The Big Profit Formula Review – Rehashed Illegal Scheme?

The Big Profit Formula review

Welcome to my honest The Big Profit Formula review. I say “honest” because I’m not promoting this program and you should know why, especially if you’re considering it.

If I really cared about the money, then I would have promoted it to the thousands and thousands of people that visit my site everyday, to make money off of them. Yes, you could still potentially make money from it.

But would it be ethical? Definitely not! I think that there are some booby traps that you should know about. There are a lot of ways that The Big Profit Formula could screw you over.

And having being scammed a number of times, I know how it feels. So that’s why I’ll be exposing the program today, for the scheme that it REALLY is.

The Big Profit Formula At A Glance


Owner: Christian

Purpose: Recruit to make money

Price: $3000+

Do I Recommend it?: No! It’s a Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme!

What Is The Big Profit Formula?

I actually received an email promoting The Big Profit Formula to me and the email said that I could make $4K every single week with only 3 minutes of work. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I knew people would fall for it, so I decided to write a review.

Plus, I was curious to also know what was up and how the system worked, just in case there really was potential here.

So basically, I land on the sales page for the program and I realize that it is the same as another program that I reviewed quite some time ago, called The Big Income System. And it’s basically the SAME program being promoted here!

If it was legitimate, why change the name of the program at all? Why not re-launch the same program? There’s something fishy going on, right?

But don’t worry, I’ll go through the whole review with you here so that you can understand what it is about.

The business supposedly does not involve any of these

I go through the videos and they’re the same as the ones for The Big Income System; there are a bunch of testimonials from members that tell you they’ve made thousands of dollars with the program.

Don’t you find it strange that nobody actually mentioned the name of the program or Christian at all? It really puts into question the testimonials. Not mentioning the program could mean that the testimonials would be used for absolutely any other program at all, even if the people in them never used it.

But anyways, after that comes Christian, with his presentation. He says that you could earn between $1500 and $15,750 per sale with the system. It’s a simple and, most importantly, automated system. This to me sounds like there won’t be a lot work required, right?

You don’t have to sell anything to make money because they do the selling for you. The system even finds and qualifies your prospects for you, the team makes the sales and you receive your money. It’s completely hands-free.

The business revolves around e-learning, which is a big industry at the moment. But even if I didn’t know about the business model from the previous program, I have to say that the video is incredibly manipulative, just like so many I’ve already seen.

Remember, they want to sell you something and they’re really good at making the program irresistible. But the truth is that it never works exactly the same way as they portray it. So what’s the catch here?

How The Big Profit Formula Works

First of all, let’s take a look at how it works.

You’ll need to make a decision at what level to join at, ranging from the Gold to the Royal Level and don’t be shocked to learn that it will cost you between $3,000 and $21,000 to get started. It’s NOT a typo!

Once you figure that out, you’ll need to call the number on the sales page to speak with a coach and make your payment. Afterwards, you’ll receive the corresponding package.

You’ll need to go through the training and follow it to the letter and one of the things that actually is not mentioned in the webinar, is the fact that you will need to PAY for them to find the leads for you. They’re not going to do that for free.

And what’s best is that it is NOT included in the fee that you pay for your membership. Once the credit runs out, you will need to pay AGAIN to keep the money coming into your account.

So far from the “Just relax, open your mailbox and count the money” line Christian mentioned in the webinar, right?

Anyways, you also do have the option to NOT take up their offer to help you generate leads but the training on getting the leads yourself is not going to be extensive and in most cases, might not really work if you don’t already have a huge following.

Now, let’s take a look at WHAT happens when you do get leads; they get to a website that looks the same as what you landed on, they see the exact same presentation and need to choose a membership level just like you did.

Once they pay, you make a commission.

So basically, the only way to make money here is to recruit others into the same scheme you were recruited in, because whether you’re promoting the business or the e-learning products, whoever buys them has no choice but to become part of your downline.

In my opinion, this resembles a pyramid/Ponzi scheme and even the FTC shut down a couple of them in the recent past. Why take the risk to join this program at all?

The Costs and Compensation Plan

You already know at this point that it will cost a minimum of $3000 to get involved with The Big Profit Formula, but what about the other different membership options? Here they are:

1) Gold (Level 1) – $3,000 membership fee + $247 admin fee

2) Platinum (Level 2) – $7,000 membership fee + $447 admin fee

3) Diamond (Level 3) – $14,000 membership fee + $647 admin fee

4) Royal (Level 4) – $21,000 membership fee + $847 admin fee

And when you purchase each level, you’re supposed to get more and more sophisticated training. But have you ever heard of ONLINE products/training that cost $21,000?!

The truth is that the training does not really cost that much, if they’re able to pay you 75% commissions, right? The value of the training really is $5,250. And then too, it’s the retail value of those products.

Even then, admitting that these products do cost upto $5,250 you can now see that the products are so expensive not because it offers more value, but to increase the amount you can make per sale.

From that point on, I understood that it is a “pay to play” system, where you can ONLY move up if you have the money to spend. It is designed to make people that have a lot money richer and not really to help the low- or middle-income class make more money.

You can only make commissions from the level that you purchased and lower. You cannot make commissions on the programs that you have not yet purchased.

For example, if you purchased the Platinum level, then you will be able to make commission from that level and the below it, the Gold. But you won’t be able to make money from sales made on the Diamond or Royal levels.

Can’t Afford The System? Don’t Get Their Financing!

Yes, that’s something else that they advertise on their website; that if you can’t afford any of the memberships, that they have a financing option. You will only get approved if you have a 650+ credit score.

How nice of them to provide such an option for you, right?

Well, that’s what’s wrong with this idea! You will be led to spending money that you DON’T have. And do you think that if your score is a 650+ that they will let you get away with only a $3000 loan?

Of course they would try and get you top apply and get approved for a $21K loan, so that they get paid more. They will try everything they can and even promise that you will make your money back and more, just to get you to take out that money.

But let me ask you this!

What happens if the business does not do as well as you expect and you can’t make money? What if something unexpected happens? You may already be struggling with debt or you could lose your job.

That’s how you go from having a good/great score to one that’s suffering! This business could become the reason for that!

Christian, or whoever owns The Big Profit Formula, could have a partnership with an institution where they get PAID depending on the amount of the loan you take out. If they are financially gaining from that, that’s totally biased and messed up, right?

Is The Big Profit Formula A Scam?

To answer this question, you really have to figure out what a scam is to you. If a scam to you is a program where you get nothing in return, then The Big Profit Formula might not be a scam to you.

There is potential to make a lot of money and you do get some training, whether effective or not. I think it will NOT be effective because they would want you to invest more with them to get leads; they want the money any way they can get it.

But on the other hand, somebody might call this a scam because it is misleading. The sales video or webinar leaves out a lot of information and extra costs. And they don’t tell you what those e-learning courses are about.

The training is really only going to be helpful to you if you promote The Big Profit Formula. That’s why even the tools included are geared towards promoting the same program you joined.

Additionally, it costs WAY too much. It’s just designed to make rich people richer. You need to FIRST have the money to invest to make money. Making money here does NOT really rely on your efforts or how hard you’re willing to work.

In my opinion, this is not a level playing field.

Also remember that the only way to make money with this program is to recruit. This is a red flag given to us by the FTC that a system will eventually crash and won’t work for the long term.

That’s the reason that they’re illegal; the only people that profit big time are those that join in the beginning, which are very few compared to people that join towards the end. The people that join last are the ones who will lose their investments.

Based on all that, I do not recommend The Big Profit Formula. It’s just a rehashed program from The Big Income System. It changed names to escape negative reviews, is my guess. I don’t trust it!

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Thanks for reading The Big Profit Formula review. I hope you’ve learned something new and will now be able to make an informed decision. Don’t forget to also share your experiences below if you’ve had them with this program.

I don’t mind if your outlook is different than mine. It helps us understand each other and make conversation, right?

Lots of Love,


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