StealthD Review – Does It Even Work? Here’s What They Don’t Tell You!

Welcome to this StealhD review!

If you’ve been looking for an honest review, then you’ve landed on the right one, because let me tell you that I’m not one of those who is going to be pitching this product up to you or selling it to you. I’m not going to be keeping the negatives under wraps, like some of the “affiliates” of the program do.

You’ve probably been wondering whether StealthD is going to be the one system that is going to finally help you breakthrough to your first online sale or making enough to quit your full time job. That’s fine! But know the facts before investing into this program because there are things you should definitely know!

Does it work? Will you make any money? Will you be scammed again? Are they being upfront with you? I’m going to be answering these questions and revealing all that I’ve found out about the program, right here, right now!

So let’s get started!

StealthD At A Glance


Owners: Jono Armstrong/Brendan Mace

Purpose: Make money with email without an email list

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend It?: Not really!

What Is StealthD?

When I looked over the sales page, I was confused. Raise your hand if you were too!

Jono first tells us that this program has NOTHING TO DO with email marketing and then tells us that we are gonna get into people’s email without building an email list. So what is it? Has it got to do with email marketing or not?

They also say that you won’t need an autoresponder or a software to make this work. It’s so easy that anybody can do it, even if you’re a total newbie because guess what? They’ve got all the training that’s required inside.

Sure, but that does not really impress me. With the many products that Brendan and Jono have released, they always say that it’s going to be easy, beginner-friendly and show you that you can make a lot of money doing it. That sound great but it really gets old when they say the same thing with all their products.

If you read my other reviews, like Bang Bang Profits and The Secret Weapon, you’ll see what I mean.

They also always hide some things from you on the sales page, which means that you will only find out the whole story when you actually buy the product and get to the member’s area. This has been my experience with most of their products anyway, so just a word of caution.

I’m not saying that StealthD is like that because it would be unfair before I jump into the actual program, but just wanted to let you know of my experiences.

I have to admit though that the idea of getting into people’s inboxes, specially Gmail inboxes, really piqued my curiosity because usually, you would need to build an email list to be authorized to email your subscribers. But it seems here that you won’t need a landing page or an autoresponder to be able to make this work.

So I’m going to give it chance. I’m just still a little skeptical, which I guess is healthy at this point.

How StealthD Works

As soon as you shake off the upsells, you get to the member’s area. I will discuss the upsells soon but let’s take a look at the main product first before jumping on them and getting them. I didn’t want to get them so soon because I didn’t even know if the main product was even good yet.

Just an FYI: I also recommend that you don’t get the upsells before knowing exactly whether you want them or not because they’re so conveniently (for the creators) not refundable under the money-back guarantee.

So, the member’s area. My first impressions are that this is really LITTLE content for what you usually get with other products: only 4 core training videos with 2 more videos that are the intro and the conclusion. I do like video trainings because I’m a visual learner and you’ll like too if you’re like me.

When I went through the training, I found out that you basically will be reaching your email audience through Google Ads and doing affiliate marketing.

You know how you go into your inbox and see some ads right above your latest email? That’s where your ads will appear and will look something like this:

And if you don’t know, affiliate marketing is a way of making money online that will have you promote others’ products for a commission or compensation. I’m an affiliate marketing and make passive income with this method so I can tell you that this is absolutely legit.

So you’re walked through how to create an account and you get $100 credit to use with Google Ads.

You also have a training video to show you how to pick your offers and how to get approved as a beginner using WarriorPlus and JVZOO. I like that this is included because a lot of times, other programs will not give you tips and tricks or things to say when you’re applying in order to get approved.

It’s hard to get approved as a new affiliate marketer on these platforms so the tips and tricks are appreciated and will help you.

You’re then walked through how to create a simple campaign as well as an attractive image using a free software called Canva. Then, you learn how to make it live.

To be honest with you, it’s not a bad course and there will definitely be value if you want to take your business this way, but it’s not worth the $13 that you pay for it. Additionally, I never recommend for newbies to start with paid traffic to start making money online.

How Much Will This Actually Cost You? – NOT Risk-Free!!!

Apart from the 30 day money back guarantee that you get with your initial purchase, there really isn’t anything else that is NOT risk-free.

I mean, I touched upon not recommending paid ads if you are a newbie with online marketing and here’s the reason why: even with the training, you will not end up with the perfect campaign on your first try. Jono will recommend $10 per day as a budget, which will be $300 by the end of the 30 days for the money back guarantee.

Of those $300, you won’t be counting the first $100 because of the credit that you’re gonna be getting as a new sign up to Google Ads. So that means that you’re going to be out $200 AT LEAST by the end of the 30 days, with only the ads. And in my experience, that is NOT enough to make the kind of money that is depicted on the sales page.

You need money for trial and error with ads to see which ones perform the best and will often times need to have several campaigns running at the same time. If you test 3 campaigns each with a $10 per day budget, that’s $900 a month in investment to run the business.

Oh by the way, there was never a mention of how much money it would cost to run the business on the sales page, right? That’s the one aspect of the business that they hide from you. Why have visitors be excited on the sales page to then have their dreams crushed because they don’t have the budget for such a business, right?

But anyways, that’s not the only thing that you need to consider. What about the upsells? Are they worth it? Well, here are the upsells that you’ll get with the program:

1) Upsell 1 – Limitless Traffic for 365 days – $197

With this upgrade, Jono and Brendan will put your tracking pixels on their sales page, which gets A LOT of visitors. That way, you will be able to re-target them in your Google Ads campaigns. When they’ll see your ad and decide to come to the sales page again through there, you’ll get compensated should they purchase the program through your link.

There’s no mention of any training included on how to do this.

Sure, this can be a good way to make some quick money but only if you know how to do re-targeting ad campaigns. However, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in the make-money-online niche. Else, this won’t benefit you whatsoever!

2) Upsell 2 – Advanced StealthD Strategies – $37

Within this upgrade, it seems like that’s where the re-targeting training is located. So it looks like you’ll also need to grab this upsell if you’re getting upsell 1. They also will include “advanced” strategies but really don’t go into details. They will mostly probably be more training on Google Ads.

3) Upsell 3 – $1000 Commissions Solution – $197

This is a training that will show you how to promote high ticket products and to make $1000+ commissions per sale. You’ll get ready-made video ads that you’ll be able to use. You’ll just need to drive traffic and profit, at least, that what they say.

Personally, I don’t like done-for-you stuff like that, because it does not give you an opportunity to learn and to be able to control your income. You’ll always be dependent on those kinds of materials that will eventually stop working. There’s always going to be investments into newer ads and programs this way, which is a lot of investment needed.

I would not recommend you go this way!

4) Upsell 4 – The Done-For-You Option – $67

With this upsell, you get 10 high-converting, ready-made funnels that you can just plug and play. You’ll only need to put your affiliate link in order to get compensated for each sale made through your affiliate link.

Again, I don’t like things that are done-for-you because you become dependent on them and will end up spending a lot of money. The funnels will eventually go out of fashion and the fact that you have no control over what product you’re promoting to others is a real problem.

These products will most probably be in the make-money-online niche.

5) Upsell 5 – License Rights – $97

This upsell basically gives you the right to sell StealthD as your own, and make 100% commissions on each and every sale, including every upsell purchased by your referrals. Again, this is not going to help you unless you are in the make-money-online niche.

Before I forget, let me also tell you that though there free tools that Jono encourages that you use within the training, there are also some others that are paid. So don’t expect that the $13 is all you’re gonna have to pay to make this program work. Jono has ALL the tools he needs and that’s how he is able to make so much money.

Remember that he is much more experienced that you, if you’re a beginner and therefore, you’ll need to make quite a few investments into the tools he is recommending to start earning anything.

Is StealthD A Scam?

After going through the whole program, I have to say that I do not believe StealthD to be a scam. You do get some legit training and this method is definitely something that I’ve never seen before, so some claims made on the sales page are actually real.

On the other hand, it does not mean that I’m going to be recommending it. I mean, how many times have you actually clicked on those ads that are displayed in your email inbox, right above your latest email? I have to confess that I’ve never clicked on one. Not one of them made me even slightly curious.

In my opinion, there is a slim chance of this method working, unless you know very well what you’re doing, like Jono and Brendan. The training is just not going to be enough to get you to the level you want to be at. Sure, you could make a few dollars here and there but it won’t be significant.

Also remember that it’s only the initial purchase of $13 that is risk-free and the rest isn’t. This is some pretty big risk if you ask me, especially because this program dabbles with ads. If you’re a beginner, you need at least $1000 per month to invest into those ads if you want to see any significant income figures.

The $100 credit is definitely not going to be enough.

And those upsells? They look like crap to me! It might sound a little harsh but most of these upsells aren’t cheap so you need to judge accordingly. If you do decide to get the upsells, then remember that they don’t come back with any money back guarantee.

All in all, I do not recommend StealthD because there are way better and cheaper options on the internet to start making money online that don’t involve that much risk.

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