SuperSonic Review – Ugly Truth REVEALED! Don’t Get This!

If you were looking for an honest SuperSonic Review, then you’ve just found it. You’re probably wondering whether the program is a scam or whether it’s legit, maybe even whether it’s going to take you from $0 to $235 per day, like the sales page claims.

Congratulations on being skeptical about the program and doing your due diligence before investing into a “seemingly” good program. You’ll agree with me that there are just too many scams on the internet and whether SuperSonic is a scam or not, it’s wise to find out more before jumping in with both feet.

Just an FYI before I start this review; I do NOT promote SuperSonic, so you can rest assured that I’m not going to be like those other affiliates of the program, that will pitch this up to you and lie to you about the quality of the program. I will be completely honest and unbiased.

Without further ado, let’s get this review started!

SuperSonic At A Glance


Owners: Anthony Mancuso/Paul Nicholls

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend it?: NOPE!

What Is SuperSonic?

SuperSonic is supposedly a completely done-for-you system that will include 12 of Anthony and Paul’s highest converting campaigns. You’ll get access to all the materials regarding these campaigns, like landing pages, written and video reviews and email campaigns that Anthony says will convert like crazy.

Additionally, you get a software that will automate these campaigns to help you make money even while you’re away, starting from today. That way, you can get started making money easily and fast, without even needing any experience or skills. There’s no need for paid traffic either because they will show you how to get buyers from free traffic.

All in all, this sounds like a pretty solid program, except that I’ve reviewed some of their programs before. Unfortunately, with Anthony and Paul, their sales pages always say something while the inside of the program is completely different. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this time will be different.

But let me tell you that making money online is not as easy as they make it sound. There’s a lot more work required than they are claiming. Just think about it; if it was so easy to make money online, then why are people still slaving away at their jobs?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to get this program, or something similar, to make money online so they can work from home?

The truth is that, just like any business, there’s a learning curve to making money online. You must be willing to learn the ropes, without which, you’re going to fail. That’s why most people fail because they believe that all they need is an automated software and the money will come rolling in.

That’s what sales pages like SuperSonic want you to believe to get you buying their programs. But in reality, things don’t work this way and I am going to prove it to you right here!

How SuperSonic Works

The aim of the training is to show you how to do affiliate marketing by promoting different programs within the done-for-you campaigns. Each sale that you are able to facilitate through those campaigns, you’re going to make commissions.

When you sign in, you’re going to get access to 14 modules. The first one is the introduction video and the last one is access to the software that they talk about on the sales page. The remaining 12 are the done-for-you campaigns, most of which I have reviewed in the past;

1) Blistering

2) Contenu

3) Fuego Multiplier

4) Proximity

5) EZ Passive Paydays

6) SuperSonic

7) El Bandito

8) Limitless

9) Compoundly

10) Golden Ticket

11) Flipadom

12) The Trinity

Like I mentioned earlier, the programs that I have reviewed by these guys were unsatisfactory, especially for newbies. I think these guys really forget how hard it was when they first got started in the online marketing world and instead of making it easier for you to learn, they’re making it easier for themselves to make money.

You do get access to the done-for-you campaigns. Before setting anything up though, you’ll need to request your affiliate link, that can take several days to get approved. If that’s already taking a few days, then how the heck will you make money within 24 hours, I ask?

So already, the sales page is proving to be full of lies.

Then, you’ll need to set up the software. And to be honest with you, it’s not software at all! What they call software is actually a WordPress plugin that you’ll need to upload to your website. When you connect the campaigns to the plugin, the plugin will upload the content from their website and put it on yours.

So that’s how you’ll get the sales pages and the reviews to appear as your own. Sounds easy to just copy their content but this is a big trap! You won’t ever be able to get traffic through Google, Bing and Yahoo because they HATE duplicate content. So you’ll need to get traffic otherwise.

What they don’t tell you on the sales page is that you’re going to need your own domain name and web hosting. They don’t even show you how to get one in the training and they don’t even show you how to set it up properly. With one training video for each campaign, I find the training largely lacking.

Additionally, you’re promised on the sales page to get training on how to send free traffic to the done-for-you campaigns but that’s nowhere to be seen within the member’s area. That’s another broken promise. How the heck are you supposed to make money if you don’t know how to get your offers in front of people?

You also get email campaigns and if you’re a newbie, you won’t understand what to do with them. The purpose of these emails is for them to be used in your email marketing campaigns. And guess what? They don’t even teach you how to do email marketing.

With the amount of things that are missing in the front end of the program, there’s NO WAY for you to start making money with only that information, believe me!

It Will Not Only Cost $12.95

Weren’t you under the impression that there was only one cost to the program?

They make it sound like all you’ll need is to invest $12.95 and you’ll get everything that you need, when that’s a big fat lie! One thing that I hate with these programs is that they have upsells within, after you get past the initial purchase.The $12.95 is only to get your foot through the door.

They never mention any upsells within the sales page or the sales video, which in my opinion, is very misleading.

But anyways, let’s take a look at the upsells. They’re offering you 5 of them, which I think is highly excessive. It really shows you how limited the information is with your initial purchase.

Upsell 1 – Traffic Explosion – Pro; $37 and Lite; $27

This is the training to get traffic to your done-for-you campaigns. It’s good that they included this training at all, but you were never told you were gonna have to pay EXTRA to get this training, were you? The sales page says that the training for traffic would have been included.

If these people have already lied to you within the initial training of the SuperSonic program, why pay for this training when they could lie to you yet again?

Additionally, they don’t tell you what kind of traffic this is. There are free and paid traffic methods that you can use and if it’s paid traffic, then you’re gonna have to expect to be dishing out a few hundreds to thousands of dollars every month to be making the $235 they claim you can make.

Still, it may be worth a shot of you’re considering going all in with this program.

Upsell 2 – Unlimited Traffic – $197

By getting this upsell, Anthony and Paul are going to be setting up your Facebook Pixels on their sales pages so that you are able to re-target the traffic they get and sell to them later on if those visitors don’t decide to get the programs right away.

You’ll need to re-target them using Facebook Ads and pay for clicks and views. When they click and purchase the product, you’ll be able to make money because they’ll be using your affiliate link. But what they don’t say is that it is high risk for a newbie because you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s so easy to burn money that way.

On the other hand, I think it is a good idea because you’re able to build your list for email marketing. But remember, up until now, there’s no training on email marketing so you paying for this kind of traffic will not be of any benefit to you in that regards, if you’re a newbie.

You also may be thinking that even if you can’t build your list with this, that at least you’ll be able to get a few sales out of it, and that would be true. But remember that with paid traffic, there is NO guarantee of return on your investment, especially if the training within this upsell is as shallow as the front-end.

Upsell 3 – Done-For-You Campaigns “The More Money Bundle” – Pro: $47 and Lite: $37

With this upsell, you’ll get even more done-for-you campaigns that will be around other products that have been best-sellers for Anthony and Paul. Included for these campaigns will be the same materials as the front-end campaigns; sale page/landing page, written and video reviews and email campaigns.

Again, considering that all this is going to be duplicate content, I highly advise against getting this upsell, especially if you’re counting on getting traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Duplicate content is going to kill your website!

Upsell 4 – Super Affiliate Classroom – $397

This is going to give you access to Anthony and Paul in weekly live-call sessions, that will be helping you with building an online affiliate marketing business making you $500 – $1K per day. This seems attractive but they don’t tell you how long these sessions are and how many calls they include.

For example, if these calls are going to be 30-minute sessions for a month, which is only 4 calls, then I don’t really think it’s worth it for that price. You could be learning a lot, don’t get me wrong, but that would mean leaving you stranded if you need more training after those sessions.

Upsell 5  – License/Resell Rights – $97 / $47

This upsell is going to give you license/resell rights to resell SuperSonic and make 100% commission from each and every sale and upgrade that you get. This is the only upsell, after the first upsell, that makes sense to me because you already have all the sales material to promote Supersonic in the member’s area.

Why not use those materials and this upsell to maximize your profits on selling this training?

However, I doubt you’ll want to sell something like SuperSonic to other newbies, especially because the sales page is so misleading and also because there’s a ton of training that’s missing. Selling and promoting something like this is going to really drive your reputation down and your customers will never trust you again.

That’s the reason that I’m not promoting SuperSonic, although I could have made a ton of money from it. I value my reputation and the trust of my readers more than the money this could have made me.


1) Anthony and Paul are real, successful affiliate marketers, not anonymous scammers

2) The program teaches a legit way of making money online; affiliate marketing

3) Done-For-You campaigns will save you time

4) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


1) Hyped-up and misleading sales page

2) LOTS of missing training, like setting up a website and email marketing

3) Software/plugin promotes using duplicate content

4) No mention that you’ll need a website to make this work on the sales page

5) No mention of upsells within the sales page

6) Paying for EXTRA training for traffic generation when that’s supposed to be included

7) With done-for-you campaigns, you’re limited to what the system can offer. You’re never going to be able to scale up and improve to make more money unless you invest in other training and are willing to LEARN the ropes.

Is SuperSonic A Scam?

After carefully analyzing the training within SuperSonic, I have come to the conclusion that it is not a scam. You are getting some training for your money and there’s also a money-back guarantee that comes with the program, so if you’re unsatisfied, you can always get your money back by requesting it.

Keep in mind the money back guarantee is only for the initial $12.95 you pay and does not apply to the upsells.

However, SuperSonic not being a scam does not mean that I’m going to recommend this program to you. On the other hand, I do believe that the program is not worth it, especially to a newbie because the training is lacking! The sales video and sales page are also very misleading.

They tell you that you’re going to be learning how to get free traffic to your offers included with the initial purchase and it’s actually part of extra paid training. You’re not told you need a website and you’re not even given the instructions on how to buy a domain name and how to set up your website on it properly.

Your website will also be full of duplicate content that won’t even get ranked in the search engines. You get pre-written emails but you’re not even told what to do with them.

In my opinion, the whole program is a mess and it’s not the step-by-step training that you were promised. You won’t make money with this program unless you decide to upgrade and getting that traffic training. But that too, it’s not evergreen because the buzz around those programs will eventually die out, if they haven’t already.

You’re going to need to invest in other training and other programs to learn the ropes of making money online anyways. So I don’t recommend SuperSonic because it’s going to be a waste of your time and your money. There are way better programs to invest in that are going to be better value for money.

My Secrets To Passive Online Income Revealed!

Yes, I am an affiliate marketer too but I do things way more differently than Anthony and Paul. You see, I focus on getting traffic through Google Bing and Yahoo and the training that got me started in this direction is FREE for you to try.

You get the training, the tools and the support that you need in ONE program, such that you don’t need to look elsewhere for anything at all. You can rest assured that this is THE training program that you’ll ever need to make your first dollar online and to grow it to becoming a full-time business.

All I literally do everyday, is type up articles around topics that I am knowledgeable about or that I’m passionate about. It takes me 2 – 3 hours to type them up and then I’m done! I make sure to include keywords to get ranked and found in the search engines and I include my affiliate links to get paid.

Here’s some income proof:

To be honest, this sounds a little easier than it really is, because there is a learning curve. And you won’t make $1000 within your first day or week of starting this business. Like every legit business, it takes time and effort to grow and to tell you otherwise would mean lying to you, which is not how I roll.


So if you’re looking for training that will take you by the hand and guide you to creating a successful online business, sign up now! I’ll be right there on the inside to guide you and to help you.

It’s FREE! What have you got to lose by trying it out?

Your Friend,



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