Tasks 4 Cash Review – Red Flags That Indicate A Scam!

You are here because you are probably wondering whether Tasks 4 Cash is a scam or not. You’ve probably been approached by somebody to join this website or you joined already but are having bad feelings about it.

Well, in this honest Tasks 4 Cash review, you will find out about the red flags that I uncovered about this website. They will be able to guide you on whether or not you should continue using the website if you already signed up…

… or whether or not you should actually be signing up for it.

The truth is that there are too many scammy websites and knowing as soon as possible whether they are a waste of time or not, is better for you, so you can seek something that WILL work.

Tasks 4 Cash At A Glance

Website: Tasks4Cash.com

Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Earn money by completing surveys and referring others

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: It’s a scam and a total waste of time! Tasks4Cash actually might be luring you to sign up to sell your personal data and not really to help you make money online. In fact, they have never paid anybody and won’t pay you either.

What Is Tasks 4 Cash?

Tasks 4 Cash claims to pay you top dollar for your time and for your work. They claim that you’ll get paid $500 – $1000 daily, which to be honest, is way more than what those other GPT websites will pay you.

The high pay is the first red flag in my opinion because GPT websites typically will not give you a range of income you could make, nor will they give you any guarantees. Moreover, they typically don’t pay hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

If it were as easy as sinply signing up with a website like Tasks 4 Cash to make money online, then nobody would be working the traditional job, really. 

Who would trade their time sitting at a desk or working hard in a warehouse to barely make $100 or so per day, when they could sit at a computer for half the time and get paid $500+?

I have to be honest with you here and let you know that this is not the first time that I’ve seen a website like this. There are many, many others that I have reviewed on this website that claim the same thing and that even look the same.

Take a look at some of those others that I have reviewed;

1. Tap 2 Earn

2. Rainmoney

3. Dollaz.club

4. AltasCash.co

They all claimed to be able to pay you an excellent income for a few hours of work, but none of them really paid out. There were a lot of red flags and a lot of lies on this websites that I found on Tasks 4 Cash too.

So in my opinion, Tasks 4 Cash will not really pay out either.

How Tasks 4 Cash Works

It is fairly easy to get signed up with Tasks 4 Cash. All you really need is an email address, create a username and a password, and you’re good to go!

The way to make money with Tasks 4 Cash is to complete tasks and also referring others to the website. They will pay you $15 per referral and a minimum of $35 per task that you complete. Those tasks really only take 5 – 10 minutes.

However good this may sound, we need to look at the bigger picture. How on earth are the people at Tasks 4 Cash are able to pay so much?

I dug out the truth! They can’t!

You see, the business model is a legitimate one, as this is what most other websites, like Swagbucks, work. But the problem comes with the amount of money that they are claiming to pay out. 

If a business wants to make money, they need to be sustainable, right? And the prices need to be competitive as well. If you were to be charged $3 for a loaf of bread at one store and $10 for the same loaf somewhere else, you would choose the $3 loaf, right?

That’s exactly the same when it comes to the relationship between Tasks 4 Cash and their customers.

Swagbucks might only be charging a few dollars per survey/task completed but Tasks 4 Cash looks like they might be charging hundreds of dollars for the same thing.

The amount that Tasks 4 Cash pays needs to come from somewhere and it only makes sense that it will come out of customers’ pockets. But nobody would want to pay that much, right? Not when competitors are charging way less.

So that’s why I do not believe that there are any customers working with Tasks 4 Cash and that these guys actually will not pay out.

The Glaring Red Flags – Scam Indications!

1) No information on the creator of the website

These types of GPT websites, unless they are big websites like Swagbucks, will usually introduce the creator of the website. This is done to increase trust and rapport.

But that’s not done here with Tasks 4 Cash. So how can you really be sure that the people behind the website are not out to get you? 

Research on a particular company or person behind a business/website is important because it helps you know how reliable they are. If there is no information, then there is no way for us to know if they are speaking the truth or not.

And especially not when there are other red flags such as those in this list. 

2) Higher pay that normal range

There is nothing wrong with getting paid more for the same task, believe me! I want everybody to get paid more. But my experience speaks against websites such as Tasks 4 Cash.

You see, in my past experiences, the reason that these websites claim to pay you more is to make the offer so irresistible that you accept it and sign up for free. There is this alluring talk of making more money in less time.

However, they are only tricking you because they are looking for something from you and it might not always be your credit card info.

In this instance, because there is no request to get any payment information, they might be after your PERSONAL information, such as your name, your address, your date of birth, your email and your number.

Those can be used by scammers to pretend they are you and commit identity theft. If you’re in one of the Tier 1 countries, then you know how dangerous this is.

3) VERY new website

Other similar websites always claim to have been in business for a few years, typically since 2015. Although Tasks 4 Cash makes no such claim, I still decided to check how old the website is.

And unfortunately, it’s not old at all!

You might be thinking that a newer website means it’s better because software would be more updated and the offers will be more recent, but you are overlooking one thing.

And that’s the fact that a newer website has an increased chance of actually being a scam compared to a website that has been around for a good number of years.

When I verified, I found out that Tasks 4 Cash is only about 3 months old, as it was created in September 2020.

You may not know a lot about websites, but a domain name (like Typingtofreedom.com) needs to be purchased for a minimum of a year. Then, the owner of that domain can choose to renew or not to renew it.

Scammers will typically have a website for a year or so and then choose not to renew because within than time frame, most people come to know that the website does not pay out. Thus scammers will not renew the name as it’s not profitable.

That’s why scams are usually around for a year or two at the max, whereas legit websites will be there longer. Just mark my words; after about a year or so, this website would have disappeared.

4) Fake payment proofs

When all else fails, you try to look at the payment proofs to affirm the website is legit, right? Because at the end of the day, this is what you are looking for; to make some extra income and if the website pays, then the red flags don’t matter.

Well, I have some proof here that even the payment proofs are all fake!

You see, there are a number of payment proofs that are dated prior to the creation of the website. Just a look at some of those screenshots below.

How could anybody have gotten paid PRIOR to the website even existing? 

I do believe that those payment proofs are all made up and completely fake. Nobody can get paid from a website that didn’t even exist yet at that time. This is just a poor attempt at trying to make you believe that they pay out and to push you to sign up.

Avoid Tasks 4 Cash?

I say absolutely! There are too many red flags and not enough reassuring information on the Tasks 4 Cash website. Moreover, this is not the first time that I’ve seen those red flags and those promises made.

We know nothing about who created this website or which company is sponsoring it, so there is no way for us to really confirm that they will pay anybody. Moreover, all the other similar websites that I mentioned were the same!

Then, we also find out that the pay range is not normal for this type of website. Sure, there might be raffles but how many times did yoiu play the lottery and actually won a big sum? The answer is never for most people!

So how can this website generalize and say that most people will make $500 -$1000 per day?

The website is also very new, which means that it hasn’t established a track record yet. Without good history, it is very difficult to confirm whether a website is legit, much less Tasks 4 Cash because there are so many red flags.

And the worst red flag is the fact that they are posting fake payment proofs on their website. If those are fake, then it means nobody has gotten paid and nobody will get paid. 

Conclusion; Tasks 4 Cash is a scam and a total waste of your time!

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