Tap 2 Cash Review – Is Tap2Cash.net A Scam Or Make $500 Today?

Tap 2 Cash review - is Tap2Cash.net a scamIf you’re looking for an honest Tap 2 Cash review, then this is it! The reason why I emphasize that this is honest is because I’m not going to promote it to you just to make money. In fact, I’m not an affiliate of the website.

Why am I not, you might ask? Is Tap2Cash.net a scam or something? Or is it a website that will work exactly as advertised and help you make $500 starting from today?

Well, I’ve actually found some red flags and some evidence pointing towards the website being a scam and possibly not pay out its members. And if you’re considering joining, then you need to read this review until the end.

This is the only review that can really bring the ugly facts into the light to help you make an informed decision.

Tap 2 Cash At A Glance

Website: Tap2Cash.net

Owner: “Mark Liuw”

Purpose: Recruit others and complete offers to earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: Nope! It is a mass-data harvesting scam that does not pay its members.

What Is Tap 2 Cash?

Tap 2 Cash claims to be the #1 Influencer Network that has the potential to pay you up to $500 TODAY! What you’ll do is just refer others to the platform for $10-$15 per referral and complete tasks.

Apparently, people have been working on this website for at least 3 years. One was able to make $1K with the website and another was able to even buy his Mustang with the help of his earnings here. Those testimonials really make you believe this website works, right?

But unfortunately for the creator of Tap 2 Cash, I’ve already seen some things that don’t add up. The first is the fact that they are able to pay so much as a sign up bonus, which is at $25, as well as per referral at $15.

The other red flag is the fact that I’ve seen similar websites before that I’ve actually exposed as scams already. Take for example, Referral Pay, Paid Lead, Tap 2 Earn and so on. If there is any kind of association or relationship between them, it can’t be a god thing.

Even if those weren’t present, the amount of money they claim that you can make per day is $500, which is WAY over the amount that people usually make in a day with similar websites.

I mean take a look at Swagbucks. It’s hard to even make $50 per day, even if you have tons of referrals because the pay is so low. So there’s gotta be a catch, right?

If it was so easy to make money online, then everybody would be quitting their jobs too make an easy $500/day with this website. Even in Canada and the United States, the average daily income is at bout $200.

So you can bet that it would spell doom for those companies left hanging without any employees working for them. Yet, that’s not what’s happening, right?


How Tap 2 Cash Works

First of all, in order for you to understand whether Tap 2 Cash is a scam or not, we need to take a look at the business model to see whether it is legitimate or not, as well as whether it makes sense from a business perspective.

Obviously, if it is illegal it would be best to avoid it but if the business model makes sense, then at least you know that you could at least make some money. I have to say though that it does not look good.

You see, the primary way to make money that is advertised on Tap 2 Cash is for you to refer others to the website. It’s only when you actually sign into your member’s area is when you find out that you’ll also need to complete tasks.

Okay, that’s all fine since they’re legit ways of making money online. That’s how Swagbucks and many others work so that’s not the problem.

The way that they explain they make money and how they pay their members completely changes once you get to the FAQs. They now claim to make money through ad-spent revenue.

It makes sense that the more people you refer to a website, the more the ads will get exposed to that traffic and the more money the website will make. It makes sense that they would pay you a portion of that revenue.

But when you take a look at the website both before signing in and afterwards, you can NEVER find a single advert. So where is the money really coming from?

Some people might argue that it is from the offers, which might be true. But the truth is that nobody would want to work with Tap 2 Cash because in order to pay people $55 per task, they have to charge at LEAST that amount PER offer, right?

Other places charge WAY less so why would anybody want to spend a hundred times more per survey or offer?

In my opinion, what’s really happening here is that Tap 2 Cash wants to lure you with the promise of high pay so that you are tempted to sign up. They never really have the intention to pay you for your work.

The Red Flags Showing Tap 2 Cash Does Not Pay Out

If you’re looking into working with a company, especially an online company, you want to know whether they aren’t involved in any shady business or not, and whether they are being honest with you or not.

And unfortunately, I found some lies and some other red flags that you should be aware of. These points will really make you think twice.

1) Fake creator and support team

How could anybody have thought that such a website could be making up characters and personalities to make up the CEO and the support team? This is one of the biggest red flags.

The photos of these people are actually stock photos that the anonymous creator behind Tap 2 Cash purchased from the internet. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been used on multiple websites like this.

This is very common with scams or low-quality products because the scammer does not want to be recognized, stopped and sued. He just changes his name each time along with each new product they create and launch.

2) 3 years of experience? Really?

That caught my eye, as well as somebody saying that they’ve been making money with Tap 2 Cash for over 1 year, so I decided to see how long ago the website was actually registered. And I found the creation date to be Nov. 06, 2019.

So no, it’s a big lie that this company has been around for 3 years. It’s only been around for 3 months! So you can’t even trust the testimonials because they’re most probably fake as well.

The truth is that nobody can come across a make-money-online website if it does not exist, nobody can refer anybody to that website, nobody can make money from that website and nobody can withdraw from it..

So don’t fall for these testimonials.

3) 225,000 members and no satiable payment proof?

Now, even though I already KNOW that they don’t have 225,000 members, I’m going to pretend they do. If that’s the case, then where are all the positive reviews? Where are the payment proofs? Where are the cashing out videos?

You see, if a website had that many members, you would have been able to look around the internet to see whether people are posting about making money with Tap 2 Cash. That’s because it would help them get more referrals, right?

But that’s not what’s happening, so it’s all a made up story; they do NOT have that many members.


4) Similar to some other scams I reviewed already

Like I already mentioned, the Tap 2 Cash website, the claims made, the layouts, the work (referring others and completing tasks), as well as the description of how the website makes money, they are all similar to some of the other websites that I’ve already exposed as scams.

Additionally, they’re all also similar in the fact that the creators are all anonymous.

But since the websites are all the same, I would conclude that it is the same person behind all of these websites. And if they haven’t paid anybody in the past, then they won’t start now.

5) What the BBB says about these websites

Yes, there are so many of these websites that the BBB had to put out a message, telling the general public to beware of these websites, even if they are free to join. That’s because there’s much more that could be at stake.

According to the BBB, these websites are trying to get a hold of your information. They are mass-data harvesting websites that seem harmless at first but that could prove to be dangerous.

Snippet From The BBB.org Website

You can take a look at what it says HERE.

They look to gathering your information to sell to other spammers and scammers, or to use them themselves to scam you. They could also use that information to try and hack into your online accounts such as Paypal.

If you also live in the Tier 1 countries, you could even get your identity stolen and your credit score could plummet because of that. So be careful around these websites.

Is Tap 2 Cash  A Scam?

You already know what I think, but let’s make it clear; Tap 2 Cash is a scam and I definitely do not recommend it.

Not only are there some shady things going on, on the website but there are also so many red flags when you look closer into the company. I don’t think that this website deserves our trust with so many lies either.

There’s the fact that the creator and the support team are all fake nd made up characters. You also come to know that the website has only been around for 3 months and not 3 years, like they claim.

You can also now clearly see that the testimonials are all fake seeing as people couldn’t have been working with a website that does not exist and can’t make money from it. The pay rates are ludicrous too.

Then you have the fact that it is being associated with other websites that have been exposed as scams and never paid anybody. Chances are that you’re not gonna get paid either.  What makes you think the creator will change now?

And don’t even get me started on the business model that does not make sense. It is pretty much inexistent.

From my point of view, Tap 2 Cash is a scam and you now know the reasons why you should avoid it. Just a friendly suggestion.

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Thanks for reading my Tap 2 Cash review. If you’ve had any experience at all, feel free to share them in the comments section below. It will really help others understand that Tap 2 Cash is a no-go.

Lots of Love,


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