Stomperrr Review – Make $1000 Per Day Without Doing Any Work?

Stomperrr review

Welcome to my Stomperrr review. You’re probably here because you’re wanting to have a break from all of those people promoting the program to you. You want an honest review for once, and I don’t blame you.

Most of the people who are writing a Stomperrr review are affiliates of the program and for each time that somebody buys it, they make commissions off the sale. So are they going to be honest and tell you about the downfall of the program?

Obviously not!

So at the end of the review, you can’t really trust them to be honest and tell you eveything there is to know about the program. That’s why I’m here to tell you all the ugly truth about Stomperrr.

Why should you believe me? That’s because I’ve been making money online for almost 3 years now and my income keeps growing every month. I know what works and what does not work. So here’s to the truth!

Stomperrr At A Glance


Creator: Brendan Mace

Purpose: Help other business owners improve their website for better speed, conversions and sales

Price: $18+

Do I Recommend It?: It’s not a scam but I definitely don’t recommend it for beginners because they won’t have the skills necessary for it. It may be okay for intermediate and advanced online marketers but they wouldn’t use it.

What Is Stomperrr?

Brendan claims that Stomperr is a software that will help you find customers to which you will be able to sell services worth thousands of dollars. The software will automate everything for you so there’s no work to be done at all.

Making some great money online without having to do any work sounds really good, right? Especially when Brendan says that it will put you in a position to HELP others.

Moreover, there are no skills, no website and no experience that’s needed to make this work. Just let the software find the customers AND follow the system to have the problems resolved, all without lifting a finger.

Well, I don’t buy it. The truth is that Brendan is a product creator, which means that the way that HE makes money is by creating and releasing a few different programs every month and sells them.

Affiliates of his program will promote his products for a cut of the money, which is why they will never really tell you the truth. They want to tell you all the good things, and maybe even LIE to you in order to get you to buy the program.

They’re in it for the money too.

What I want you to understand is that if the programs that he releases really worked, then he wouldn’t have to be creating so many different products all the time. He would be using his own products to make more money.

Moreover, he wouldn’t be selling them for only $18 a-piece if it could really make you $1000 a day.

I mean $18 is so affordable for everybody and if just about everybody could use a software to make $1000 a day, then nobody would be struggling to make money online. Everybody would have been earning online without having to work a their regular jobs for 8 hours a day.

ESPECIALLY during this pandemic, don’t you think so?

What’s Inside The Member’s Area?

I want to start by thanking Brendan for giving a demonstration of how Stomperrr works, because it really gave me all I needed to write this review. And sure, to a beginner it looks amazing, but to me, not so much.

Let me just tell you first how this program is going to work and how it’s supposed to help you.

What you’ll need to do is choose a keyword about a topic and look within a specific city, zip code area or a country. The software will compile all of the customers’ websites within that range and bring up their website scores.

The software will test the websites based on their speed, their performance and so on, as well as provide you with their contact information, based on what’s on their own website.

Then, you’ll be contacting those companies that don’t get a high enough score by using the pre-written emails that Brendan will have for you. In those emails, you’ll be offering your services to make their scores better.

In other words, you’ll help them optimize their websites. Except that you probably don’t have ANY knowledge of websites if you’re a beginner. So how are you going to help them?

Brendan seems to have a solution to that. He will tell you to seek the help of experts from freelance websites, like, where you’ll be hiring them to do the work for you.

But again, this is not a good idea. I’ll tell you why.

The Flaws – Definitely Not Suitable For Beginners

It sounds really good to find the customers and not have to do anything by yourself. It sounds even better when the sales page says that you don’t have to learn anything. You don’t need to have skills and you don’t need to have knowledge.

But the truth is that you DO need the knowledge at least. That’s because nobody is gonna trust you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Do you think a customer is just gonna hand over his money just because you “say” they need solutions to their website problems? They’ll want to see proof that you’ve helped others before and that you know what you’re talking about.

And so, they’re gonna ask questions. They’ll want to know HOW you’re going to help them and what the solution will entail in general. If you’ve got no knowledge, then how will you tell them what the problem is with their website?

How are you doing to tell them what the solution is and how the solution is going to work, how it’s going to help make their website better?

Now you understand what I mean when I say that Stomperrr is not for beginners?

Believe me when I tell you this, because I’ve been through so many of Brendan’s products and NONE of them worked as expected. None of them produced the results that he claimed you could get.

Take for example, the few products he just released within the past few months that I already reviewed:

1) Set & Forget

2) 1 Page Profits

3) Print Monkey

They all had flaws, so why would you believe him now? His sales pages have always been hyped up, to tell you what you want to hear, to manipulate you and make you want the success so bad you’ll believe his lies.

And what’s worse is that the affiliates of his programs are covering up for him because they know he knows how to SELL very well. So they promote his products, piggy-backing on his sales skills to make money, without any regard to YOUR success and YOUR hard-earned money.

Let me also tell you that even if you were an intermediate to advanced online marketer, you wouldn’t need his software to earn $1000 per day online. You would have the skills needed to do other things that would make you passive income.

Whereas with Stomperrr, you HAVE to work hard to convince a potential customer each time and run the possibility of not even landing the sale. You have to keep working to acquire new customers. It won’t be passive.


1) Brendan is a real person who knows how to sell and make money doing online marketing (but he just needs to tone it down with his promises of getting rich quick and create products that actually work)

2) Software works to some extent

3) It could potentially work for somebody with intermediate to advanced experience in online marketing, if they choose to go this route

4) 30 day money back guarantee


1) Hyped up sales page and a ton of lies!

2) Unrealistic income claims

3) Brendan has a history of bad products that don’t work

4) NOT beginner-friendly

5) Most times, you will have to email Brendan for a refund and he does NOT respond to those emails. I’m telling you this from experience, as well as from some of my readers’ comments. So you might not get your money back.

Is Stomperrr A Scam?

It really is subjective because it depends on how you personally define a scam. If a scam to you is a program where you buy it and don’t get anything in return and are not able to get your money back, then Stomperrr is not a scam.

But it does not mean that it is a good product. On the other hand, even if it is not a scam, it’s not of quality. AND it does not live up to expectations that they are selling to you on the sales page.

That’s why I do not recommend Stomperrr. I don’t want to make money by promoting his products even if it could make me a lot of money. I don’t want to become rich by conning and lying to others.

Why would you support such a person, knowing that the sales pages does not match the inside, the workings, the results? If you’re buying a vacuum, you want it to suck up all the dirt.

What’s the point of buying something that does not suck out the dirt as strongly as the creators claim it will? It’s the same thing with Stomperrr and all of Brendan’s other products.

For as long as I have been reviewing his products, I always get the impression that Brendan is not in this to help others, at least not beginners. But then he manipulates information on his sales pages to include beginners.

He makes them the target of his products because he knows beginners don’t know how it all works online. So they are the easiest target.

Stomperrr is definitely one of those shiny objects/programs and those people wanting to make quick money online without doing any work are going to fall for it. They’re going to realize too late that it does not work and that they can’t get their money back.

That’s how I got sucked in and lost so much money too, until I learned that it takes work to make money online.

So bottom line is that Stomperrr is definitely not worth the money and though it’s not exactly a scam, it’s not something that i would recommend for anybody.

Stop Getting Sucked Into Shiny Programs! Discover How To Make REAL Money Online With Me!

I already mentioned that I make some good money online, right? Well, I know of a method, the ONLY method that has worked for me, and it is called affiliate marketing.

It’s the same concept as the affiliates of Stomperrr; where they are scouting products and promote just about any garbage and make money from the sales. But the way I make money online is different.

You have probably sensed already that I am very honest and blunt and this is exactly how I make money online. I inform people of the truth, I help them make a decision by giving them all the facts. And when I promote a product that they works, they buy it and I make commissions.

This is how you build a business on trust and to also build up your reputation POSITIVELY. You don’t want to build a reputation like Brendan, where he is known to create sub-par products, right?

And what I do WORKS!

Here’s another proof!


You’ll learn how to become your own boss and never have to work for your company again. It’s not a get-rich-quick method, unlike what Brendan wants to sell you, but with some work and dedication, you can really become successful.

You’ll learn how to find products, how to attract people to you and finally, how to really promote something that people need and WILL buy from you. Honest business is always the best business and this is what I am about.

So grab my free guide now to learn about how to get started with affiliate marketing for free. I will show you all the steps and introduce you to the same training platform where I got started. This is SERIOUS business. 🙂

Thanks for reading my Stomperrr review. If you’ve had any experience with Stomperrr or any of Brendan’s other products, be sure to share it with us below. It will help others make an informed decision. Thanks for helping out!

Lots of Love,


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