Super Sales Machine Review (2018) – Scam or Legit?

With as many positive testimonials as the sales page has for Super Sales Machine, I thought of really digging deep to find out whether all the stuff they said about this program were true. Now that I know what this program is about, I will be sharing what I found with you, so that you can make an informed decision.

In this Super Sales Machine review, I will be going over the sales page, the training and what’s inside, and why it will or will not work, in my honest opinion. I have been an affiliate marketer for quite some time now and based on my experiences, I will be letting all hell loose about this program.

By the end, you’ll understand what’s behind the sales page and will know whether this is something that will be beneficial to you or not.

At a Glance

Name: Super Sales Machine


Owner: Aaron Danker

Purpose: Make money online doing affiliate marketing on CB

Price: $97 + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Let’s find out… 🙂

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What is Super Sales Machine?

With as many good testimonials as this product has, I was expecting a lot more information in the way that the system will work and what it will teach you, and thus, I can say that I am disappointed. Most really good programs will go into some degree of detail about what it will help you achieve and how, which is not the case with this sales page.

However, I must say that it is not as hyped as most of the sales pages of other ClickBank Products, which is usually a good sign. But I will not draw my conclusion just yet, because we need to analyze the inside of the program to see whether the sale price of $97 is worth it or not.

By the looks of things, you will be learning how to do affiliate marketing, and the simple reason why this is the easiest way to start making money online, is that you won’t have to create and develop a product. You can make money by promoting other people’s products instead.

All the “techie” stuff is done for you: they’ve picked the niche, bought the product and reviewed it, and put everything together for you, so you don’t have to. So all you have to do, is log in, download, edit, upload and send traffic to it. It’s as easy as that.

And you’ll also receive FREE websites for an entire year, to be able to keep making money with the system. Sounds easy-peasy and you may be ready to get the ball rolling with this system. But let’s find out what’s inside and what you will REALLY be getting yourself into.

The training

The training is in video format and is satisfactorily easy to follow. You will be taught how to use the one-page websites, create affiliate accounts with big online retailers such as ClickBank and how to link your websites to affiliate programs.

However, what I find lacking is in the department of how to drive traffic to your pages. You can have great-looking pages that have high conversion rates, but if you can’t direct anybody at your websites, you won’t make a dime.

If all you do is follow the training and fail to get people to visit your website, then your website will only hang in the middle of all the mumble-jumble of the internet and will never be found by anybody. That’s why a good strategy to drive traffic is needed, and that’s the element that is missing here.

No traffic = No income

Done-For-You Webpages

After you sign up, you will effectively get access to tons of these done-for-you one-page websites that you can link up to your affiliate links and start promoting. Yes, they will have great reviews on products that you may never have heard of and they will definitely be attractive.

But there is a big problem with done-for-you material and that is the fact that they don’t get ranked within the Search engines. This means that if somebody were to Google something in relation to the reviews that Aaron’s team is writing up for you, then nobody would find it.

Each person who signs up for the program will be getting the same websites, the same reviews and thus, will count as duplicate content for Google. But Google and the search engines want unique, helpful and quality content to appear on the first page of Google. So, your website will never appear there, thus making FREE traffic almost impossible.

You will then need to rely on social media and forums for FREE traffic, which will work to a certain point and should bring in some income if you do it right. But if you want to really scale up the business, you will then need to resort to Ads. The great thing about Ads is that they will bring in instant traffic.

But on the downside, you will be spending money without any guarantee that you will make the money back from these visitors. Dabbling in Ads is not recommended if you are a newbie, because it is very easy to burn money.

Pre-written Emails

You’ll also get pre-written emails, where you don’t need to worry about them being duplicates in terms of SEO, but the fact that they are the same for each and every member that signs up is cause for some concern. It would mean that these pre-written emails will be used by every member to send to people onto their email lists.

If the same people happen to be on different members’ email lists, reciving the same emails, then nobody is really standing out and this could be hard for anybody to make sales. You are not standing out enough and not giving a valid enough reason why they should buy from you.


PLRs stand for Private Label Rights and these are pre-written ebooks that can be found for free all over the internet. Aaron says that he will be giving you 60 of these every single month to use. These were used in the past to be given away as freebies in exchange for visitors’ email addresses to build email lists.

However, this technique is so outdated now, that it proves that the training has not been updated for a long time. PLRs just do not work and most PLRs that you will find online will have outdated information and will not be good enough even as freebie.

Chances are, even if people were to sign up with their email addresses in exchange for this freebie, they could unsubscribe very fast and you would not be able to re-market to them, all because they will think that all you have to give, is outdated information.

Consider The Extra Costs

Apart from investing in ads, you do have other extra costs to consider and those are fees associated with domains and web-hosting. An example of a domain is my website, The cost of a domain is between $13 and $16 a year.

Web-hosting is a service that you absolutely need in order for your website to become accessible to the online public. It is important also because all your website’s information will be stored there and that will ensure the smooth-running of your website. This service will cost you between $2 and $15 a month, depending on who you want to host your website with.

Additionally, you will also be bombarded with upsells within the Super Sales Machine system that will cost you upto $997. They’ll promise you more information, more training and more earnings, but I would not buy them because I was not satisfied with the initial phase itself, with missing training on traffic.

Super Sales Machine Review – Wrapping Up

All-in-all, I think that Super Sales Machine is an okay product because you can still potentially make money, but I would not recommend it to anybody, specially not a newbie. This is okay for somebody that knows how to drive traffic to their websites without the use of SEO (optimizing your website for Google and the search engines).

The sales video makes driving traffic to the website sound easy, but I as an affiliate marketer, know that the hardest thing about making money online is driving traffic to your website. If driving traffic was as easy as the video claims, then everybody would be making money online.

You either need a lot of patience to optimize your website for Google and the search engines and become trusted, or you have to learn everything about Ads in order to invest in them wisely and make the most return, for instant visitors.

I would also not trust this program to keep up with the changing times of the internet because the PLRs training has still not been taken down. This is proof that Aaron is only interested in making money and does not care about your success. based on all that, I would recommend this to anybody.

Here’s What I Do Recommend – Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way

Unlike this program, I prefer to do things the ethical way. I prefer to tackle problems that people may have and help them by solving the problem. I then recommend products that will help with solving the problem at hand. Everybody needs a helping hand, be it in the world of making money online or deciding on the best portable washing machines.

To help you make money the way that I do, I have created a FREE Guide to making money online for beginners, as well as a FREE 6-Day Course that will kickstart your online journey. You can start affiliate marketing in any area of interest you may have and you will learn everything from scratch.

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The best businesses are the ones where the owners fully understand what is going on and how everything works together. This will help the owner scale the business later on, to maximize profits and expand.

I hope to see you on the other side! I’m excited to share with you the techniques, training and tools that I personally used to start and grow my business.

See you soon!

Your Friend,


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