The BEST business opportunity online – Wealthy Affiliate Review

Making money on the internet is becoming more and more popular by the day and there sure are a lot of opportunities out there.

But you may find yourself asking what the best business opportunity online might be, seeing as there are tons of scams on the internet and many new others being introduced each day.

Making $6000+ monthly online is possible and you know it! You hear about stories of people making 6- and even 7-figure incomes and wonder how they do it.

That’s an income you have to create for yourself. The reality is that there are only 2 ways to make money;

1) to work for somebody else and make THEIR dream a reality and

2) to work for yourself and make YOUR dream a reality.

You working for your boss or your company, even if it is for Microsoft, for Apple, for a bank, for a warehouse; these are all making the company richer and closer to their goals, not yours. It is time to fight for YOUR freedom and YOUR worth.

If you read About Me, you will find out that I have also been scammed many times online unfortunately, and that’s because I was looking for opportunities that would make me money without any effort.

The truth is, there is no such thing as becoming rich at the click or push of a button.

When I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, I could not believe that such a platform existed because it was all that I had dreamed of. I was finally able to really find the truth about how success is made online and that’s what I’m about to show you today.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into this review.

At A Glance

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Owner(s): Kyle and Carson

Training: Yes

Tools: Yes

Support: Yes

Success Stories: Yes

Pricing: Starter Member (Free), Premium Member ($49 monthly or $359 yearly $495 yearly)

Recommended?: Yes! Yes! Yes! It is the ONLY platform where I have been able to earn money online. I make recurring income every month and have been making OVER $400 every single month and it keeps growing!

Some Proof

When somebody says this works, then you should ask for proof. That’s the natural way that these things work. Without proof, there is no basis to believe them.

So, here are a few screenshots to show you that Wealthy Affiliate works!

Recurring income every month in 2019 (and to this day!)
$177 In One Week In January 2020
$400+ In February 2020
paypal proof typingtofreedom
One affiliate program’s monthly payments on Paypal, 2019 – 2020

As you can see, I’m not here to TELL you to sign up. I’m here to show you the results of hard work when you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

My First Impressions

After reading much about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, all it’s features, benefits and what it could do for me, I decided to join to really get a feeling of what it was about.

I was still a little skeptical but what really encouraged me, was that nothing much is needed to sign up: only an email and your full name.

I  felt comfortable signing up because they don’t ask you for your credit card information, like so many other companies out there, having come across many scams online.

In many of the reviews that I read, they talked about Wealthy Affiliate being a pay-it-forward type of community and I could really see it upon my first day. People started sending me welcome messages, words of encouragement, I saw success stories and people sharing tips and tricks with me.

It was really the kind of positive environment that I felt, would make me productive and the kind of community that was very helpful.


I dove right into the training, and I came to realize that Kyle made the process very easy. The simple steps to make it big online are the following:

1. Choose an interest

2. Build a website

3. Attract visitors

4. Earn revenue

steps to make money online

My first thoughts upon reading these 4 steps to success online were: 

To step 1: I do have a bunch of interests that were close to my heart.

To step 2: I don’t know how to build a website but that’s what Kyle will teach me.

To step 3: I don’t know how to attract visitors but that’s what Kyle will teach me.

To step 4: I don’t really see it as a step but the goal of all of my work.

So really, all I had to focus on was to build the website and learn about how to attract visitors to my website. This really simplified things for me, as a newbie.

The beauty that I found on this platform is that you can choose any interest and make it into a success. At Wealthy Affiliate, they believe that if there is an interest close to your heart that you promote, you will be more dedicated to it and as a result, more success will come your way.

Additionally, it will be much more enjoyable for you if you are working with your passion.

Many other programs on the internet will train you only on how to promote their own programs so THEY can make more money, which really sets Wealthy Affiliate apart, as you can see. Here, you won’t have to promote the platform to make the founders richer.

You can choose ANY interest at all and turn it into a profitable online business.


The training or lessons are mostly video lessons, where Kyle explains everything to the T: he shows you his monitor screen and explains step by step what you need to do; what to click, what to type, what to set up and what to avoid!

Each lesson also has written instructions, re-iterating most of the video lessons but these are more to-the-point. So even as a newbie, following the training is very easy.

Through out the first couple of lessons, you come to learn about a process called affiliate marketing. It may seem like a complicated term but it really isn’t. The word that really scared me was “marketing” because I had absolutely no idea how to “market”.

The simple way of explaining affiliate marketing from my point of view is the following: to help others find solutions to their problems and for each person that buys the solution, I make commissions.

But the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to go out looking for people and convince them to buy stuff from you; people will be directed to YOU and buy from you as well!

the lessons in wealthy affiliate

As a free member, you get access to the first 10 lessons, in other words, the “Getting Started” module, where you build your website by the 4th lesson and learn how to attract visitors by the 7th lesson.

The lessons that come afterwards, help you fine-tune the content on your website. You get to learn about keyword research, how to get free traffic to your website, what Google is looking for in order for you to appear on the first page of a search and so on…

So even as a free member, you get a ton of valuable information that is very newbie-friendly. You get to learn about the basics of what it takes to hold a successful website.



Most tools on the Wealthy Affiliate platform will be included within the SiteRubix menu. SiteRubix uses WordPress. Some of the tools included are available to both free and premium members, others being open to premium members only.

As you will soon see, even as a free member, there is no excuse to fail in becoming successful.


The SiteManager is self-explanatory, as you will find mostly with the tools’ titles; this is where you manage all the websites that you own and host on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It offers an overview of your website and can give you valuable information on what is happening behind the scenes and the steps to take to make your website better.

Note that even if you are a non-paying member that you can still hold a free website on Wealthy Affiliate. Two, in fact. If you become a premium member, you can hold upto 10 websites 25 free websites AND 25 of your own (total of 50 websites).


Another self-explanatory title, this is where you build your website. Where it used to take 30+ days to make your website live on the internet, learning code and creating your theme from scratch, it now takes less than 30 seconds and it is completely free.

You are only four clicks away from building your very own FREE website!

Step 1: Within the SiteBuilder, you can choose to build three kinds of websites; on a free domain, on a domain you own or you can purchase a new domain. A domain is the name of the website, such as

As a free member, you will only be able to build your website on a free domain, and as I mentioned before, you get to host a maximum of two. Premium members get to build on the free domain, they get to transfer their own domains to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and they can also purchase new domains and host them at Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 2: If you choose to build on a free domain, please note it will be on the “siterubix” sub-domain. Your free website on Wealthy Affiliate will look something like “”, as opposed to “”.

Your next step is to find a domain name. Most of the time on a free domain, I find that the name of the website is available. If you choose to build the website on a domain you own, you would type in the name of the domain and instructions of how to transfer your domain will appear.

If you want to purchase a new domain, either because you want a new one or because you own none, you will be redirected to where you can purchase one.

Step 3: Then, you choose a title for your website. It is usually the same as your domain name but properly spaced and capitalized.

Step 4: Next, is the question of themes. Themes dictate the look of your website, which you can of course customize further as you build your website.

As a free member, you can choose from 12 free themes and once you upgrade, you get a much wider selection of 2400+ themes to choose from.

AND THAT’S IT! Once you choose your theme, your website is ready to go.


This tool allows you to do one of two things; either purchase a domain or transfer a domain over from another host.

This is a bit redundant as it can be accessed from the SiteBuilder too but they both go hand-in-hand. Without a domain/sub-domain, a website cannot be built.

sitedomain on wealthy affiliate


Again, the name of this tool explains itself; this section has everything to do with the actual content of your website. If you have any experience with WordPress at all, you would usually be writing your content while being logged into your back-office / admin area of your website.

SiteContent has integrated with WordPress in such a way that it does not matter how many websites you own and write for, you would be able to publish them right from the SiteContent tool. That way, you do not have to log into your WordPress admin area each time you try to write anything.

Just write away and later choose to which website you would like to publish it. What’s really cool is that it has the same feel as when you write within WordPress.

Not only can you write any article from SiteContent, but you also have access to every single article, page or post that you have ever written through it and published through it, no matter which website it is for.

This makes it easy for editing or updating information on your various blogs and re-publishing it within one area.

It also gives you a ton of information such as the number of words you have in a specific article, the number of words written overall, the number of published and unpublished articles and how much more active you are with your website, compared to others on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

SITECOMMENTS (Premium only)

sitecomments on wealthy affiliate

For better rankings, search engines such as Google look at the helpfulness of the articles written and this is demonstrated through interaction with your readers on the website, mostly in the form of comments.

So this section will help you get more comments on your articles. This is an example of the pay-it-forward culture of the platform and I will go through how it works.

The first time that you try out this section, you will have a few credits that you will be able to use towards obtaining comments on your posts. Don’t worry, even if you run out of credits, you don’t need to spend any money to obtain credits or to request comments.

Just like you request comments on your blogs, others from the community will also be requesting comments and by leaving a comment on a website requested through SiteComments, you get to earn credits.

Each comment you offer will give you one credit in return and each comment you request will cost you two credits.

EDIT: Additionally, there’s also the fact that you can EARN by leaving comments on other people’s websites. You will earn $0.50 for every 2 comments, once the minimum number of comments has been achieved.

SITEFEEDBACK (Premium only)

site feedback on wealthy affiliate

This works similarly to SiteComments but instead of requesting comments on your website, you are requesting feedback on your website from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Feedback is also important because it lets you know what others think of your website in terms of navigation, layout, aesthetics, information that can all be limited to a single blog post or to the whole website.

And again, you are given a certain number of credits to use for feedback. When you run out, you can leave feedback on other people’s websites to earn more credits. You earn one credit for each feedback that you give and it costs you two credits to request a feedback.

JAAXY – Keyword and Niche Research

To find any amount of success online, a good keyword tool is very important. It helps you target the audience looking for the information that you are providing. It increases your ranking and traffic coming to your store and also plays a key part in bringing you the dollars.

Any writing done on a website, if done without keyword research, would be equivalent to shooting in the dark; the chances of actually hitting your target are very slim.

Introducing JAAXY, the industry-leading keyword research tool, that does much more than just keywords. For my full review on Jaaxy, please click HERE.

My point with Jaaxy is that it is included for FREE within the platform, whether you are a free member or as a paying member.  As a free member. you could also choose to just upgrade with Jaaxy (which will of course, give you a lot more features) while keeping your membership at Wealthy Affiliate free.

But that’s not recommended from a price-point because both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy cost $49/month. You might as well just upgrade to Premium with Wealthy Affiliate AND get Jaaxy included in your membership.


You can have all the training and tools necessary to succeed but what if something goes wrong with your website? What if a certain concept isn’t 100% clear to you? What if you want to go beyond the basics, make certain changes or improve your website and something goes wrong?

That’s why support is important, because without that, you would not be able to move forward. The support at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and one of the best that I have found so far.

The support structure here makes it possible to get answers sometimes within minutes. What I love is that you are not limited to one way of asking for help.

The ways that you can request support are as follows:

1. Live Chat 

The Live Chat gets you in touch with ALL of the people who are logged into their Wealthy Affiliate accounts. Everybody who clicks on the Live Chat icon will be able to see what the community needs help with and so far, I have had a very good experience.

This is by far the FASTEST way to get help on any topic. The community has tens of thousands of people online at one time, many of whom have been online (and with Wealthy Affiliate) for years and years and qualify as experts in the field.


Every single lesson has a comment section at the bottom, where you can leave your questions. A feature that is also integrated asks you whether you need help within the community and when you hit “yes”, the community is alerted and you get the help that you need.

It takes longer to get answers here but the answers received are usually more detailed than in the Live Chat.

3. Private Message

Yes, it is available here at Wealthy Affiliate. So if you want to ask a specific person for help, you are able to do so by clicking on the grey envelope on the top right of your screen.

You also have access to Private Message the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate and ask them for help personally. They DO reply, as you can see above.

KYLE is the co-founder and he personally reaches out to help you, if you need it. They are also very much active within the community, commenting and answering questions through out the platform.

What other program will allow you to communicate easily with its CEO / founders? This is exclusively only at Wealthy Affiliate.

4. Ask A Question

A lot of Ambassadors and other very tech-savvy members frequently check out the community’s questions.

When you ask a question through this link, you choose the category of the question (such as if it has anything to do with social media, with SEO, with affiliate links, etc..) then the question gets posted in a classroom (category) and whoever is within that classroom at that time, will answer.

This is very effective because it is very specific to the category it is placed in and the answers you get will be more accurate.

As you can see, there are tons of ways you can get help within the community. For you to get a feel of what this support can do for you in the long term, you will have access to support for the first 7 days of your free membership. Afterwards, this will become a paying feature and you will need to upgrade to have access to it.


This is the big question; all these features sound good but how much does it cost? As you know, there is a free side to this platform and there is a paid side. You can choose between two types of payments, either monthly or yearly.

If you choose to go monthly, that’s a recurring monthly payment of $49. If you choose to go yearly, it is a yearly recurring payment of $495 $359. By going yearly, you do save $95 $229 over the year.

Yearly works out to be $41.25/month instead of the $49/month.

Whether you choose to go monthly or yearly, you are still a premium member and you get access to absolutely everything! And the best part, you don’t have to give your credit card information; all payment is taken care of through Paypal.

Here is a table comparison between the Starter (free) membership and the Premium (paid) membership.

Other Success Stories At Wealthy Affiliate

Pay attention to these very carefully, because these are people that have found TREMENDOUS success with Wealthy Affiliate, which proves that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.

The best part is, you can even contact them DIRECTLY and learn from them. These are real people with real profiles on Wealthy Affiliate who struggled with their journey online but made it through hard work and perseverance.

Reading their success story was such an eye-opener for me when I first joined, because it showed me real people, with real struggles, with real obstacles and real challenges.

They didn’t show me only the glamour side of things with the money, the cars, the beautiful houses and mansions that they bought with their money.

What has inspired me, is that they kept going through their hard times and gave this opportunity their all and are now basking in the fruits of their hard work. And it is further proof that Wealthy Affiliate really works.

My last – but not least – words…

A real sustainable business, whether physical or online, takes a lot of hard work, patience and persistence. Just like a physical business needs some kind of initial investment, so does an online business.

BUT, the opportunity for you to try it for free is something that can only be done online.

Now you know what you will get by signing in for FREE but one thing that I also want to mention that is that you will get access to me as your mentor on the platform.

I am a VERY active member there and as long as you don’t give up on your dreams, I will be right there by your side, helping you.

I am among the Top 50 members within the platform and thus, you can rest assured that I will reply when you have questions and are stuck. And you can rest assured that you will receive very solid advice… 🙂 See for yourself within the screenshots above or below.

===> Get Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account – NO credit card needed! <===

(Be advised that though the FREE account is available to most countries, it is not available to the following countries due to high fraud rates; Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam.)

Even if you have to invest, imagine making over $4500, or even $6000 + every single month, working from home like Grace, after 2 years with Wealthy Affiliate.

What company would pay you $4,300+ monthly after only 2 years of service? It will take time with Wealthy Affiliate, but nobody would pay you that much even after 10 years.

Before then, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them below and I will reply ASAP. Wealthy Affiliate is a transparent community and I also will be transparent with you.

Yours truly,



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