Take It Review – Clone Pages To Make $1000 Per Day?

take it reviewWelcome to my honest Take It review, a product created by Brendan Mace. There are a ton of bold claims made by Brendan on the sales page, but does the program work as advertised?

Will you really be able to make as much money as he claims using this app? Or is it just another low-quality software that will be a waste of your money? After all, my experience with Brendan’s products haven’t been all that good.

Moreover, even if Brendan doesn’t hide his identity, it does not mean that he wants what’s good for you. He is primarily a salesman and a good one at that too!

I’ve seen affiliates promoting Take It as if it’s one of the best products out there but they also offer bonuses, which in some ways is good and in other ways, not so good. It gives me the impression that Take It is not a good product on its own.

But anyways, I’m going to reveal what I’ve found out about Take It and you’re not gonna like it.

Take It At A Glance

Website: Take-It-App.com/Take-It

Creator: Brendan Mace

Purpose: Copy other webpages to build your list and earn online through affiliate marketing

Price: $19.97+

Do I Recommend It?: NO! All this app does is copy other people’s websites, but because there’s no traffic training, it won’t get you anywhere if you are a newbie trying to earn online. You won’t make a dime!

What Is Take It?

Brendan claims that Take It will be able to help you clone other well-known websites to create built-in monetization pages. I know this can be a little hard for beginners to understand so here’s what this means briefly.

You will be able to COPY other well-known websites and use those copies to your advantage to earn money online. He says that all it takes to become successful online is to LOOK good rather than BE good.

I really have to disagree with this statement because it takes BOTH to earn money online. So what he is trying to say here is that you need to fake it until you make it!

Uh… No thanks, Brendan. That’s not my style. It would be easy to copy other people’s success proofs online but I choose to be honest and keep the trust of my audience. Now you see what kind of a person he is?

That’s why as soon as I saw that Take It was created by Brendan, I was already bracing myself to a horrible product. But, I will try not to get to a conclusion before really assessing the app.

However easy this may look though, with Brendan, it never really works as advertised. I mean, take a look at the recent reviews I wrote on his products:

1) Set & Forget

2) 1 Page Profits

The products worked to some extent but failed miserably in most of its claims made on the sales page. So as you can see, Brendan does not have a good reputation with his products. Like I said, his main aim is to make the offer look good to entice you to buy!


What You Get Inside The Members Area

To be honest, I didn’t even have to buy the program in order to know exactly how it works and what it does. For the first time in HOW LONG, Brendan actually showed us into the members area and I was able to instantly see that it’s not as good as he claims.

Yeah, you might say that I have no right to write a review without actually trying the product, but the truth is that I’ve been in this business long enough to see when a product will or won’t work. That’s what years of experience will do to you.

So basically, what you get inside Take It is a page builder that copies pages from any website that you want. You just simply copy the URL or the link to that page, paste it into the app and voila! It creates a clone of that page.

Now be mindful that it only copies ONE PAGE, not the entire website. That page will then be hosted inside the app so you won’t need your own website.

After you’ve cloned the page, you can choose to either integrate an autoresponder to build your list or to take your visitors straight to an offer, where you can earn money through affiliate marketing.

In his Demo, Brendan says that you’ll be instantly approved to all of his 50+ products that he has ever released on WarriorPlus and when you promote them using Take It, you’ll earn commissions for the sales generated.

So basically, you’re supposed to create a clone of the page, link the page to WarriorPlus offers and sit back and relax while the page “siphons” traffic from those well-known websites and makes sales for you.

I’m shaking my head right at this moment because all of this is just a blatant LIE!

The Reality Of Take It – Doesn’t Work As Advertised!

Brendan says that you need a good website in order to make money online. I have to agree with him. And he says that if get it right, the customers will find you. Also a correct statement.

But what he means here is that Take It is going to help you get it right so that the customers will find you and you’ll make sales. My foot!

This method might seem to work in theory but it really won’t work in practice. People aren’t stupid! As soon as they land on your page, they will know instantly that it’s a clone or a fake!

The links won’t lead people to what they are expecting. Brendan claims that you need to clone news websites. Well, people clicking on those links on news websites DON’T bring them to sales pages, right?

The links bring them to other pages on the website where they can learn more on the link they clicked. They’ll know instantly your website is a fraud! Nobody will buy your offers this way.

Moreover, Brendan claims that the created one-page website will “siphon” visitors from those well-known websites that you copy, but that’s exactly why this product is aimed to beginners. It’s because beginners would never know how it really works.

It’s a lie that you’ll create those clones and traffic will just start coming to the page. Keep in mind that you’re only COPYING what the website looks like and that the link to get to YOUR website is completely different from the website you’re copying.

So there is no way that you’ll get any traffic from those websites. And that’s the catch! He makes you think that this is how it’ll work but it’s impossible. You’ll have to find the traffic to send to those pages yourself.

And that’s where the flaw is with Take It. There is NO training whatsoever on getting traffic to those cloned pages. If there’s no traffic, it does not matter how good the pages look. There just won’t be any sales or any profit.


1) Brendan is a real person, not a made-up character like so many other scams

2) App works to some extent – it does clone any website that you want

3) Easy autoresponder integration

4) Great for intermediate to advanced marketers who want to easily grow their list

5) Instant approval to promote 50+ products on WarriorPlus without having to go through the approval process

6) No need for your own website as it is hosted on the Take It app

7) 30-day Money-back guarantee



1) Hyped-up sales pages, as usual

2) Lies on the sales page

3) Not newbie-friendly

4) Can only copy 1 page at a time

5) Traffic training is NOT included – you’re made to think that all it takes is copying a well-known website and you’ll get traffic automatically

6) People will be able to tell that your website is a fraud/clone because none of the links will work as expected

7) Pages will be COPIES so you won’t get free traffic from Google nor the other search engines. They want UNIQUE content and hate copied content

8) Chances are you’ll need to invest in paid traffic and for beginners not knowing what they’re doing, it could cause you to burn a lot of money

9) There might be a money-back guarantee but WarriorPlus wants you to go to Brendan directly to request it. And guess what? Brendan never replies to refund requests so you might have a hard time getting your money back.

Is Take It A Scam?

It really depends on how you look at it. Some people will say that Take It is not a scam because you are getting something for your money. Moreover, there is a money back guarantee and you might get your money back if you try hard enough.

So if there’s no monetary risk, then it would not be a scam.

But on the other hand, if you consider lying and misleading you into purchasing a product that does not work as advertised, then Take It may very well be a scam to some people.

I personally don’t think it’s a scam even if Brendan lies to us about results because the app does work as intended and COULD produce results as claimed by the sales page, but needs way more work and more investment.

If you want the answer on whether Take It works on it own, without any other kind of training or traffic generation strategies, then no, it does not work! I wouldn’t recommend that you get Take It or any of Brendan’s other products.

Like I said, I have reviewed quite a few of this other products in the past and most of them didn’t work as advertised. He is just good at dressing the product, making it look good and using words that make it irresistible.

He is a salesperson primarily and is not in the business of really HELPING people really make money with his products. His agenda is to make HIMSELF money. Think about it; that’s why he keeps releasing product after product.3

If there was any ONE of them that really worked, then why would he create new ones every time?

Ditch Apps That Don’t Work As Advertised! Discover How I Make Passive Income Online!

Just like any job that you start, you need training in order to be able to do the job properly. Well, in the online world, it’s the same. You need training in order to be able to make good money.

Without your job training you, how can they expect you to perform as well as people who have been working at the company for years? Well, how can you expect a business to perform well WITHOUT training yourself?

That’s why it takes some time in order for you to see progress and profits with your online business. You need the right training and the right tools.

What I do is called affiliate marketing and it is basically what the training was gonna show you how to do using the app. And as you’ve already guessed, the most important thing is to attract visitors. Well, I’ve learn how to do that for free!

And it works! Look at some of my income proofs below.

And another one!


So obviously, this training is not like the training that Brendan has put together and let me tell you that it’s FREE. You don’t have to pay for it, like Brendan asks you to pay for his. I’ll send you a free 6-day email course that will kickstart you!

Let me tell you that right now, you are in the right place at the right time. You’ve got the industry that is booming and all you gotta do is grab the free guide now to learn how to also profit from it. There’s nothing to lose!

Thanks for reading my Take It review and don’t forget to share your experience with us if you’ve purchased the product. Did it work for you? Did you make any money? What are your opinions about Take It?

Lots Of Love,


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