Steven Jenkin’s Daily Cash App Review – Earn $2.6K Today?

Welcome to this Daily Cash App Review, by Steven Jenkins.

There are way too many programs on the internet nowadays that promise easy money online and I know it can be hard to filter the good ones from the bad ones. It’s equally hard with determining whether Daily Cash App is a scam too.

Is Daily Cash app a program that is going to rob you like so many of the other scammy programs, or is it really going to change your life around?

This review will deal with telling you what Daily Cash App is about and whether or not it works, and by the end, you’ll know exactly whether this program is going to be suitable for YOU.

Let’s dive right into this review!

Daily Cash App Review At A Glance


Owner; Steven Jenkins

Purpose: Unknown

Price: Free to Join

Do I Recommend It?: Nope. It’s a COMPLETE SCAM!

What is Daily Cash App?

To be honest, this sales page looks like so many of the other programs that I have reviewed before, that turned out to be scams or so low-quality, that they were not worth the money or the time.

There’s also a big heading advertising that you will be able to make upto $2600 today by using the system or software. The truth is that there is NO shortcut or push button to making money online. It takes a ton of work and time to make that kind of money in a day.

I also went through the sales video and it was typical of similar videos; it was full of hyped-up claims like making easy money within 2 hours of watching the video on complete autopilot, because the software will do all the work, and it also talked about imagining how much a 5-figure income on a monthly basis was going to change your life.

What these videos are designed to do, is to show you what you want to see and to tell you what you want to hear, so that you’re convinced that they are the real deal and to sign up with your information. Be very cautious!

Further along, you’re told how the money will be made; ad flipping. What you would do is grab ad spaces online at a low price and sell them at a higher price to people actively looking for those ad spaces. Just know that I have NEVER heard of anybody becoming successful doing such a thing.

The Red Flags

Before even signing up to the program, I already had a bad feeling about this program. There were just so many claims made that were just too good to be true and that were very similar to other scams that I had exposed in the past.

1) Steven Jenkins himself

Don’t you find it weird that we can’t verify ANYTHING that Steven says about himself? He has a picture supposedly depicting how he looks, but I found out that it’s actually a stock photo that he got from Pexels. It’s not really him.


If he isn’t even upfront with you about who he really is, then why would you believe anything that he says? His name could be fake and his story too.

This is actually very common with scammers because they don’t want to be followed or get confronted with a lawsuit. The reason for hiding who they really are is because they already know that their systems will be categorised as a scam and people will only find that out AFTER they invest into their programs.

So remember, if somebody is not upfront about who they really are, then that’s a VERY good reason to stay away from the opportunity, program or product that they created or recommended.

2) The Testimonials

As soon as I saw the testimonials too, I became hostile towards the program, not to mention being skeptical. The reason for this is that these testimonials are by PAID ACTORS from a freelance website called Fiverr. They’re not even real users of the program and I have seen them promote different scams in the past too.

They’re getting paid a measly $5 for their time creating these testimonials and to me, it looks like they don’t care whether they’re helping a scammer rob people or not, as long as they get their money.

True, there may be legit programs with paid testimonials because people may NOT want to publicly show themselves on camera, but at least, this should be communicated SOMEWHERE on the sales page. But there’s nothing.

If a program were really legit, then don’t you think that there would be tens to hundreds of satisfied users to request FREE testimonials from? I know that if I were a satisfied user, that I would definitely NOT have a problem with giving a good testimonial for free.

So from this perspective, it really does not make sense that ALL testimonials would be paid ones.

3) Make a ton of money for little to no work

THIS red flag, is one that is way to common with the make-money-online programs that I have come across. Almost every single one of them will boast being the best at making you a ton of money without you actually putting in any work.

But the truth is that it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to make money online. If it were so easy, then don’t you think that there would be less and less employees working the traditional job?

If you could really make easy money online from home, why are you still stuck at your job, after trying various programs?Why are your co-workers still complaining about their boss and about having to be stuck to the rat race?

That’s because when it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. There’s no shortcut or push button system that will make you rich overnight. If it did, then I would have found it by now, because I have written about a lot of make-money-online programs that boast the same thing and yet, ALL failed to deliver.

How Does Daily Cash App Work?

Signing up is free with the Daily Cash App and thus, I decided to make up some information about myself (except my email address) and got access to the inside of the program. At first, I put in the email address that I usually use for testing out programs like this, and it actually said that I already had an account.

That’s when I came to know that it was about a program that I had already reviewed before, but without entering another email address, I wouldn’t know which program it was. So I used another one and lo and behold! It was!

It came clearly back to me; I had already exposed this program as a complete SCAM in one of my other reviews called the AD Formula Review. The advertising was done exactly the same; using a different name for the program to lure unsuspecting people.

The problem with, is that it is taking advantage of the good reputation of another legit platform hosted on, so whoever would look at a “Click2Sell Review” would find the ones about and think that is legit, when it’s really a scam.

The layout of the website is great and you’ll have a good feel at the beginning, but as you get towards actually purchasing the ads, you’ll find that the impressions and clicks are really expensive; like $500 for 1000 impressions only, when you could pay $15 for 1000 impressions elsewhere on the internet.

You’ll also find that there are tons of errors in their ad headings, that seem very suspicious.

Additionally, they are affiliated with BannerBit, that has grown a really bad reputation, because they have been robbing people of their money online.

If you look for complaints on BannerBit, you’ll actually come to know that it’s the same SAME thing as, where people would be conned into thinking they were actually earning, and when they would cash out, they would be asked to upload a ton of verification documentation to then get banned altogether from the platform.

Not good news at all, right?

Steven Jenkins Daily Cash App Review – Conclusion

The Daily Cash App is ABSOLUTELY a scam that you need to stay away from. You’re only going to lose your money to this program while the scammer will be laughing all the way to the bank. Not only did I have a bad feeling from seeing the sales page initially, but as you can see, everything is fake about it.

The picture of the owner is fake, his name and his story probably are too. The testimonials are fake and the name of the program is fake. Moreover, this program leads you to, which I have already exposed as a scam from a previous review that I wrote.

Investing into this program is going to be a HUGE mistake, as once you give them your money, you’re never going to see it again. The platform will con you into thinking that you’re actually making money but there really is no way for you to withdraw it. Either they’ll ask for your identification to sell it before banning you, or they will just ban you altogether.

I highly recommend that you stay away from this program. It is A SCAM!

Are You Looking For The BEST Online Business Model For Newbies?

Knowing that Daily Cash App is a scam surely saved you, but it does not take care of the issue at hand; finding a legitimate way to make money online. In my experience, the best way for a newbie to start making money online, is to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is NOT complicated. All you need to do, is to promote a program or a product and each sale that you facilitate, you make money! Kaching! I make a passive income with this model of making money online and so, I can tell you first hand that it works!

All you really have to do, is write about your passion, insert a keyword and insert your affiliate link and voila! Let Google and the other search engines do the work of attracting people to you FOR FREE and get paid each time somebody decides to take up your offer.

There’s no selling or forcing people to buy. There’s no recruiting and it’s such an EASY PROCESS that you have to rinse and repeat. I’m not saying that you will make money overnight. What I’m saying is that if you rinse and repeat enough times and work on it, THEN YOU CANNOT FAIL!

Obviously, you’ll need to learn about how it all works and what better way is there than to START FOR FREE? There’s no payment at sign up when you join the exact same program that taught me everything that I know about making money online doing this.


I really hope you take up this offer, as I will be delighted to help you get started on changing your life. I don’t make money when you join as a free member, so know that I genuinely want to help you.

Sign up now and I’ll get in touch with you on the inside.

Kisses and hugs,



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