The Amazing Selling Machine Review – Is The High Price Tag Worth It?

The Amazing Selling Machine review

Welcome to an honest The Amazing Selling Machine review.

You’ve probably seen this program being promoted around and are wondering what it’s about, how it works, what you get and if you’re going to make any money by following the program, right? Well, congrats on doing your research because there are just too many scams on the internet and what if this is another one of them?

I just want to clarify that I’m not associated in any way with The Amazing Selling Machine and that as a result, my review is going to be unbiased and honest. I’m not going to pitch anything up to you. All I want is to give you everything that I’ve found out so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

The Amazing Selling Machine At A Glance


Owners: Matt Clark/Jason Katzenback

Purpose: Make Money Online with Amazon FBA

Price: $4997

Do I Recommend It?: It’s not a bad program but I do think that the price is really high!

What Is The Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine sales video starts off with the two co-founders and developers introducing you to the program, which is such a breath of fresh air compared to the many other programs where the creators remain anonymous, using fake names and pen names.

You also even have real testimonials from real people that have tried the system and who are working together with the co-founders to make the system better. That to me, was very comforting and showed that the system is not a scam. I also looked at when the program started and found it’s been in business for over 5 years.

If a program lasts this long, then it can’t possibly be a scam.

They talk about using Amazon to make money online and a lot of the students, it seems, have gone on to becoming successful doing so, by following their program. Matt and Jason also say that they keep devising new ways and strategies to make even more sales and if it works, they add it into the program.

That’s a good sign because it means that the training is always updated.

They also give you access to some training for free, called Brand Builder Blueprint, which will outline 6 steps to starting out successfully with the Amazon FBA program. Based on this, you will be able to look at the quality of their training and make your decision on whether you want to buy the full Amazing Selling Machine program.

To me, it’s apparent that the co-founders are not out to scam people but to genuinely help them.

What Are You Going To Learn Inside?

The training is going to show you how to make money online using the Amazon FBA program. It’s a little like drop-shipping, where the storing of products, packing and shipping will be taken care of by the supplier or wholesaler, except that you’ll need to send your inventory to Amazon directly, where that’s gonna be taken care of for you.

Amazon will do the storing, packing and shipping the products for you.

You’ll learn how to pick a niche and products to sell, where to find suppliers, how to buy wholesale, how to mark-up your prices for optimal profits and how to additionally market your products online to get the maximum amount of sales.

Judging from the amount of sales and success their students have had, it looks like the program will teach you exactly what they preach. Inside, you’ll get access to the following:

– 8-week online training

– access to the mentorship program

– lifetime access to ASM and its community and forum

– 8 private group coaching calls

– product listing evaluation

– target traffic promotion by ASM to your new product

It looks like the co-founders have thought of everything; the training, the tools and the support. It kind of reminds me of the program that I myself joined called Wealthy Affiliate, where you are well taken care of as well. If that’s the type of community and support they have, then it can only be a good thing!

Some Things To Take Into Consideration!

Although ASM sounds like a very good program to be a part of, there are some things that you need to take into consideration. This is a real business and will take some work. You can’t expect to pay the fee and to start making money right away.

Most people don’t see their first sale well into their first or second month and people that make money within their first week or two are not the norm. You can hope that it will take less time but it most likely won’t happen.

What you also need to know is that the program costs a whopping $4997 if you pay upfront or $997 in 6 instalments if you choose to pay it that way. But still, it’s a lot of money that most of us LOOKING to make money online won’t initially have.

But on the other hand, not having to deal with monthly costs to keep your membership with ASM will relieve you. After these payments, you’ll have lifetime access to everything already within the training and the updates that they do. That’s a plus.

Another thing to think about is that the $4997 only covers the cost of the training. This does NOT cover the amount that you’ll buy in inventory and it does NOT cover the monthly fee of the Amazon FBA program.

To get a solid start and have enough to list on Amazon, you’ll need to buy at least $1000 – $2000 worth of inventory, which you’ll need to ship to Amazon and you’ll also need to pay a $39/month fee + storage fees if your items take up a certain amount of space.

Additionally, you may also think about advertising or boosting your listing further on Amazon to get more eyeballs on your product, which is going to cost you more money. It’s starting to seem like a money pit, right?

The one other BIG fact to take into consideration is that Amazon is becoming VERY competitive. Once you take a look into the pricing and fees, you’ll see that a lot of the products on Amazon make the sellers a few cents in profits. Many new sellers need to bite the bullet and lose money initially because the prices on Amazon are at rock-bottom.

Not only do you need to compete so hard to sell, but you also need to consider ratings and reviews from customers. A product that has a lot of positive reviews, a lot of sales and moderately priced will tend to do better than the same product at a lower price, with no reviews or sales.

That’s where you as a newbie, will be at a disadvantage, because the platform is so saturated and competitive. It will only become harder and harder to sell on Amazon.

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Worth It?

It’s hard to justify the pricing here because most vendors tend to blow up the price of their products to make it seem like they’re providing much more than their competitor, when that’s not really the case.

But in my honest opinion, if you have the money to invest, then The Amazing Selling Machine is worth it. Like I said, it reminds me of Wealthy Affiliate, the community that I myself learned how to make money online and the trio of training, support and tools is really important for success.

However, there are also many other programs that do teach you how to do dropshipping with Amazon without the big price tag. You can try The Amazon Bootcamp for example, that is only $495.

Whatever you do though, it’s always best to get some type of training as those will lead you in the right direction. To tell you the truth, I started selling on Amazon and got my account banned because I somehow unknowingly violated some terms that I didn’t know existed.

By following some training, you’ll then be able to make sure that you’re going to be within the terms and conditions, thus NOT putting you in the same situation as I found myself in. Getting some type of training involving selling on Amazon is essential.

Just my 2 cents and my opinion, based on my experience. Everything else is up to you.

If You Don’t Have Thousands Of Dollars, Then Try This FREE Alternative!

Well, when I got banned, I had to find another way to make money online and the method I found was affiliate marketing. It’s about promoting other people’s products without actually selling and fulfilling orders and without having to buy in bulk or wholesale.

What you do is find a good product to promote, and provide a link to it to your audience. When they click on it, they are directed to the sellers website, where they make the purchase, This link is hardcoded to you, so the seller knows you referred the customer. They then pay you commissions.

I found that this is a much better way of making money online because you’re not competing as much. You’re just working WITH vendors. They are the ones that take care of selling and of customer service. Your job is simply to refer your customer there.

Is that something you want to learn more about? Then I’ve got some information for you. You can try this method out for FREE! There is nothing to pay, not to me and not to the resources you’ll need to make it work, unless you want to take it further. That will be up to you. There will be no forcing or pushing.


That’s the best way to make money online in my opinion. It costs way less, no inventory to buy or to store, no customer service and everything is on your own terms, not Amazon or anybody else. You’re in total control.

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW to learn how to start this truly unique business, with no boundaries and limits, and where YOU set the rules. There is no better way to make money online.

Thanks for reading my The Amazing Selling Machine review. If you’ve had experiences with this program or with the Amazon FBA program at all, please share with us. We’d love to hear it!

Your Friend,


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