sends his visitors for maximum conversion once they find him.

Additionally, he will share the secrets of how he comes up with catchy titles for your videos, that will compel people to click and watch your video.

Some Things To Consider If You’re A Newbie

The training and even the upsells are almost without reproach – notice, I said almost! That’s because there’s ONE important factor missing here that I think you should know as a newbie.

Although he does give you the rights to freely promote some of his products and gives you 100% commission on them, there isn’t a training on HOW to choose a niche or profitable products to promote. How will you make use of the training when you don’t KNOW what to promote in the first place?

The issue you might face is the fact that all the products and funnels that he will give you, will be around the make-money-online niche. So if helping others make-money-online is not your passion or preferred niche, then you won’t last long.

Yes, the make-money-online niche is very lucrative and almost EVERYBODY wants to make money online, either as side income or to replace their full income. But that’s why it’s so competitive! It will take you A LONG TIME to see results. Trust me, I’m within this niche and it took me 10 months to see my first sale.

If it was not really my passion to help others avoid scams and to direct them to legit programs, I woud not have lasted as long.

In my opinion, there should have been some training on how to choose a niche or at least, how to choose products to promote. That would have made the training more complete and better-suited for beginners who are just starting out online and who have NO idea about how the online world works.

Let’s Conclude This Stealth Commissions Review

I must say that I was very surprised by the depth of the training and the value that you get for only $14.95. That’s one program that I can say will really work, even without the upsells.

Apart from the fact that there isn’t training on how to choose a niche or find profitable products to promote, I have to say that I do recommend you try this program if you want to make money on Youtube. Like I said, he does provide you with done-for-you funnels of some of his programs that you can promote until you find your own.

The training is so easy to understand and Ben will give you step-by-step instructions, such that even if you’re a complete newbie, you’ll be able to make this work.

Just don’t expect it to start making you money within 24 hours as a newbie, because that’s not going to happen, unless you’re already an intermediate online marketer looking to diversify how you get traffic to your website through Youtube.

Are You Camera-Shy? Here’s An Alternative…

I know, I used to be too! That’s why I didn’t start off making videos in my niche. It would be so embarrassing if I made a mistake. To this day, I have NEVER been live on Youtube or on Facebook. So I know exactly how you feel.

However, I’m living proof that you don’t have to be on Youtube to start making money online. I’m also camera-shy and I hate the sound of my voice, so I started my online business simply writing articles, getting it ranked and making sure I include my affiliate link to get compensated for every sale I create.

Isn’t that simple?

With practice, I now only need about 2 – 3 hours a day to work on my website and I make passive income every single day! If you want to learn how I do it, then I have good news for you; the program that taught me everything I know, has a FREE trial.

Try It Out For FREE!

And even after the free trial, if you decide to upgrade to the full membership, you will be able to do so for as little as $0.98 per day! How amazing is that?!?!

The other good news is that you don’t have to recruit nor choose the make-money-online niche. Which means, that if you choose a niche you’re passionate about that is less competitive, you’ll make money MUCH sooner than if you were to choose the make-money-online niche.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself! It’s a wonderful community to be a part of and I guarantee that you’ll love it! I found a second place to call home there… 🙂

I’ll get in touch with you inside!

Til then, stay safe!


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