The Banner Code Review – Will The Banner Code Scam You?

The Banner Code review - The Banner Code Scam

Welcome to The Banner Code review that is going to give you ALL the details you need to know to make an informed decision.

Congratulations on even doing your research before diving all in because you never know when a program might be a scam. Will The Banner Code scam you?

Well, the current state of affairs online right now says that the number of scams are through the roof! So chances are that The Banner Code might be a scam after all and after looking at it briefly, I can tell you that things don’t look good.

I’ve uncovered a few UGLY facts about the program and the website that should help you decide whether to sign up or not. Here we go!

The Banner Code At A Glance


Owner: “Greg Allen”

Purpose: Make money from digital ads

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s A Scam!

What Is The Banner Code?

Greg seems to be the name of the person who created The Banner Code and he seems to be making a lot of claims about the performance of the website. He says that you’ll be able to make $50K every single month!

He also says you’ll make so much money within a few days alone that you’re going to be quitting your day job, and his advice is to throw away anything that is work-related right now because you won’t need them.

He continues on to say that it’s so easy to make money online that any newbie can do it. You’ll actually see money rolling in within 10 minutes of getting started. That’s insane, right?

That already sent out red flares for me, because though it is possible to make that kind of money online, it’s never as easy as that to start making it. I’ve been working online for two years now and I can tell you, there’s no EASY way to become successful.

It’s got nothing to do with trading, MLM, Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. It’s about digital ads, which made Google and Facebook billions of dollars in recent years and you can make so much money too!

Just sign up for free, choose your ad and look at the money rolling in.

I agree that making money with digital ads is one way to go to make money online, but from my experience, it’s not as easy either. You see, I do serve ads on my website and to tell you truth, they don’t make me as much as my other ways of making money online.

So is Greg really telling you the whole truth here about how money is made online, or is he just trying to fool you?

Red Flags Indicating The Banner Code May Be A Scam!

After watching the sales video and the sales page, I have to tell you that I found numerous red flags. These red flags have indicated, in my experience, a scam or a low-quality product.

Don’t take these lightly because these red flags are easily recognized. Maybe they can help you avoid scams that you may later be faced with.

1) Creator is NOT “Greg Allen”

Yeah, you can go ahead and tell me that the name of the creator is Greg Allen, but what proof do you have? The only Greg Allen that came up in a Google search is a well-known baseball player. Nothing came up for online business.

If somebody had helped countless people make money online and is a multi-millionaire, we would have heard about him somewhere; in the news, in an interview, on Youtube, on social media platforms. But this “Greg” was nowhere.

Fishy, don’t you think?

Additionally, I realized that I had seen the picture of this man before and remembered that it was the same photo used by another program, called Digital Payday. When I went back to the review I wrote a while ago about Digital Payday, I found out that the creator was a fraud.

You see, the same picture and description appears for both Digital Payday and The Banner Code, but the name is different. He changed his name so as not to be associated with the old scams!

That’s exactly what scammers do; they hide their identities and create fake ones so as not get pursued and recognized. Else they’ll stop making money and could even get sued and arrested.

2) Fake Testimonials

You might not have noticed that the testimonials were fake, but since I’ve reviewed so many programs now, I would recognize these people anywhere!

That’s because these people are actors and have been hired from a website called They have never used the program and have never benefitted from it. They are just reading a script and acting it out.

What’s really strange is that Greg needs to go out and PAY people to do these fake testimonials for him. What happened to all the people he claims he helped? Why not ask those REAL people to do video testimonials?

The truth is that there probably aren’t ANY real success stories and thus, Greg had to go out and pay people who would be willing to do testimonials for him.

Now that you know about this, how can you believe that anybody else was able to make money with the program? First, the lies of who he really is, then the fake testimonials.

3) Make Money Without Doing Any Work

Talk to any honest successful online entrepreneur and they will tell you that making some real money/full-time income online takes a lot of hard work. It won’t happen over night.

So after all these lies, how can you believe Greg when he tells you that you could make money WITHOUT doing any work? He tells you to just “watch the money roll in”.

That’s a red flag for ANY program that you might come across. As soon as you see this claim, or realize that this is what the speaker in the video is getting to, click off! These programs never work as advertised.

It’s because you keep wasting time trying to find such a program that’s discouraging you from ever finding a program that works. It’s because you expect that money will just fall into your lap with the click of mouse.

But that’s not how online business works and you know it! Wake up! Get yourself together and prepare to WORK for your goals and to achieve your dreams. Push-buttons systems don’t exist!

4) Same Program – Different Names

The truth is that the inside of the program promotes and I’ve seen this website before, under Ad Code and Ad Formula. The question you need to ask yourself here, is why use different names, right?

If the program inside really worked, then why disguise it? Why change the name?

They should be proud of helping regular people make so much money. They should be using the correct name to build trust and to grow their fan base. Just like Amazon and Ebay, for example. They don’t get disguised, right?

The fact is that many programs’ names are changed to evade the negative reviews they have on the internet. And I can tell you that this IS the case with The Banner Code.

5) Trouble With Withdrawing Earnings

Continuing on with the issue, I have collected some proof that people were having trouble to either get a refund of their deposits, as well as to withdraw their earnings.

Take a look at some of those screenshots from Reddit, about;

You can also CLICK HERE to read the full post.

What seems to happen is that the manager you’re assigned with, will push you to deposit as much money as possible. But deem this money gone because you’re not gonna be able to get a refund.

They’ll make you jump through hoops to provide documentation and will later, not even bother to reply.

And that’s the same thing with trying to withdraw your money. The manager will be all helpful but as soon as you want to withdraw anything, they’ll start to ignore your calls and your emails.

How Does The Banner Code Really Work?

To be honest with you, I did try signing up for my free account but it does not seem to work. This is the pop that comes up after I tried putting in my details.

But even if I wasn’t able to really sign up myself to see what’s inside, I was able to dig out some information through research, and this is the kind of research that I do for every single program that I review anyways.

It did not bring out reassuring results!

What I’ve found out is that The Banner Code is associated with (not to be confused with or as these are legit affiliate networks), a website that was also associated with two other scams that I exposed, Ad Code and Ad Formula. The Banner Code will redirect you there, just like those other two.

The way Click2Sell works, as Greg wants you to believe, is that you’ll deposit money and buy ad packages. You’ll design the ad and submit it, so that it gets seen and clicked on. Each time either of that happens, you’ll make money.

However, Click2Sell does not tell you where they are placing these ads, how many clicks you get, what your cost/revenue is per click and so on. You’ll just supposedly see your income growing and growing in your dashboard.

That will make you think that it’s working and you’ll want to deposit even more money, for more revenue. And that’s where the catch is. You’ll actually never see the money that you deposit into that account ever again.

Is The Banner Code A Scam?

You already know what I think about The Banner Code but I’ll say it again; The Banner Code is a complete scam and I obviously don’t recommend that you sign up, even if it’s free.

It won’t get you anywhere. All the program is gonna do is try to get you to invest in Ad Packages that will supposedly get traffic and clicks to your ads, that will increase your income, but they’ll never actually allow you to withdraw it.

The red flags I found should be enough to deter anyone from signing up with such a program, but even if you don’t think those red flags are valid, take into consideration of what’s actually inside. is a scam that has been marketed under different names before, such as Ad Code and Ad Formula. And if it was really legit, then they would have used its real name and wouldn’t have needed to disguise it.

The fact that so many people have also lost money to the program and have not gotten refunds or were unable to withdraw their earnings is also a big proof that The Banner Code and/or Click2Sell is a scam.

I wouldn’t recommend you go near any of these programs.

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Thanks for reading The Banner Code review. What do you think about the website? Will The Banner Code scam you and bleed you to dry like I found out? What were your experiences with the website? Share them all below!

Lots of Love,



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