Swift Bucks Review – Will You Really Make Instant Money?

Swift bucks review

Welcome to my honest Swift Bucks review. There’s a reason why I say this is “honest” and that’s because I’ve been in the online industry for over 2 years and so, I know what works and what does not work.

Is Swift Bucks another scam or will you really start making $500 today? Will you make even a hundred dollars today? I’m not going to beat around the bush and tell you that there are a few red flags you should know about.

Swift Bucks is not going to work exactly as advertised and I’ll reveal everything to you right here, right now, in this review. This is realy going to be an eye-opener because at the end, you won’t really want to sign up.

Let’s find out what is really going on with Swift Bucks.

Swift Bucks At A Glance

Website: SwiftBucks.co

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others and complete tasks to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: No! It is a mass data-harvesting scam as per the BBB website.

What Is Swift Bucks?

Swift Bucks claims to be the only legitimate Influencer Network where you can make instant money but is that really true? The truth is that every time I came across a website that claimed this, it never worked as advertised.

Getting paid for referrals and completing tasks is not anything new and no other legitimate website makes this claim. On the other hand, I’ve already reviewed some websites that have the same layout as Swift Bucks and that claim the same thing;

1) Tap 2 Earn

2) Notion Cash

3) Earn And Go

4) Paid Leaf

5) Litebucks

And all of them turned out to be scams. Is Swift Bucks related to any of them at all? There is a high possibility because of a few things that I’ve found and that I will be discussing below.

But anyways, even if there weren’t any relationship between those programs and Swift Bucks, it’s still a red flag that they claim you can make money instantly. If that were the case, nobody would be working the traditional job anymore.

That’s because nobody would have needed to wait for a paycheck and refer 10 people per day and complete a few tasks, you could be making $100 – $150 per day, which is more than the average American income.

So to me at this point, the program sounds too good to be true. I mean, look at those testimonials with people claiming they’ve made tends of thousands of dollars with this website. Doesn’t that seem fake?


How Swift Bucks Works

Talking about fake, I have to reveal to you that the business model at Swift Bucks is what is fake. You see, when you want to determine whether a program is legit, you want to take a look at the business model.

And if the business model does not make sense, in the sense of paying its members, paying its employees and making a profit, then you know there’s something fishy going on. That’s exactly what happened with Swift Bucks.

They claim to make money through ad-spent revenue and through sponsorships, and that’s fair, seeing as they’re legit. Even I make money through ads on my website, so I know it’s true.

But have you seen any ads at all? There aren’t any of them that I can see on the main pages of the website and neither is there any ad inside the dashboard of the website. So the only conclusion is that this is not how they make money at all.

People could argue that the money is made through the tasks, offers and surveys that you can complete after creating your free account. But the truth is that the amount that they are promising to pay you is way more than other legitimate websites.

There Are No Ads!

Take for example SwagBucks. You receive a $5 sign up bonus and get paid a few cents to maybe a maximum of $2 for a task if you get lucky enough to quickly grab the task when you see it, because it’s so rare.

So how is Swift Bucks able to pay you $30 per task?

Not only does the company have to pay you, but they also have to pay their employees AND make a profit. So how much do the partnered companies have to pay per task? $50?

That’s a lot of money, right? Do you think that those partners would pay this much money to a small website like Swift Bucks when SwagBucks is better-known and charges way less? The answer is no!

So that’s why I believe that the people behind Swift Bucks is not going to pay anybody. The amount of pay is just for show to get you to sign up so that they can grab your personal information for their own financial gains!

Even More Red Flags Indicating They Won’t Pay!

If the suspicious business model is not enough to prove to you that Swift Bucks is not going to pay you, perhaps the following red flags might do the trick.

1) Launch date

Digging into the website, we find out that the launch date of Swift bucks is in 2015 and if that’s really the case, then how could a scam have survived for 4 – 5 years?

The truth is that it never existed then. I actually went to the Whois website and found out that the website was registered in Feb 2020! Just a took at the screenshot below.

So as you can see, Swift Bucks lies to us. How can you trust a website that will readily lie to your face? Why not be upfront about when it was actually launched?

They want to earn credibility and trust as soon as possible, and that’s the #1 reason why they lie. They want to get to your information. And since it’s free to sign up, who wouldn’t for a chance to make thousands of dollars, right?

But another thing that is fake that I just wanted to throw in here, is the blog roll. There are two blog posts and both were written when the website didn’t even exist. How do you explain that?

Anybody who wants to do business honestly would never lie. So how can you bee 100% certain that this person is not lying about paying you?

2) Testimonial earning tens of thousands of dollar

On the Swift Bucks home page, there are three testimonials and each of those testimonials tell us that they’ve made tens of thousands of dollars. But how is that possible for only about 3 weeks’ worth of work?

One guy tells us that he made $98K and even brought home an Audi. But my experience with similar websites is that you have to wait at least 30 days to receive your payment.

So how the heck did he make $98K AND get paid within 3 weeks? That just sounds way too good to be true and unfortunately, it’s another way to play with your mind. The creator is luring you in with the promise of big money.

He has no intention to pay!


3) Relationship with Notion Cash – BBB Message

I did mention that I have seen similar websites before, right? And one of those websites is Notion Cash.

Both Notion Cash and Swift Bucks have anonymous creators that we know nothing about so, due to the similarities in website layout, words used, promises and pay, we can conclude that the same person is behind both programs.

Now that we’ve established that, I have to tell you that Notion Cash actually has a lot of complaints on the BBB website and the BBB has even looked into this business and came to a verdict.

It was given an F rating because there was nobody that could be reached and the letter they sent to the address on the website was returned as undeliverable. There are also a lot of non-payment complaints.

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

Additionally, it was also related to another website that is similar to Notion Cash and Swift Bucks, called Kids Earn Money. So from that alone, we can tell that the owner created different websites. If he was able to create two, why not 10?

The message from the BBB is that these websites were created to gather your personal data. The hacker/spammer will use this information to either hack into your existing online accounts, such as online banking or Paypal.

They could use the info to also steal your identity and they could even sell your information to other scammers and spammers so that they can spam/scam you in return.

You can read the full article HERE.

So, there’s still a lot to lose even if signing up with these websites is free.

4) No payment from Litebucks

Unfortunately, I was also able to clearly relate Swift Bucks to LiteBucks, another website that I have reviewed here and on my Youtube Channel. And that’s not a good sign.

Again, it is an indication that the creator of LiteBucks is also behind Swift Bucks.

I’ve actually received a few comments saying that Litebucks didn’t pay and some others saying that it is a scam. Just a look at one of them that I received below.

So if the same person is behind both of these websites, then what makes you think that the creator will start paying people, when there is clearly a history of never paying anybody before? What makes you think he’ll change his mind?

Is Swift Bucks A Scam?

I absolutely think that Swift Bucks is a big scam. It is a big waste of time that comes with a lot of risks!

The red flags and proofs that I have presented, I think, are enough to prove that Swift Bucks is never going to pay you. The fact that the website is full of lies, fake testimonials, and has a relationship with other scams is enough.

The business model does not make any sense. I do believe that they use the high pay as a way to lure you in so that you give up your information to them. Even those surveys that you complete will require your information.

So if you give up your date of birth and your address, coupled with your full name and email address, the creator will be able to hack anything he wants in your name. And those surveys are probably a front to gather that extra information.

Even if this program is free to join, there are a lot of risks involved. What the BBB says does make sense; that they could be aster your info to sell it or use it themselves for their own benefit.

Even if the BBB had not intervened, I don’t think that I would trust Swift Bucks because of the other numerous red flags. The program also sounds way too good to be true.

It takes some training and hard work to make the kind of money the testimonials claims to have made, and it won’t happen completing surveys and tasks, that, I can GUARANTEE you.

On that note, I highly recommend that you stay away from Swift bucks because it is a scam.

Stop Wasting Your Time And Find Out What It Really Takes To Finally Start Earning Online!

Now, I could have given you the links to a few legitimate websites that are similar to SwagBucks, but what would happen? You would be wasting countless hours to earn pennies or a few dollars.

For some, you’ll need to spend 5 days working full-time hours (8 hours per day) to earn $5. I think that’s a big waste of time. Sure, it’s pocket change and if that’s what you want, then go for it!

But most of us don’t have that kind of time, which means, you’re only making a few dollars a month and that does not help with the bills at all, right?

That’s why my suggestion is that you start an affiliate marketing business. That’s exactly what I do! I solve people’s problems online and when they buy the solutions, I make commissions.

Easy-peasy and it works! It’s recurring income for you every month!


And don’t mistake this for a get-rich-quick scheme. It might be easy but it still requires some training and lots of hard work to see results and success. It won’t happen overnight.

So as long as you’re willing to put in the work, then you’ll find the success you’re looking for. Don’t delay and get my free guide now because the sooner you get it, the sooner I can help you and the sooner you’ll make money!

Thanks for reading my Swift Bucks review and if you have anything to share at all, whether positive or negative about Swift Bucks, the comments section below is all yours! I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,



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