SwagPay Review – Is SwagPay.co A Scam? My Research Says Yes!

SwagPay review - Is SwagPay.co a scam

Welcome to my honest SwagPay review.

There are too many scams on the internet and unfortunately, there are many people that fall for them. But congrats on being one of the very few that actually does their research! It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Is SwagPay.co a scam that is going to be like so many of the other programs; wasting your time and maybe your money? Or is it going to be an exception that is going to really work and make you $500 – $1000?

I’m very sad to say that I’ve found a few things about SwagPay that you should know about before deciding to sign up with them, even if it looks like it’s free. It is very risky to even give them any of your information.

I do think that the program is a scam and my review here will prove why!

SwagPay At A Glance

Website: swagpay.co

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others and completing small tasks

Price: Free to Join

Do I Recommend It?: NO!

What Is SwagPay?

It is basically a website where you get paid for completing small tasks as well as for referring your friends and family to the site. SwagPay claims that you can make $500 to $1000 today.

But to be honest with you, this already seems hyped up and scammy. I’ve seen too many similar claims made by other similar programs, that either don’t pay out at all and waste your time or that ask you to PAY in order to cash out.

You really have to watch out when they make claims on being able to make you that kind of money in a single day because most likely, it’s just a way to lure you in, making you think that you’re gonna get rich overnight.

Apparently, you’re gonna get paid $25 as a sign up bonus, which seems unusually high! Other GPT (get-paid-to) website will you $1 – $5 the most, so you can see how absurd a $25 sign up bonus is.

Some of the testimonials seemed really weird too! I see some people have been making like $172K with SwagPay, which also sets off my alarm bells. Depending on the time period that these people have worked with SwagPay, it may not be realistic.

The reason why I’m skeptical about these testimonials is because I’ve had many programs pay people to write testimonials and reviews, and some even paid ACTORS to get video testimonials to post, pretending to be legit users. You can see how bad it is now, right?

Without verification, there’s no way to really know if money can really be made from SwagPay, right? Additionally, there’s no information about the creator which pushes me further from trusting anything that is said on the website.

If this website was really legit, then there would be some information about the creator and WHY they created this website, right? They only talk about an anonymous parent company, which supposedly has been around since 2005.

What is the name of this company? If it is legit, then why not give us a name so we can verify it?

So far, there are just too many red flags for me to really believe anything that is said on the sales page. Because let’s face it: it people could make $500 – $1000 per day just with GPT sites, then they would have quit their jobs a long time back.

How SwagPay Works

There are countless ways to make money online but what you want to make sure of, especially with GPT sites, is HOW and WHERE those websites are making their money from. That’s because you want to make sure that they actually WILL pay you when the time comes.

The way that SwagPay says it works is through sharing ad revenue with you when you refer somebody into the system as well as when you complete tasks. You get paid $10-$15 per referral as well as upto $30 per task if you don’t want to refer anyone.

However, what seems so strange is the fact that they are willing to pay so MUCH for these completed tasks when other GPT sites pay pennies or a few dollars at most for the same kinds of tasks.

For example, you might want to focus on referring people to the website, where each referral will bring you $10 – $15 but with other CPA websites (for GPT sites), they only pay a few dollars at most.

The other fact to consider is completing the tasks inside your dashboard. They say that you’ll get paid upto $30 per task, which is A LOT, compared to other similar websites.

You might be asked to complete surveys, like pages, sign up for free or trial offers, test out websites and apps, and they range from $0.10 to $10 for each. So how the heck they’ll be able to pay you $30 per task, that’s a mystery…

… unless they don’t plan to pay you at all, right? Unless the high pay is just a way to lure you in to work for them when they plan to keep all the profits for themselves.

This is what happens here and I actually have proof of that!

BEWARE! You Won’t Get Paid With SwagPay!

There are THREE big reasons that I believe you simply won’t get paid by SwagPay. Both provides enough proof that SwagPay is a big scam and that it should be avoided. There’s also a big risk here that I’ll be revealing if you DO sign up.

1) Rehashed Program

SwagPay is a rehashed program from some of the other programs that I’ve reviewed in the past. And unfortunately, they turned out to be scams.

They have the same layout as SwagPay, work the same way, have the same red flags and even pay the same rates! They have anonymous creators and are affiliated with this MYSTERIOUS company that opened since 2005.

Check them out:

1) Clout Pay

2) Clout Bucks 

3) Referral Pay

4) Notion Cash

It actually gives me a creepy feeling because this means that there is a scammer behind all of these programs that are after one thing. As per the FTC, these programs just want to gather information to sell it or to use it to hack your other accounts.

You see, most people will want to be paid through Paypal and if you happen to give them your Paypal email to get paid and have the same password for your Paypal account as you do your SwagPay account, they’ll hack your Paypal account.

So make any changes you need right now if you’ve signed up with any of these programs because chances are that this is how they steal money.

2) REAL Complaints

Doing my research, I’ve come across a few Youtube videos and as I was browsing the comment sections, I found people saying that they haven’t gotten paid and they’ve been waiting for weeks! Check out some of the things people are saying.

Need I say anything more? These are from REAL people that have tried out the program and that haven’t gotten paid. What happens is that they withdraw their earnings within the app, they are asked to wait 15 days,

After those 15 days, they either don’t get their money or are told that they have committed fraud. Some people even say that they tried contacting the Fraud Department (as per the instructions) and that department doesn’t even exist!

There isn’t even a response of their customer service department. It’s probably ghost town!

3) Fake Testimonials

When it doubt, you want to look for testimonials because testimonials show people that have used the program and that are reporting in on their results. When you go onto the Payment Proof tab on the SwapPay.co website, you see a few of them.

But unfortunately, they are FAKE! The reason that I know this is because those are the same proofs that have been posted on the other websites, like Referral Pay. The dates are exactly the same and the messages say the same thing too.

Additionally, though they said that SwagPay has been in business since 7 years ago, the registration of the website says otherwise. They’ve actually only been online for a few WEEKS! The registration date shows June 2019!

So how the heck could they have had a testimonial for October 2018, if at that time, the website didn’t even exist yet?

Additionally, there was also somebody who said they made $172K with SwagPay. Isn’t it so ABSURD that they would have made that kind of money within 2 – 3 weeks?

You see how they are trying to make a fool of people? You see how they are trying to use you, your time, your friends and family members to make money for THEMSELVES?

Is SwagPay A Scam?

Yes, I do think that SwagPay is a complete scam and total waste of time.

Not only does the home page look suspicious because of all the crazy claims, especially for a GPT site, but there are a lot of shady things going on. They are just keeping a lot of information away from you and luring you in by showing you what you want to see.

Though ad-revenue sharing is a legit and common way for people to make money online, SwagPay will NOT pay you. Ad I’ve given you so much proof from the research that I’ve conducted.

It is a rehashed program from the other programs like Referral Pay and Clout Pay. You have real people having trouble to cash out and getting their accounts banned when they didn’t do anything wrong.

You also have fake testimonials on the website that are being used by the other websites as well. And the most shocking thing is that though the website says it’s been around for 7 years, we see it’s only been registered since June 2019.

I am so disgusted by these scammers. How can they sleep at night, knowing that they are scamming people for their own personal gain? To go so low as to lose humanity and compassion?

I will never understand why these scammers do things like this but what I do know is that these programs, including SwagPay is a complete scam that you need to avoid!

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Thanks for reading my SwagPay review. Have you tried the program? Is SwagPay.co a scam, like I revealed in this review? Leave your thoughts and your answers and questions below. I answer to every one of your comments!

Lots of Love,


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