Tap 2 Earn Review – Is Tap2Earn.co A Scam Or Make $500?

Tap 2 earn review - Is Tap2Earn.co a scam

Welcome to my honest Tap 2 Earn review.

You’re probably looking for more information because you’ve seen links on social media or in an email that brings you to Tap2Earn.co and it looks like an easy way to make money online, right?

Sure, but the truth is that there are way too many scams on the internet, even if they’re free. So congrats on being smart and doing your research on Tap 2 Earn because you just never know.

I’ve found a few things about Tap 2 Earn that is going to really shock you. You should really know about these things if you’re seriously considering joining. Is Tap2Earn.co a scam? From my perspective, it looks like it.

Tap 2 Earn At A Glance

Website: Tap2Earn.co

Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money referring others to Tap 2 Earn

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend it?: No! They don’t PAY!

What Is Tap 2 Earn?

Tap 2 Earn is self-proclaimed to be the #1 Influencer Network and the sad truth is that I’ve seen the same thing being said before but with other programs that I’ve exposed as scams, like Paid Leaf, Referral Pay and Notion Cash.

And to tell you the truth, the layout of Tap 2 Earn and how it works, is exactly the same as those other websites. You’re told that you can make $10 – $15 per referral, and that you can make upto $500 today.

You’ll even make a $25 bonus when you sign up.

Truth be told, even if I hadn’t seen anything like Tap 2 Earn before, I would have been suspicious and that’s because of the amount that they say you’re gonna get paid.

This is like any other get-paid-to website, like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. The most that I’ve ever seen anybody get paid is maybe $15- $20 in a day, if you’re lucky to get all the highest paying surveys as well as getting lots of referrals.

So $500 in a day as an income from a similar website has got to raise some eyebrows, right? And I have seen some tasks involving getting paid for leads before and the free programs won’t pay more than a few dollars per lead.

So where is Tap 2 Earn getting $10 – $15 from to pay you, since they say it’s free to join?

Tap 2 Earn says, just sign up, share your link and cash out. Sounds easy enough but will it work like that? No way! There’s always a catch somewhere and obviously they won’t tell you what it is.

And if it is free, how can it really be a scam? You’re not losing money by signing up, right? Well, not YET, you aren’t. That part comes later. Let me explain it to you below.


How Tap 2 Earn Works – The Business Model Is Nonsense

To first understand whether a program is a scam or not, you have to look at how the website makes money and how you’re gonna get paid. If the business model makes sense and is sustainable, there’s no question that it’s legit.

But Tap 2 Earn’s business model is completely broken. It does not make any sense.

You see, the way that they say they make their money is through ad-spent revenue. The more people you bring to the website, the more exposure their ads get, the more clicks they get and the more money Tap 2 Earn makes.

They then share that revenue with you.

But what does not make sense is that they are NOT promoting clicking and viewing ads as the way to make money here. No, they’re telling you that you need to get referrals to the website to make money.

But if that’s all anybody is doing, who is really viewing and clicking on ads here? Practically nobody. So how much money is Tap 2 Earn really making? Nada!

So if there is no money coming in, how the heck are they gonna pay out? From a business perspective, you have to make sure money is coming in for the business first, before paying out, right?

But here, they’re basically giving away money for referrals that you’re bringing in, without making sure that money is actually coming in. Either they pay out to officially go bankrupt soon or they won’t pay out at all.

And I have a hunch that what’s gonna happen is the latter; they just won’t pay out.

Do They Even Pay Out? – My Research Says NO!

Remember how I said that the layout of Tap 2 Earn and the business model looked exactly the same as Referral Pay, Paid Leaf and Notion Cash? Well, let me just show you some of the comments I found on Youtube.

People haven’t gotten paid before. So if the same person is behind all those websites, what makes you think you’re gonna get paid by being a part of Tap 2 Earn?

Well, that’s not all that’s similar. The first very important red flag that I want to talk about is the fact that Tap 2 Earn and Referral Pay actually have the same parent company, called Zindex, which is a company that has been offering online monetizing solutions.

However, when I try looking up Zindex online, nothing comes up. Why wouldn’t a company offering ONLINE monetizing solutions NOT be found online?

Another red flag are the multiple lies through out the website, one of which is when Tap 2 Earn was founded. They say it was in 2015. But when I look up when the website was actually set up, it shows September 10th, 2019.

Why would they lie to us? Well, they have to make the dates on the payment proofs valid, right? All of those dates are actually PRIOR to September 10th, 2019.

How could anybody have made money with Tap 2 Earn if the website didn’t even exist yet?

What about the video testimonials? Well, the sad truth is that they’re all paid actors from a freelance website called Fiverr.com. They are getting paid to read and act out a script. They never even tried the website and never got paid.

Now you might be asking what the scammers would gain by creating this website for free? Well, that’s where Notion Cash comes in. You see, many people have put in complaints about Notion Cash on the BBB.

You can take a look at what it says HERE.

But basically, what the BBB says is that these websites are doing mass data harvesting, meaning that they’re after your information; your name, your date of birth, your phone number, your address and so on.

And they could use this information for identity theft and to hack into your online accounts, like bank accounts and Paypal accounts and so on. They could even SELL your information to others.


Is Tap 2 Earn A Scam? – Absolutely!

Oh yes, Tap 2 Earn is a scam that you should avoid at all costs. Just because it is free to join, it does not mean that you’re not at risk. Scammers could be after other things and as we now know, they could be after your personal data.

There’s enough proof that Tap 2 Earn won’t pay you, from the relationship that it has with other websites such as Paid Leaf, Referral Pay and Notion Cash. The business model is unsustainable and the amount they promise to pay is outrageous.

There are also those big lies that they tell us about being in business since 2015 when they really just started up in September 2019. And what’s up with the fake testimonials and fake payment proofs?

It’s disgusting how they’re using PAID video testimonials from ACTORS that have actually never used the service before as a means to convince you to sign up. And it’s unthinkable how they would make up payment proofs to have you trust them.

And isn’t it strange how they say their parent company Zindex has been around since 2005, yet, there’s no information at all on them on the internet? They’re an ONLINE monetizing solutions company, so why wouldn’t they be ONLINE too?

No, there are too many red flags and too many similarities to other scams I’ve exposed before, so Tap 2 Earn is definitely a scam to me. I would not recommend that you sign up, unless you want your personal data violated.

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Thanks for reading my Tap 2 Earn review. Is Tap2Earn.co a scam in your opinion? Did you try the website? Did you get paid? Have they cheated you? Did they close down your account, claiming you’ve violated their terms?

Let me know below!

Lots of Love,


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