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Welcome to my honest review. You’re probably looking for reviews because you want to find out whether this website is a scam or not, right? And whether or not it’s going to be a total waste of your time.

Well, you should give this review a serious read because there are too many red flags that indicate is a scam and that they won’t pay you for your efforts. Believe me, I’ve been reviewing online programs over 2 years, so I do know a thing or two.

The truth is even if there are free programs, that you need to be very careful because you never know what they’re after, but I believe that I cracked the code for this website.

This is information that you should ABSOLUTELY know if you’re considering because it really isn’t as it seems and it does not work as claimed. At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Complete surveys and refer others to make money

Price: Free (But can cost you dearly!)

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not! I have seen this kind of website before and they all had a history of NOT paying their members. This is probably from the same anonymous creator who is looking to gather your personal information and use it for his own gains.

What Is

This website claims to be the #1 Influencer Network that gets ordinary people connected to big companies that are looking to advertise. You share your link on social media today and you can make $500. claims to have been mentioned in Forbes and so many other members are claiming to have been paid thousands of dollars. How true is all that?

To me, it sounds too good to be true. Because let’s face it; a lot of us has already tried those other GPT sites to complete surveys and refer others to earn, but how much are we really earning from them?

Let’s take the example of SwagBucks; you get paid $5 when you create a new account and earn a percentage from other people’s earnings. You’ll agree that they don’t pay much, right?

And even if you want to complete the surveys yourself, they only pay you a few cents. If you’re really lucky, you get paid $1.

So as you can see, comparing expectations, it’s easy to see why sounds too good to be. That’s because these kinds of websites actually don’t usually pay that much.

I’m sure that there is a catch, so let’s take a look.

How Works

In order to see whether a website is a scam or not, we need to look at the business model. If it makes sense for everyone, then it might be worth your while to try it out, especially if it is free, right?

But what I found out is that the business model with does not actually work. They use the high payouts as a lure to get you to sign up. I’ll tell you what they are REALLY looking for later.

So when we take a look at how SurveyJunkies work, it does not give you a lot of details, right? But when I signed in, I came to know that you get paid to both refer others to the platform and to complete small tasks.

There is no money made for the company when you refer others, so that can’t be the way that they make money. However, they claim to partner with other companies to bring you the tasks. That might be the way that they earn their money.

It might look like a good deal for you, as a member, because you think you’re getting paid a lot of money for these tasks, but when you look closer, you start to understand that it’s not gonna work.

You see, the tasks pay you $60 each but that’s not all that the affiliated companies will need to pay You can understand that if is as big a company as they claim, they will have employees and maintenance costs, right?

Additionally, they will also pay you $15 per person that you refer.

Adding all this together, they would need to be charging around $100 per task, to be able to pay everybody.  But compare that to the amount that Swagbucks charges companies, for example.

Swagbucks has a better reputation for both companies and members, so why would companies want to partner up with when there are more cost-effective and more reputable options for them?

I really don’t think that there are any companies working with at this price and thus, I think that they have something else in mind. They most definitely won’t pay out.

The Red Flags Indicating A Scam

1) Unknown creator

The first thing that I always look for is who is the person who created the program. If the person is somebody who is reputable and well-known and who keeps his promises, then you can trust the platform.

But unfortunately, there is no information on the creator of He decides to remain anonymous and that’s not a good sign.

The truth is that scammers prefer to remain anonymous so that they can create scam after scam and still not be caught or sued. That’s the trend that I’ve seen anyway.

Moreover, if people sign up for and figure out it’s a scam, then the creator will not want to be recognized and sued and fined. That’s the other reason that he wants to remain anonymous.

That’s why if the creator is hiding, then it’s best not to sign up with the website. If there was nothing to hide, they would be proud of calling themselves the creator of such a website, right?

2) Was not launched in 2015

When you go to the “ABOUT” page, states that they launched in 2015. If the website really has been around for that long, then you would thing that it’s legit, right?

Well, that’s exactly why they lie to you because the website was NOT launched in 2015. When I went to verify when the website was registered, it gave me a date of October 24, 2019 and not 2015.

So as you can see, the creator is lying to you here about when they were created just to boost up trust and credibility, when they’ve only been in business for 5 months, not 5 years.

Not only does the amount of time that they’ve been in business hurt the credibility, but also the fact that they LIED about their launch. If we can already see lies right now, why is there any reason they will tell you the truth?

3) Fake payment proofs and testimonials

Now that we know when the website was actually created, we can verify the payment proofs because if they lied to us about the creation of the website, then the payment proofs could be made up too.

And my intuition turned out to be right!

All of the payment proofs are done PRIOR to the creation of SurveyJunkies. So how did anybody learn about the website then in the first place? How did anybody refer others? How could anybody have completed tasks and even gotten paid from a website that did not exist?

Additionally, there’s a testimonial saying that he has been with this website for other a year. But we now also know that the website has only been around for 5 months. There’s no way anybody could have been with the company for over a year.

That’s I do firmly believe that the payment proofs and testimonials are all fake and that nobody has ever gotten paid here.

4) Fake location

Now, for a company to claim to be well-known, they would usually know their address and where they are located, right? Well, that’s not the case with

On the home page, if you scroll all the way down, you will find that they claim to be based out of Houston, TX. But when you go to the ABOUT page, you find that they say they are based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If it was a simple spelling mistake, it would have been a totally different story, but this is two different continents! Where are they really located? Nobody knows, not even the scammer or the people running


So that’s a big red flag. An established company that claims to be in business for 5 years should know where they are based out of, don’t you think so?

5) BBB warning – Why this website exists

The next big red flag is that is similar to so many other scams that I’ve already reviewed on this website. The layout, the kind of work, the payment claims made, all are similar to the following scams:

1) Referral Pay

2) Paid Leaf

3) Paid Nova

4) OG Dollars

5) Rain Money

6) Tap 2 Earn

7) Notion Cash and so many others!

And what’s worse is that the BBB put out a warning for websites like these, using Notion Cash as an example. And because of the fact that the website is the similar with an anonymous creator, I think that it’s the same person behind all these scams.

Here’s what the BBB has to say.

Snippet From The Website

And you can read it in full HERE.

But basically, what they want is your personal information. They will use it to scam you and even hack your online accounts, like Paypal and your online banking.  Or they could sell your info to other scammers and hackers to do it.

Remember, you’re answering so many surveys that ask you for your name, your address, your date of birth, your phone number and so on. This is personal information that can be used to make permanent changes on your accounts.

So be careful! Do NOT give out those personal details to

Is A Scam?

I think you already know what I’m going to say and that’s the fact that is a big scam that should be avoided. Of course, the choice is yours but who would take the risk with so many red flags?

The business model is a mess and does not work because it won’t benefit anybody. You also have the fact that the creator is unknown and is similar to so many other scammy websites I exposed earlier.

Then, there’s the fact that you find so many lies on the website, like when it was launched. When you compare that information to the payment proofs, you also find out that the proofs are all fake.

There’s also a history of similar websites actually not paying out people and the BBB has put out a message to the public that they will use your personal details in order to try and hack you in any way they can.

To me, that’s too many red flags for a single program, so I firmly believe that SurveyJunkies is a scam.

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Thanks for reading my review. If you’ve had any experience with this website, please share it with us so that others reading it can learn the truth and so that they don’t waste any time with this.

Lots of Love


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