The ArbiCash System Review – Can You Make Money from Ads?

Welcome to my Arbicash System Review.

No doubt, there is so much money to be made from Ads and this system claims it can help you tap into the amazing amount of money that’s circulating on the Internet in regards to them. But can we trust what Eric says? Is he hiding anything from us that we should know about before investing? Is Arbicash System a scam?

In this article, I will be answering some questions that may or may not have crossed your mind, as well as show you whether this system works as well as Eric, the co-founder of the program, pretends.

At A Glance

Name: ArbiCash System


Owner: Eric Holmlund, Jeff Hunt, Paul Counts

Purpose: Make money using Native Ads

Price: $17

Recommended?: Read to the end to find out.. 😉

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The Video

Before getting into the actual pros and cons of the program, it is best for us to go over the video so we understand the main points of how the system will work.

So within the video, we have Eric talking to us. He explains that so many websites on the internet use Native Ads to generate either part of the revenue for the website or 100% of it. The point is that Native Ads WORK! People click on them like crazy.

Eric talks about somebody having hired Jeff, his business partner, for an evaluation of a $300,000 deal for Native Ads but he had suggested that it be replicated instead of bought. He claims that he was able to bring in $10,000 of revenue through Native Ads alone for this client within the first month, and that number had grown to $28,000 by the 4th month.

We’re also shown how the websites will look like that are full of Native Ads, that actually look like content to lure visitors into clicking on them. That will in turn bring in the revenue.

Eric explains that the ArbiCash System will teach you how to write simple content and how you can make the use of Native Ads to monetize your site.

What is Native Advertisement?

Native Ads are simply ads that have been disguised within the website page, as further reading materials. They are not ads for products nor do they redirect your visitors to PAY for anything. All this type of Ad does, is bring your visitors to a post on a different website, where if they click on any ads there, they will make the website owner more money.

The reason it works, is that the Ads don’t look like Ads at all. They are cleverly disguised within the page to appear to offer more information to your visitor and that’s what makes your visitor click on the Ad.

So in a nutshell, it is a form of advertising that we’re using to point our visitors to MORE ads, from which we will make money.

It sounds pretty neat but does it work as seamlessly as Eric pretends?

The Hidden Truth

I definitely don’t deny that the company that hired Jeff to analyze their $300,000 deal, was real. However, this is a pretty big company that he was talking about there. To be able to make so much money in revenue from Ads alone ($10,000) within their first month, they must have had to SPEND a lot on advertizing too.

Wait… What? I thought I was supposed to MAKE money from Ads, not SPEND!

You’re right! But with this way of making money online, you have to FIRSTLY spend on Advertizing your post on other websites to bring people to your website and hope that people will start clicking away at the ads you posted within, making you the money.

This is something that Eric does not explain! Not only do you have to spend the $17 to learn how it works, but you will have to spend HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars first, and try to recoop it via Native Ads on your website.

The Flaws with the System

Now, every business needs some kind of investment for you to be able to make real money but can you really make Millions of Dollars from this system alone?

The answer is NO!

The sales video is little exagerated in this regard. The training will basically teach you to create a website that will be a HOST for ads, where you will hope people will be clicking on the Ads so you can make money.

However, these types of websites are vain and not HELPFUL to the visitor. How many times have you, yourself, actually stayed on a website that is full of ads? You probably wanted out as fast as possible!

When you look at the website that Eric gives as an example, you can see that though you are taken through a slideshow and are shown the information that you specifically clicked the Ad for, the page is filled with distracting Ads and headlines that may not be of interest to you.

That’s why in some cases, Native Ads can be rendered ineffective; they’re all about random topics that have no relationship to each other and might not be of interest to your visitor. Try; un-targeted advertizing.

Is ArbiCash a Scam?

I personally don’t think that it is a scam but I would not recommend it either. Hiding some facts within the process, such as needing money to invest initially in Ads myself, is not something that I appreciate. The video is exagerated to the amount of money that one person could make because he is comparing every people to a big company; your average person does NOT have $3000 to invest in ads compared to a big company.

Like I said, I don’t deny that it could work but hosting a website needs to HELP your visitors with a problem first, before passing them on to other content. If you don’t create that trust first, then people will not come back to you website.

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