Super Affiliate Secrets X Review – Shocking Underlying Secret Revealed!

Welcome to my Super Affiliate Secrets X review.

You’re probably wondering whether this program is going to be as good as it sounds, right? And you’re maybe even a little skeptical about the whole thing. Does it really work? Will you make money and change your life? What do you get inside? Is it a scam that you’re going to be wasting your money on?

Buddy, don’t you worry because I got you covered. All your questions will be answered within this honest review. I will tell you everything that I have found out about this program and by reading until the end, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision.

I don’t promote this program so know that I’m not going to pitch this program up to you. There’s going to be nothing but pure honest information here, and maybe even some surprised along the way.

Super Affiliate Secrets X At A Glance


Owner: Misha Wilson / Presented by Keysha

Purpose: Make money online with The Super Affiliate Network (SAN)

Price: $47+

Do I Recommend it?: NO!

What Is Super Affiliate Secrets X?

This program, presented by Keysha, is one that will supposedly be your path to big profits online. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and watch the sales roll in. Super Affiliate Secrets X is supposed not going to cost you a ton of money. In fact, Keysha herself says that members who are now successful had only joined on a shoestring budget.

She boasts about a ton of people having made it big online and making life-changing income as a result of implementing what’s inside the program. Starting out, people are being portrayed in the testimonials as making $5K on average within their first month.

Isn’t that just amazing? Aparently, everything is done for you – the promotional materials such as videos and emails, and you’ll even have your own website. The products have also already been created so that you don’t have to do it. Trust Keysha and you’ll have full access to the entire system and to financial freedom.

I would have been willing to accept some of what she said within the video if the program was not around The Super Affiliate Network. I honestly already wrote a review on this program months ago and I found that it was not such a good program to begin with.

With this kind of sales video, it sounds like The Super Affiliate Network makes it so easy to make money online and yet, you don’t even know what you’ll be doing. The video does a good job on showing you the amount of money you can earn and the lifestyle that comes with it, but does a poor job of giving you any information at all.

The truth though, is that there isn’t a business that really runs on 100% autopilot and though many people reach the milestone of $5K per month every month, it’s not as easy as Keysha makes it seem. 

Also prepare yourself for some real eye-openers because I will be revealing all I know about The Super Affiliate Network.

Suspicious Promotions! Beware!

It’s not the first time that I’m seeing a program with a totally NEW name, that is actually hiding an older program. I see this in the online world world a lot and it’s never a good sign.

What this usually means is that the program is not selling as much as it used to so they need to find new ways to re-market it. The most common reason for the buzz dying down is due to people actually finding out the REALITIES behind the program, thus needing to disguise it using other names.

The Super Affiliate Network has been promoted under different other program names before, including The Profit Shortcut that I reviewed some time ago. It was very similar to the video that you’ve just seen with Keysha, except that THAT video was being presented by Sarah.

First of all, I always find it suspicious that we don’t actually get to see the presenter of the video because there is no way to really know whether they’re real or just made up characters. And if they’re not real, then how can their stories be real? How can their income claims be real?

I have to say that Misha Wilson, the creator of The Super Affiliate Network is actually a real person and the people in the testimonials are real, so that’s at least something to go by, but it does not mean that the program works or that it’s good.

Super Affiliate Network – Is It Any Good?

It is true that most of the stuff is done-for-you and that you get some good training. But unfortunately, I have to say that I still don’t think The Super Affiliate Network is any good because of several reasons. 

1) Boasts to be an affiliate program but it’s not

The name of this program is “The Super Affiliate Network” but surprise, surprise! This program has NOTHING to do with affiliate marketing. It’s LOOKS like an MLM.

You see, there are different membership levels; the Basic, the Pro and the Maui Intensive Training. For each membership sale that you are able to make, you make a commission. On the other hand, to give you an incentive to help out your recruits, you also get a 5% commission from their sales.

If that’s not an MLM, then what would be, right?

Additionally, I find it strange that the product of this program, which is e-learning and training, comprises of the three membership levels (Basic, Pro and Maui Intensive Training). So what is being sold to the general public is also being sold as training to new recruits.

So wouldn’t it mean that you would become somebody’s recruit whether you want it or not? That’s not an MLM anymore. That’s a pyramid scheme, because it seems like the ONLY way to make money is to recruit people in the program. That changes things, doesn’t it?

2) Earn BIG commissions only when you invest BIG

You know of the 3 membership levels, right? Having those 3 membership levels just made Keysha a liar. Remember when she mentioned that you would get access to the entire system? Well, with 3 different membership levels, that impossible right? 

Each level has it’s own pricing, with The Maui Intensive Training costing a whopping $12,500! Clearly, you won’t get access to the whole system with such a price difference, right?

And what’s more, is that you have to be at the same membership level that your recruits comes in at, or they have to come in at a lower membership level, in order for you to make any commissions. So guess what? Paying the $47 gets you to the Basic membership and should a recruit of yours upgrade to the Pro, you’re making $0!

So it’s basically a “pay-to-play” system. Without more money invested, you’re NEVER going to get those “big profits online”.

3) How many people are actually making a full-time income?

What I really like about this video, which is probably the only thing that I liked, was that the testimonials are from real people. But these testimonials have been overused. I have seen them in some other videos and I never see a fresh or new face giving a testimonial for The Super Affiliate Network.

Looking at their income disclaimer gave me all the answers that I needed.

As you can see, only 10 people are making a full-time income with this system and only 2 are living financially free. Meanwhile, realizing that over 40,000 people that invested into this program are actually struggling means that there is something very wrong with the system.

You can tell that this is not a business model that is meant to help MOST of it’s members, but one that is meant to make those that joined the program earlier on in the game, rich. It really churns my stomach when I think of the number of people that must have invested thousands of dollars and never made back their investment.

Is Super Affiliate Secrets X A Scam?

Well, it really depends on what you personally describe as a scam, right?

Some people might say that it’s not a scam because you actually get the training and the toold need to become successful. In other words, you’re getting something for your money. I wouldn’t count on the 30 day money back guarantee with all the omissions within the video, but you could always exercise that option if you were unsatisfied.

Other people will say it’s a scam because the video is vague and you just don’t know what to expect inside the program. They might say it’s a scam because of the business model being misrepresented. Another reason is the way that it has been marketed through different names multiple times.

And another one, would be because of the failure rate. How can a system that is created to set you for success have such high fail rates?

Well, whether you think it’s a scam or not, I just wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t know if you’ve heard of other program called MOBE and DA, but these programs were similar to The Super Affiliate Network and they got shut down by the FTC. To me, it just seems like a big risk to take to invest in a similar program.

If the program were to be closed in the future, you’d be at a loss with no chance of getting your money back or to make any more money, for that matter.

So my thoughts are that it’s just not worth the risk and that I do NOT recommend Super Affiliate Secrets X/The Super Affiliate Network.

I Make A Passive Online Income – You Can Too!

Those gurus keep talking about their latest releases, how they found a shortcut to do this and that, just because people are not willing to put in the work. But let me tell you that taking a “shortcut” is the worst thing that you can ever do, because the success it will bring you will be short-lived.

The best way is to build your business from the ground up and I know, it can be hard to find the right training and the right tools to use in order to do that properly. But that’s why I’m here. I want to introduce you to the training platform that taught me online business from A-Z. Don’t worry, it’s free to sign up!

What I do everyday, is just type articles around things that I am passionate about. Within these articles, I make sure to include keywords so that Google can send me visitors for free, and I also make sure to include special links through which, if a sale is made, I make a commission.

This business model is called affiliate marketing. I really only work 2 – 3 hours a day and I’m making a passive online income.


This training is going to take you by the hand and teach you everything step-by-step. I was a newbie when I started and if I was able to become successful with it, you can too! Just a heads up here; there is a paid version to this platform, but don’t pay any attention to it. Your free membership is yours to keep forever, unless you’re ready for more training.

You won’t ever be forced to upgrade because that’s not our style. 🙂

I hope this review was information and helpful. I relaly hope you give my recommendation a try. Sign up now and I’ll see you on the inside.

Your Friend,


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