The 30 Minute Money Method Scam – Pure Lies Revealed

The 30 Minute Money Method scam is what I will be writing about today and although calling it a scam is a little harsh, I have to come out straight and say it, because of all the misleading information and hype within the sales video. So if you are looking at this program, here are the reasons you should stay away.

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At a Glance

Name: 30 Minute Money Method


Owner: Shelly West

Purpose: Make money online

Price: $97 one-time / downsell $37 + upsells

Recommended?: No!

The Biggest Hype of the Year

Shelly is supposedly the one talking about her program in the video and she claims that her program will help you make $500 within 30 minutes. Additionally, she claims that 30 Minute Money Method will also make you upto $50,000 a month and $600,000 this year. She further claims that “making that kind of money isn’t impossible, it’s EASY”.

Usually, making the work look easy and exagerating the amount of money that can be made, is the work of either a scammer or the creator of a low-quality product that is not worth the money.

I have been making money online for over 2 years now and it is nothing close to easy. There is a lot of hard-work that is required to make it big online, just like any other business you want to start.

And being in this business for the past 2 years has not made me $600,000 within my first year. Heck, not even in my second year.

I am not saying that it is not possible because you can definitely make some serious money online if you do things right, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for this to happen within your first year. It does take time.

Another big exageration that ties in with her claims, are that the people who used her system were able to make upto $48K within 1 month, working only for 1 hour a day. And even somebody who worked for only 3 days a week that was able to make $49K.


What would be a sales video without some proof to get your attention? Of course, Shelly would incorporate the much-needed testimonials to convince you that her program really works.

Needless to say that like many other opportunities, these testimonials were incredibly over-rated and… completely fake!

Yes, fake!

Have you ever heard of Fiverr? It is a freelance website where anybody can post their services for as little as $5 and make some money.

Guess who’re doing these testimonials?

Here’s the first guy and his Fiverr profile.

He claims that 30 Minute Money Method made him $475 within his first 30 minutes and that it is bringing him around $10,000 every single week. If he was making that kind of money, why would he be selling his services on Fiverr?

This one fake testimonial is enough to show that the owner of this program, if her name is realy Shelly, only wants to get your money and she is using dirty tactics to get you to hand over your money to her. In fact, there is no photo of her at all throughout the video.

What prevents us from thinking that the spokesperson was not also somebody who was hired for the video?

What’s more, is that I spent more than 15 minutes watching the video and all Shelly talked about, was herself and about all the benefits of her “secret” 30 Minute Money Method, trying to convince me that there was nothing better.

Shelly’s Story

Shelly talks about how she became pregnant, got married to her first child’s father, got pregnant again and how he left them all broke, with no money and no job.

She explains that she resorted to making money online, completed surveys and was then heart-broken of the miserly pay that she received as a result. After a few depressing weeks, she explains that she finds a guy on Facebook who made $1 Million within 2 years of starting a blog.

And thus, she started her journey, choosing her niche, buying her domain name, web hosting and installing WordPress. She said that she worked on her website for 7 months, writing about 5 posts a week, sharing her posts on social media where to this day, she only has 12 likes.

Needless to say, that she emphasized she made almost no money with the ads that she had placed there. I will give you the reasons why she failed further down within this review.

Anyways, after she persistently researched the web for ways to make money online, she claims that she had come across a secret website that had made her over $600 within her first 30 minutes and above $2500 for 2 hours of work.

Her story goes on about finding other secret websites, where she was able to pull more than $10,000 a week.

What’s inside 30 Minute Money Method?

This is what you have undoubtedly been waiting for; to see what you will actually find once you have paid the $37 to get access to the members’ area.

What you get inside, is not so secret after all and I guarantee that the methods are NOTHING that will even make you $1 within your first hour. They won’t even make you money on your first day!

The training included with this program is;

1) Making money from online Voice Overs

2) Making Money online with Stock Photography

3) Making money by playing games online

4) Making money by freelancing online

5) Making money by being the middleman (Bonus)

6) Making money by managing social media (secret method)

I am not even joking here. This is what your $37 will get you. I mean, this information can be found FOR FREE all over the internet. The PDFs she has aren’t even detailed enough for you to get started. Not to mention that there are ludicrous upsells to get you to buy even more into the system, promising you to add zeros to your income.

There is absolutely no plus that I see with this program other than the below. It is a totally useless product and not worth either your time or your money. For all the time that I have been online, if there was a way for me to make money on autopilot, or a secret website that could make me the money she claims, I would have found it by now.

The only positive that I have to say about this program, is that it is partnered with ClickBank, where it is relatively easy to get a refund.

So if you did buy this program on impulse, then get in touch with ClickBank, because they are relatively easy with giving you your money back when you are unsatisfied with a product.

Let’s Discuss Her Claims About Her Failed Blogging Attempt!

I must say that I am pumped to discuss this because this is the exact way that I make money online; blogging.

Posting Ads on your website is not the only way to make money from blogging. You can actually also earn through affiliate marketing and through dropshipping, which actually will make you WAY more money than expecting people to click on your Ads.


From what I can see, Shelly lacked a lot of what is important to find success with blogging. She was definitely on the right track with writing as much as she could and sharing on social media, but what she didn’t have were the proper training, strategies and tools to make it happen.

I mean, I blog and I am making money through this very website. So how can she say that blogging does not work? She must have been doing something wrong because I am living proof that blogging DOES work.

Additionally, she only gave herself 7 months. The biggest mistake that you can commit, is to give yourself a deadline for this because everybody’s clocks don’t work the same way.

I won’t lie to you, it takes between 6 to 12 months for you to start seeing results with your blog but all the hard work is so much worth it when you are actually achieving your financial goals.

It takes time because there is a learning curve, your success depends on the topic / niche you choose, it depends on how much work you put into it, it depends on how engaging you make your posts and it also comes down to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to drive people to your website.

So as you can see, working hard is part of it but your hard work will only bring you success if you have a solid training that will build your foundation and the proper use of tools that will give your blog that needed boost to make you that income.

The training that I used is through Wealthy Affiliate. I created this exact website with their help and have been able to earn money through affiliate marketing ever since.

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Is this program a scam?

It may seem a little harsh to call this program a scam, but from my point of view, because of the outright lies that go within the sales video, the over-rated hype, the fake testimonials and the empty promises, it is a scam.

The only promise that Shelly is able to keep, is the refund part because the program is sold through ClickBank. They have to honour the money-back guarantee else, they are out of the platform forever.

As I mentioned during my review, even if you do end up buying into this program, there is nothing new or “secret” about it because all the information that she puts together can be found over the internet for free, with a little effort.

Even her PDFs are not worth the money you put into it because they are not enough to get you through making $500 every 30 minutes. You will be lured into paying into more upsells that will promise big money, which we know, will get you no where.

This concludes this review of this program. If you have any questions or have any comments about this program, or any other program, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If you have any experience at all making money online, then I would love to hear about how you do it and how you monetize your blogs.

Please also share; how long did it take you to make your first $1 online?

This will give tremendous courage to our fellow visitors who are thinking of getting into blogging but who are unsure of the success rates.

Thank you and I wish you great success with your online journey!



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