The Big Income System Review – UGLY TRUTH REVEALED!

The big income system

If you’re looking for an honest The Big Income System review, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are just too many scams online nowadays that will just run with your money and thus, finding reviews that will give you all the information you need to know will help you make an informed decision.

So are you wondering whether this program is as good as it claims? Is it a scam or a legit opportunity that really works? Will you be able to quit your job and live financially free by joining and working the Big Income System?

Let’s find out! There are a few things that you should absolutely know about before joining because I think that it could affect the way you look at the system.

Let’s get started!

The Big Income System At A Glance


Creator: Christian

Purpose: Network marketing

Price: $3000+

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is The Big Income System?

When I heard that The Big Income System has been around for 16 years, I was impressed. I mean, that’s a long time to be in business and I was feeling good. That’s because scams don’t survive for even a year, let alone 16 years!

Christian says that he created a blueprint that has been making him $14,000 per day. Some guy in a testimonial said they made $120K within the last 5 weeks. And finally, you’re told that you’ll be able to make at least $1500 per week with the system.

That’s when I started becoming a bit skeptical.

Was this a high ticket program that offered junk to its members and are luring them in to pay big money so that their affiliates/members could make the big bucks? Or was there really a ton of value that they provided inside the program?

Sometimes, when there is one-on-one coaching, some programs might charge you that amount so even if I felt uneasy, I still didn’t want to draw conclusions.

Then, Christian started talking about cheques and payments coming right to your door. Then, I had another feeling; that maybe this was actually a cash-gifting system, which is illegal.

You’re told that the system is plug-and-play system, where all the work is done for you. The system finds people for you, sells for you, closes the sale for you and even automatically sends you your money. You only work 1 hour per day.

And the products are e-learning courses.

All this may sound wonderful and legit to you if you’re new to the online world but to be honest, I’ve seen this kind of system before. If you read my review of Email Processing System and Desktop Commission System, you’ll understand.

The problem with these sales videos is that they give you unrealistic expectations of the program, selling you a dream and making you drool, so much that you’d want to take out your credit card and join the program. The thing is, they never give enough information for you to make an informed decision.

And it sounds too good to be true, right? I mean, if it was so easy to start making money online, then everybody would have been doing it. The thing is, very little people actually become successful online.

Why is that? Well, that’s because of programs like The Big Income System that I’m about to expose right now.

How The Big Income System Works

I did think that The Big Income System was a cash gifting system at first, before Christian mentioned that the products will be geared towards educating others in online business. So at least, it’s not the case here.

But to be honest with you, the moment that I came to know of all the details, I realized that it’s not much better than a program that actually got shut down by the FTC last year, called MOBE.

You see, you watch the sales video, call the number, pay $3000 to join the system and your next step will be to start recruiting. You’ll get a website just like the one your recruiter had and your own personalized phone number.

You’ll need to purchase the traffic packages, that start as low as $99, to get traffic to the website. These people will watch the same presentation as you, call the phone number connected with your account and when they buy, you make 50% commission.

Then, they will also receive the same website you got with their own phone number and will have to start recruiting. So basically, it’s a never-ending cycle.

Additionally, I do not believe that you’ll actually get the amount of value in some of those packages as they would want you to think. One of the packages is priced at $21,000! I can’t imagine what kind of information could be in it to be worth that.

Again, it’s very similar to how MOBE worked. They also said they had e-learning packages that would help the online business owner, but when in reality, it was more to give members the opportunity to earn more.

Hence, the big income potential!

You would expect that the more you pay, the more value you’ll get in exchange but in reality, what you’re doing here is buying the opportunity to earn more per sale, in both programs.

So if MOBE was shut down and it worked the same way as The Big Income System, then why would you join a program just like it, knowing that there’s something incredibly wrong with the business model?

Yes, it has been around for 16 years, which I did say proved it’s not a scam, but there’s another problem.

You see, since this program relies heavily on recruiting, it resembles a pyramid scheme. Only the people that joined at the beginning will make good money. Those that join the latest will lose money.

The reason for this is that people who can afford to invest so much money would have already joined the program and as such, it will be difficult for you to make sales. Additionally, you’re also recruiting your own competition!

So now you can see how bad this business model really is. Though it works in the beginning, the excitement and the buzz around the programs fades after some time and when the pyramid reaches its peak, the latest members can’t make any more sales and lose money.

Is The Big Income System A Scam?

I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I don’t believe The Big Income System to be a scam. However, it does not mean that I recommend it.

The Big Income System is a program that can make you some money, but it won’t be a good investment for the long-term. Yes, even if it has been around for the last 16 years.

I’m actually really impressed that it has been around for that long but the problem with that is that the e-learning courses actually don’t hold much value, which means that people are not joining to benefit from the courses, but from the opportunity.

And when that happens, your main purpose would be to recruit others and not really sell products, as is the case with an MLM. So by focusing on recruiting, you’re creating more competition for yourself wince you’ll have to compete with your recruits for sign ups.

And what’s more is that a similar program called MOBE was shut down by the FTC last year that operated the exact same way as The Big Income System. So even though it lasted way longer than MOBE, you still question the integrity of the program.

You’re also buying into the right to earning more per sale and not really getting anything of big value when you buy even teh most expensive package at $21,000. Again, it works similarly to other programs that I’ve reviewed.

Therefore I DO NOT recommend that you sign up with The Big Income System.

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Thanks for reading The Big Income System review. What do you think about it? Have you had any experience with the program? Are you earning with it? What’s your favourite way of making money online? Share it with me!

Lots of Love,


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